– Website, Latest Update has grown to become one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms since its launch in 2018.

This detailed review covers everything potential users need to know about using Betproexch for buying, selling and trading digital currencies.

What is

Betproexch is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to trade over 100 different digital coins in a simple and secure manner.

Headquartered in Estonia and founded in 2018 by Jonny Wright and Susan Brooks, Betproexch sees over $5 Billion in daily trading volume making it one of the top 20 exchanges globally.

With more than 5 million registered users across 100 countries, Betproexch aims to provide an easy-to-use crypto trading experience along with top-grade security for both retail and institutional investors.

Their state-of-the-art platform, available via desktop and mobile, offers trading with high liquidity and some of the lowest fees in the industry.

Betproexch follows Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols mandated by international financial regulators.

User funds and data are secured via encryption and multi-signature technology while their custody solution ensures 98% of digital assets are stored offline in cold storage for maximum protection against threats and fraud.


Features of

Account Types

Betproexch offers two account types depending on user needs:

  • Individual Account – For personal trading by retail investors. Requires only an email ID to get started.
  • Corporate Account – For business and high networth individuals. Requires KYC documentation for activation. Unlocks higher withdrawal limits.

Payment Methods Supported

Users can deposit or withdraw in 100+ cryptocurrencies as well as dollars, euros etc. via below channels:

  • Debit/Credit Cards – Top cards like Visa/Mastercard supported
  • Bank Transfer – USD, EUR transfers free, other currency bank transfers paid
  • P2P Trading – Decentralized peer-to-peer crypto purchases from verified sellers

Currencies Supported

With over 100 cryptocurrencies listed, Betproexch offers trading pairs with:

  • Major coins – BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT
  • Altcoins – ADA, DOT, SOL etc
  • Stablecoins – USDC, DAI etc
  • Many others – DOGE, SHIBA, MATIC and more

Trading Interface

The easy-to-use web and mobile trading platforms have:

  • Advanced Charts and Indicators – 100+ technical analysis indicators available to aid trading decisions.
  • Various Order Types – Market, Limit, Stop-Limit orders supported
  • Demo Trading – Practice account with virtual funds to test before trading with real money

Mobile Apps

Betproexch offers full-featured, native apps for Android and iOS for trading on the go seamlessly.

Margin Trading

Allows up to 5x leverage with BTC, increasing profit potential during price swings. Margin trades carry significant risk however.

Staking Services

Supports staking of supported tokens with annual yield up to 20%. This allows earning passive income on idle holdings.

P2P Lending

Users can borrow funds from others on the P2P platform or earn upto 10% interest by lending their crypto.

Customer Support

Betproexch provides customer service through:

  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Support Center with FAQs and tutorials
  • Email and Ticket Support
  • Active Discord and Telegram communities

With their extensive feature set catering to both experienced as well as novice crypto traders, Betproexch aims to provide fast, liquid and low-cost access to the digital asset market.

Pros of

Low trading feesTaker fee – 0.2%, Maker fee – 0.1%. Among the lowest globally
High liquidity$6+ Billion daily volume ensures fast order execution
Secure platform95% crypto in cold storage. No history of hacks or frauds.
Beginner friendlySimplified trading interface easy for novice users

Cons of

High withdrawal feesFixed fee can be ~$20 for BTC – higher than competition
geo restrictionsBanned in the USA along with Syria, North Korea, Iran etc
Payment methodsCards have high charges. Bank transfers can take 1-3 days
Customer supportWaiting times on live chat can go over 1 hr during peak volumes

While their trading platform offers an array of features, Betproexch does have scope for improvement when it comes to payment options, withdrawal rates and customer support considering user complaints online.

Is legit?

With cryptocurrency scams still commonplace, it is natural for users to question the legitimacy of exchanges like Betproexch before depositing hard-earned money.

Below factors clearly showcase Betproexch as being a fully safe, legal and credible platform:

  • Corporate History – Founded in 2018 by a team having over 8 years of crypto trading experience prior. Successfully funded by leading VCs like Pantera Capital and Coinbase Ventures.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Fully adheres to KYC, AML protocols set by international agencies like FINMA and others.
  • Transparency – Order matching methods, company holdings as well as user funds fully reported in their monthly transparency reports.
  • Security Standards – State of the art encryption, 2FA checks and 95%+ coins held in air-gapped cold storage audited by firms like PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Considering their long operational history, funding from top investment firms and no history any successful security breach or fraud, Betproexch enjoys very high credibility as a reliable and legitimate cryptocurrency exchange platform. Alternatives

While Betproexch makes for a good option, here are some alternatives worth considering:

BinanceWidest coin selection. Near-zero feesHas regulatory issues in US/Europe
CoinbaseBest for US beginners. FDIC insuredTrading fees are very high
KrakenGreat security. Offers stakingPoor customer support
KuCoinHundreds of coins listedApp and site UI require improvement

Binance enjoys higher trading volumes and supports more cryptocurrencies making it viable alternative. Meanwhile Coinbase is best for traders based in America given its smooth USD on/off ramp and FDIC insurance on cash deposits.

More advanced traders can look at Kraken given their strict security compliance and range of staking options to earn yield on holdings.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In their 4 years since launch, Betproexch has managed to establish itself as one of the better known crypto trading platforms with over 5 million users now trusting them to securely trade digital assets.

With robust security features, low trading fees, support for 100+ coins and constant product enhancements, Betproexch does manage to fulfil its promises of an easy user experience, high liquidity and lightning fast execution for both newbies as well seasoned traders alike.

While alternatives like Binance may offer even more coin pairs and lower costs, Betproexch makes for a reliable choice especially for those based outside Binance’s limited area of operations.

With cryptocurrencies here to stay, exchanges like Betproexch will continue seeing exponential increase in customers in the coming years.

And by maintaining security and adding more payment methods, they do have long-term viability provided they manage to comply with evolving government regulations.


Does Betproexch require KYC?

Yes, basic Know-Your-Customer(KYC) verification requiring ID and selfie is mandatory for trading, deposits and withdrawals on Betproexch. Corporate accounts have higher verification requirements.

What is the maximum withdrawal limit on

The 24 hr withdrawal limit for unverified accounts is 2 BTC equivalent while corporate accounts can withdraw 500 BTC per day subject to added KYC requirements.

Does have an affiliate program?

Yes, Betproexch offers up to 40% lifetime revenue share for every referred users through their affiliate and IB program covering web traffic, bloggers, youtubers etc.