– Generate a Unique Logo FREE is an innovative AI-powered logo and branding design platform that allows users to effortlessly create professional logos, business cards, and other brand assets.

With advanced artificial intelligence capabilities like deep learning and conv nets, revolutionizes the process of establishing a brand identity.

This 2024 review provides an in-depth and unbiased assessment of’s features, capabilities, benefits, pricing plans, pros and cons, and how it compares to alternative services on the market.

Read on for a comprehensive overview of everything has to offer businesses seeking to level up their branding.

What is is a leading AI-based logo and brand design software. The platform employs deep learning and other artificial intelligence technologies to empower users to generate unique and tailored logo designs in under a minute.

Beyond just logo creation, provides a suite of brand identity design services, including business cards, social media graphics, presentations, letterheads and more.

With an immense collection of templates, icons, fonts, colors and editing tools, it positions itself as an all-in-one branding solution for diverse businesses and niches.

The tool allows anyone to create professional branding assets regardless of design experience. The state-of-the-art AI generates and recommends on-brand logo designs, which users can then easily customize and edit at their discretion.

How Works operates based on a user-friendly process:

Users input keywords and preferences: To initiate the logo design process, users input keywords about their brand identity, preferred shapes, icons, colors and more.

AI generates tailored logo options: Leveraging conv nets and deep learning technology,’s AI then composes logo ideas matching the parameters.

Realtime previews enable customization: Users can customize the logos with the Realtime editing preview feature, witnessing changes happen instantly. They can efficiently fine-tune colors, texts, layouts and other elements until satisfied.

Additional brand assets created: Beyond the logo, users have access to’s templates and resources to swiftly generate complementary business cards, letterheads, brand style guidelines and other assets for a complete brand identity.

Download logo and brand kit: Finally, users can download their logo in all file formats as well as a brand kit containing all other created assets, ready for real-world usage to build brand recognition.

Features of focuses both on logo creation capabilities leveraging AI as well as providing extended brand identity design features.

Key functionality includes:

Logo Design Features:

  • Realtime preview allowing instant editing feedback
  • Limitless AI-generated logo ideas and suggestions
  • Customizable elements including icons, texts, colors, layouts
  • Library of fonts, icons and design elements
  • Option to upload references images for design inspiration
  • Download in all major file types: PNG, PDF, EPS and more

Brand Asset Design:

  • Business card designs
  • Social media channel graphics
  • Letterheads
  • Email signatures
  • Brochures
  • Brand style guidelines templates
  • PPT template slides

Further value-added features consist of:

  • User-intuitive dashboard saving all designs
  • Cross-device functionality and mobile app access
  • Inbuilt image editor and design tools
  • Design search based on industry, style and niche
  • Integrations with other applications like Slack

The tool is feature-rich, enabling users to accomplish all branding tasks needed by modern businesses in one place quickly.

How Much Does Cost? offers affordable pricing mainly targeted towards startups and small businesses. Available paid subscription plans include:

Starter$12 per month3 logo designs/month
Growth$28 per month10 logo designs/month
Business$59 per monthUnlimited logo designs
EnterpriseCustomAdd-on features, premium support

Students can access some free design capabilities, while nonprofits also receive discounts on paid plans.

Compared to hiring a human graphic designer, delivers immense value and savings. The technology empowers those lacking generous branding budgets to actualize professional branding goals.

Pros of

Automated processNo human designer needed, efficient AI design capabilities
Realtime editing previewInstant feedback on design modifications supports user experience
Affordable pricingCompetitive and cost-saving plans compared to hiring designer
Comprehensive featuresBeyond logos, expansive brand asset design functionality
User-friendly interfaceIntuitive dashboard and built-in editing tools maximize usability even for non-designers

Cons of

Lacks human touchNo guarantee logo fully captures brand essence without human creativity
Limited complete customizationSome restraints to completely changing every design aspect
Steep learning curveFull capabilities may require time investment to master
Potential subscription lock-inDownloading all brand asset files needed before canceling paid plan

How to Use Complete Overview

Using consists of a straightforward process:

Users first sign-up and create an account. offers a free trial even without entering payment details.

The interactive dashboard prompts users to enter information describing the visual identity they want for the brand, like industry, preferred images, colors, and graphic styles.

Leveraging the details provided,’s AI then suggests tailored logo options reflecting the brand’s services and values. Users also have the option to upload example images for inspiration.

Using the Realtime preview mode, users can fully customize the logo by changing the text font, arrangements, icons, color palette, transparency effects, and more.

Beyond just the logo, users can utilize thousands of professional templates to quickly generate branded business cards, social posts, letterheads and other assets for a cohesive identity.

All assets are saved to the personal account dashboard for exporting in any file format needed. Users own full rights to the customized designs.

The combination of AI automation and customization puts professional branding design within reach for businesses at any scale or budget. Alternatives

Logo Design ToolKey FeaturesPrice
LookaAI logo generator, brand kits$19.99/mo – $149.99/mo
LogojoyAI-assisted logo maker, branding guidance$39-$89/mo
SquareLogo10,000+ templates, easy to use$29.95-$159.95 one-time
DesignEvo10,000+ templates, easy to useFree – $24.99/mo
CanvaGraphic design platform, some logo optionsFree – $12.99/mo competes directly with other AI-powered logo design platforms. It differentiates itself from alternatives through its Realtime preview allowing instant testing of customizations.

It also beats competitors via additional functionalities like business card generators and brand kit downloads.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In conclusion, delivers immense value as an automated branding design platform leveraging AI technology.

For its affordable price and capability to create tailored, high-quality brand assets in minutes, small businesses and bootstrapped startups should strongly consider as a budget-friendly alternative to hiring human designers.

For enterprises with more generous branding budgets, still helpfully augments internal or contracted design teams through its limitless AI-generated ideas. The tool reduces the workload of accomplishing basic branding tasks through automation.

In the sphere of AI-enabled design tools, leads as an innovator with a rare balance of automation capabilities and customization options. Our verdict is that earns its reputation as a supreme logo and brand identity asset generator.


Does integrate with design programs like Adobe Creative Suite?

Not currently, but future plans may allow intuitive connections with leading design platforms to augment workflows.

Can I customize’s default templates for business cards and other assets?

Yes, while default templates help speed up design, users have the options to fully customize those templates by altering texts, colors, images and more.

Does offer any analytics about logo performance?

No, does not currently provide any metrics showing how logos or brand assets are performing. However, it may integrate Google Analytics or heatmap tracking in the future. For now, users would need to rely on external analytics platforms.

Is there an option for collaborating with team members on designs?

Yes, enables inviting team members and stakeholders to view and provide feedback on designs through a shareable link. While simultaneous co-editing is not supported, collaboration is facilitated via the commenting/feedback feature.

Will integrate with other popular design tools? focuses solely on logo and brand asset generation currently but plans to expand its functionality through integrations. Potential connections could include Canva, Adobe Creative Cloud, and cloud storage tools like Dropbox to streamline transferring files.

Can the AI capabilities adapt the design over time?

Not at the moment, but is likely developing more advanced AI that continues learning preferences and optimizes future suggestions based on past human-selected designs. This could allow the platform to keep pace with evolving brand identities.

Does offer any guarantees about uniqueness of logos? utilizes AI to generate entirely original logo and brand asset designs. However, its terms and conditions likely state users are responsible for trademark searches regarding logo uniqueness and potential conflicts.