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Dead Toons India was a popular website that offered a large catalog of anime and cartoon series dubbed in Hindi language. At its peak, it had a big userbase with Alexa rank in the top 5000 websites in India. However, after facing multiple copyright complaints, Dead Toons India has been permanently discontinued.

In this detailed review, we will examine what made Dead Toons India popular, its features and drawbacks, legal challenges that led to its shutdown, top alternatives sites for watching anime and cartoons in Hindi, and more.

What is Dead Toons

Dead Toons India (also simply called DTI) was website specializing in anime and animated cartoons dubbed in Hindi. Some of the popular titles it offered included Shinchan, Doraemon, Pokemon, Captain Tsubasa, Avatar The Last Airbender, Samurai Jack, Courage the Cowardly Dog and more.

With a straightforward, easy-to-navigate interface, organized all its content into categories like Genre, Popular Shows, Latest Updates, etc making it easy to discover new titles.

Besides streaming, it also allowed registered members to download videos in different resolutions and formats. At one point, it claimed to have a catalog of over 1500+ anime and cartoon titles translated into Hindi language.


Features of Dead Toons

Here are some of the main features that made Dead Toons India a popular platform among Indian animation fans looking for Hindi dubs:

Large Catalogue: As mentioned earlier, DeadToonsIndia claimed to have over 1500+ different anime and cartoon series and movies across genres like action, adventure, comedy, slice of life etc. It covered both classic shows as well latest popular titles.

Streaming & Downloads: Users could either stream videos directly in their web browser, or download them for offline viewing if logged in. Downloads were available in resolutions of 360p, 480p, 720p up to 1080p depending on title. Formats supported included MP4, AVI, MKV.

Dubbed in Hindi: The main USP was having anime and animated cartoons available with high quality Hindi dubs. This made the content a lot more accessible and enjoyable for Indian viewers not familiar with Japanese or English.

User Forums & Requests: Registered members had access to community forums where they could discuss shows, post requests for new dubs, get updates about latest uploads from site admins etc.

Mobile Access: The website was mobile responsive, allowing people to access all its content seamlessly on phones or tablets on-the-go. This made watching shows easier.

Subtitles: In addition to Hindi audio, certain titles also had subtitles available in languages like English, Japanese etc. However, this was limited to only few recent shows.

Overall, Dead Toons India tried to cater directly to animation fans in India by providing a large catalogue of shows and movies dubbed locally in their native language.

Pros of Dead Toons

Big catalog of Hindi-dubbed contentHad 1000s of anime & cartoon episodes and movies with Hindi audio
Good video qualityUp to 1080p resolution downloads available
Streaming & offline downloadsFlexible viewing options to users
Active forums and communitiesUsers could interact, post requests and get updates
Completely free accessNo ads, subscription or payments required

Cons of Dead Toons

Copyright issues and illegalityHosted unauthorized uploads leading to DMCA takedowns
Limited subtitles supportOnly few shows had subtitles besides Hindi dub
Minimal curation or organizationHard to easily find best quality content
Too many annoying adsWebsite loaded slowly due to excessive ads
Security and piracy concernsEfforts to limit hotlinking of pirated uploads not enough

Is Dead Toons legit?

The major downside with Dead Toons India was its questionable legal status and legitimacy issues. As an online streaming and download platform, it was required to acquire licenses for all content hosted and shared on its website.

However, Dead Toons India relied primarily on unauthorized uploads of popular anime and cartoons. It did not have permission or rights to distribute this copyrighted content translated into Hindi.

As a result, after receiving numerous DMCA complaints from companies like Toei Animation and Viacom alleging intellectual property violations, Dead Toons India had to permanently shut down its operations in early 2022 to avoid further legal headaches.

So in summary – while Dead Toons India was safe to use with no malware or security risks, it operated on shaky grounds by openly enabling distribution of pirated and illegally subbed animated shows, making it an illegitimate platform. Users had to watch content at their own discretion knowing it infringed on copyrights.

Dead Toons Alternatives

With Dead Toons India shutdown for good, here are some alternative legal sites where you can stream or download anime and cartoons in Hindi language:

WebsiteContent LibraryVideo QualityFeaturesSecurity
Ani-One India100+ titles1080pApps, dubs & subsLegit platform
Animax India50+ anime720pStreaming onlyLicensed content
POGO TVCartoons for kids480pFree streamingChild safe
Voot KidsOld & new Cartoons1080pParental controls, downloadsLegal platform
Disney+ HotstarDisney & Marvel cartoons4K UHDDubbed content, parental controlsTrusted brand

While the libraries may not be as extensive on these platforms, they offer high-definition streams and downloads of popular anime and animated shows legally translated and licensed for Indian audiences. For latest simulcasts and largest collections, Ani-One India is recommended.

Conclusion and Verdict: Dead Toons Review

In its short-lived peak, Dead Toons India catered brilliantly to demand for popular anime and cartoons dubbed for Indian viewers by providing a smoothly accessible platform to stream and download user-translated Hindi versions without any fees or registration requirements initially.

However, issues around hosting unauthorized and potentially illegal uploads eventually caught up as DMCA complaints and copyright strikes from major animation producers led to permanent closure of the website.

As our Dead Toons India review showed, while the convenience and free access users enjoyed cannot be matched easily, relying on shady websites also comes with inherent risks of sudden takedowns.

For continuity of your entertainment, shift to on-demand streaming services like Ani-One India or even traditional TV channels like Animax that work directly with studios for properly licensed translations.

FAQs: Dead Toons

Why did Dead Toons India website shut down permanently?

Multiple DMCA and copyright complaints from studios like Toei Animation and Viacom forced Dead Toons India to shut down permanently to avoid further legal issues over unauthorized distribution of pirated content.

What are some alternatives to watch anime and cartoons legally in Hindi?

Legal alternatives with Hindi dubs include Ani-One India, Animax India, POGO TV, Voot Kids and Disney+ Hotstar which have licenses and permissions for the content they host.

Does Dead Toons India still work and can I access it?

No, has been discontinued completely ever since early 2022 and the website no longer works or allows access to any files.

Where can I make requests for new anime and cartoons to be dubbed in Hindi?

On social media, you can directly request official handles of streaming services like Ani-One India, Animax India, VOOT Select etc to consider new titles for future Hindi dubbing based on demand.

Is it legal to download anime or cartoons from video download websites?

Generally no – downloading copyrighted shows/movies without permission from unofficial sites for free is usually considered copyright infringement. Streaming on legitimate platforms legally is recommended.