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Doublelist App is a rapidly growing website and app that bills itself as “the new Craigslist personals”. Developed by tech startup Badass Inc., Doublelist App aims to provide a platform for people seeking all manners of in-person connections, from casual dating to serious relationships and anything in between.

As the iconic Craigslist personals section has shut down and alternatives like Backpage been removed over concerns around exploitation, a gap has emerged in the market that Doublelist App seeks to fill.

But does Doublelist App live up to promises and expectations as a safe and effective Craigslist alternative for intimate connections?

This in-depth review covers everything prospective users need to know about Doublelist App in 2024 – including its key features, pros and cons, legitimacy, pricing, top alternatives, and recent updates.

What is Doublelist App?

The Doublelist app and website facilitate classified ads aimed at helping people connect with one another in real life for dating, friendship, romance and casual relationships.

Users create personal ads outlining their interests, preferences, stats and ideal types of connections. They can also browse, search and respond to others’ ads.

Some key features provided by the Doublelist app include:

  • Posting ads in various categories – men seeking women, women seeking men, casual encounters, missed connections and more
  • Photo uploads – add images to your own ads and profile
  • Search filters – search by gender, orientation, location, age and other attributes
  • Push notifications – get notified when your ads receive a response
  • Chat and messaging – communicate privately with matches before meeting
  • Profile management – customize your profile and manage all ad interactions

The service is available via desktop and mobile, with iOS and Android apps providing specialized ad creation flows and management capabilities for phone users.


Features of Doublelist App

As both a website and mobile dating application, Doublelist packs an impressive suite of features to facilitate intimate connections:

Ad Posting

Doublelist offers highly customizable ad creation capabilities. Users can craft attractive, detailed ads showcasing themselves, their interests and ideal matches. Ads can include:

  • Descriptive titles & introductions
  • Gender, age, orientation, location tags
  • Sophisticated search criteria filters to attract matches
  • Photo slideshows – upload multiple images
  • Detailed sections fleshing out personalities & preferences
  • External links to social media profiles

Browsing & Search Discovery

Doublelist grants multiple search modes to easily discover and browse captivating personal ads:

  • Quick search bar looks across all ad listings
  • Advanced filters by age, location and other attributes
  • Location-based browsing shows nearby users’ ads
  • “Suggested for you” recommendations

Chat & Messaging

When users find an intriguing ad match they can initiate private communication via Doublelist chat and messaging functions before meeting in person:

  • Send direct messages to ad posters
  • Chat anonymously if desired
  • Share additional media not in ad listings
  • Vet chemistry & safety before real-world encounter

Profile Management

Doublelist App provides extensive profile customization and full account management functionality through easy-to use controls:

  • Dashboard centralizes messaging, ad views, interests
  • Complete admin access over all ads & account data
  • Review terms of use and community guidelines
  • Block or report concerning users

App Specialized Features

In addition to all core website capabilities, the iOS and Android Doublelist apps provide specialized functionalities:

  • Enhanced location tools connecting nearby users
  • Push notifications when ads receive responses
  • Streamlined mobile chat & messaging
  • Quick media uploads from device library
  • Password/fingerprint login authentication

The Doublelist mobile apps aim to optimize the unique ad browsing and response cycle intrinsically tied to dating & connections sought spontaneously via smartphone.

Pros of Doublelist App

Large user base & trafficOver 10 million monthly visitors makes connecting easier
Feature-rich ad creationAllows attractive, nuanced personal ads showcasing yourself
Active development & updatesFixes bugs quickly and adds new features
Free to post adsBasic ad posting is completely free
Intuitive interfaceClean, easy-to use app and site design
Open atmosphereConnections not limited only to dating
Safety toolsBlocking, reporting available

Cons of Doublelist App

Fake accountsPercentage of bot & dishonest accounts
AdvertisementsSite shows non-intrusive but frequent ads
App instability issuesSome users report app crashing bugs
Lack of video chatFeature not yet offered despite user requests
Legal grey areasPlatform walks fine line re: solicitation rules

Is Doublelist App legit?

There is legitimate controversy regarding how far Doublelist may push legal boundaries around online solicitation and facilitation of adult services with its open admissions policies. Competitor sites like Craigslist personals and Backpage have been targeted, sued and shut down by the government over such issues.

However, Doublelist remains entirely within its rights as an online classified ads and social networking platform allowing mutually agreed upon connections between consenting adults. There have been no serious legal threats to its operations to date.

The main concerns around Doublelist’s legitimacy have more to do with user experiences – fake accounts used for catfishing and harassment, safety issues around in-person meetings, inconsistent admin oversight over harmful users. Prospective users will have to weigh risks and exercise reasonable caution as with any dating/connections platform.

But in terms of being a genuine business catering to very real human desires for intimacy and exploration beyond mainstream channels, Doublelist remains as legitimate as any app facilitating legal adults interactions.

Doublelist App Alternatives

Craigslist personalsFree, huge reachClosed down by government
SkoutLarge userbase focused on datingPoor privacy protections
FetlifeLively alternative communityLimited to kink interests
SwitterMade for sex workersCan still be flagged by payment processors
Reddit r4rActive discussion communityUnstructured informality

While no perfect replacement, the table above highlights top alternative platforms depending on specific interests and needs. Craigslist personals historically set the standard that Doublist aspires to emulate and surpass in features, reach and open culture.

Conclusion and Verdict: Doublelist App Review

Doublelist disrupts a niche too often left ignored by mainstream apps like Tinder and Bumble which focus almost exclusively on dating. For those seeking deeper human connections including casual relationships, intimacy devoid of commitment or simply frank personal discussions, Doublelist succeeds.

However, users should proceed with realistic caution – conducting proper vetting, choosing public meetup spots and implementing basic online safety practices. For avoiding the pitfalls of potential harassment, bots and catfishing that unregulated intimate platforms often breed, extra diligence is required.

That said, among its options Doublelist stands atop right now in user experience, features and building an open community around legal, consensual adult interests too commonly still taboo across society.

FAQs: Doublelist App

Is Doublelist safe for meeting people?

Exercise reasonable caution when arranging in-person meetings as with any anonymous platform – meet in public settings, tell friends details and check information given.

Can I find real hookups on Doublelist?

Absolutely, if used sensibly Doublelist provides connections not available on mainstream dating apps. But beware fake ads and scams.

Is Doublelist better than Craigslist personals?

It provides modern upgrades lacking on Craigslist and fills void left by closure of Craigslist personals. But reach is not yet as extensive.

What is the best alternative to Doublelist?

Top alternatives are Skout for dating, Switter for adult services seekers, Reddit r4r for informal community and FetLife for kink & BDSM lifestyles specifically.

Can my account be banned on Doublelist?

Yes, be sure to read and follow the platform’s community rules regarding objectionable content, spamming and clear violations that often trigger bans.