Fairplay.co.in – Website, Latest Update

Fairplay.co.in has emerged as one of the most popular news and entertainment websites in India over the last decade.

With its finger firmly on the pulse of breaking news coverage combined with a youthful blend of celebrity gossip and viral humor content, Fairplay.co.in offers a one-stop portal for Indian professionals to conveniently stay in-the-know on current national developments and popular culture.

This review covers Fairplay.co.in’s key features, content offerings, legitimacy, competitors and more to provide a verdict on its capabilities as a leader in Indian digital journalism and online media catered for mass appeal across demographics.

What is Fairplay.co.in?

Fairplay.co.in is a leading News and entertainment website based in India. It provides the latest breaking news, analysis and opinions on top stories from India and around the world.

Additionally, Fairplay.co.in offers entertaining content like viral videos, humorous listicles, celebrity gossip, movie reviews and more.

With a sleek, responsive website design and dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android, Fairplay.co.in makes it easy for users to stay informed and entertained on the go.

It has a reputation for delivering content that is timely, well-written and engaging for its target demographic of Indian professionals and news/entertainment enthusiasts.


Features of Fairplay.co.in

Fairplay.co.in provides the following key features and content categories:

News Coverage

  • In-depth reporting and analysis on Indian current affairs, business, technology, sports and global news
  • Breaking news alerts on the latest stories
  • Localized Indian regional language news options

Entertainment Content

  • Bollywood news and gossip
  • Celebrity interviews
  • Viral videos and memes
  • Movie reviews, trailers and ratings
  • Photo galleries of entertainment events

Website Design

  • Attractive, image-focused web design
  • Intuitive site navigation and menus
  • Fast page load speeds
  • Prominent calls-to-action for social sharing

Mobile Experience

  • Dedicated iOS and Android apps
  • Push notifications for breaking news alerts
  • Cache articles for offline reading
  • Gesture controls like swipe navigation

Content Sharing

  • Integrated social media buttons
  • Direct linking to share articles
  • Comment sections for user discussions

By catering to a wide variety of news and entertainment preferences, Fairplay.co.in is able to attract a large monthly audience and high levels of engaged readership and sharing.

Pros of Fairplay.co.in

Timely, Extensive News CoverageFairplay.co.in’s team of journalists and editors deliver breaking news alerts and in-depth analysis on the latest Indian current affairs across categories like politics, business, technology and more.
Entertaining Format and ContentIn addition to hard news reporting, Fairplay.co.in excels at lighter, viral content like funny videos, celebrity gossip, humorous listicles and movie news catered to the Indian demographic.
Slick Website and Mobile ExperienceWith fast load times, intuitive navigation and dedicated mobile apps, reading and sharing Fairplay.co.in is a seamless experience across devices.

Cons of Fairplay.co.in

Potential Paywall LimitationsWhile currently free, Fairplay.co.in may introduce paywall restrictions for premium content in the future which could limit access.
Clickbait HeadlinesIn an effort to maximize clicks and shares, some Fairplay.co.in headlines exaggerate or sensationalize the actual content of articles.
Disruptive In-Article AdsWhile site advertising is inevitable, some Fairplay.co.in page ads are excessively flashy or positioned in intrusive in-paragraph placements.

Is Fairplay.co.in legit?

Yes, Fairplay.co.in is considered a legitimate and credible news and entertainment source in India. It exhibits the key markers of a trustworthy media outlet:

  • Prominently displays ownership, operational address and contact info
  • Regularly issues corrections and clarifications when needed
  • Holds editorial staff to journalistic ethics standards
  • Contains a diverse range of perspectives and coverage
  • Cites external sources and interviews in reporting

While Fairplay.co.in does utilize attention-grabbing headlines and viral user-generated content to drive engagement, the underlying reporting itself is reliable and factual compared to “fake news” sites or hyperpartisan blogs.

As an established player in Indian digital media for over a decade, Fairplay.co.in has a demonstrated track record of quality, standards-based journalism and entertainment.

Fairplay.co.in Alternatives

For readers seeking news and entertainment websites with a similar Indian focus and mix of genres beyond just Fairplay.co.in, several quality alternatives exist:

FirstpostFirstpost offers news and opinions with a more newspaper-style presentation and political leaning.
QuintThe Quint focuses heavily on Indian video content and investigative journalism.
NewsBytesNewsBytes has a technology-centric angle and aggregates content from various Indian outlets.
StorypickStorypick is centered exclusively around viral, social friendly Indian entertainment content.
ScoopWhoopScoopWhoop also specializes in viral entertaining listicles and stories for Indian youth.

While they may differ in specific focus areas, each of these alternatives rivals Fairplay.co.in in domains like website design, mobile experience, timely news coverage and engaging formats for Indian readers.

Conclusion and Verdict: Fairplay.co.in Review

In reviewing Fairplay.co.in based on criteria like content quality, capabilities, legitimacy and competitor alternatives, the site clearly earns its reputation as a top destination for news and entertainment among Indian professionals and general interest readers alike.

With exhaustive Indian news resources across categories supplemented by Buzzfeed-like viral entertainment content, Fairplay.co.in aptly balances reporting serious local developments with catering to a younger demographic that enjoys distracting, shareable bites of content as well.

If the ability to stay conveniently up-to-date on Indian current events and pop culture is a priority, Fairplay.co.in delivers a polished package on both fronts.

Occasional missteps like clickbait headline writing certainly exist, but are outweighed by Fairplay.co.in’s overall utility. For Indian consumers without more niche tastes, it rightfully stands as a mainstream news and entertainment leader.

FAQs: Fairplay.co.in

Is Fairplay.co.in completely free or do they charge?

Fairplay.co.in is currently entirely free to access and use, but may introduce premium paid subscriptions for exclusive content in the future.

Can Fairplay.co.in be accessed outside India?

Yes, Fairplay.co.in content is readable worldwide although occasional country-specific restrictions exist for copyrighted media like videos.

Does Fairplay.co.in have ideological leanings or political biases?

While exhibiting slight pro-establishment leans, Fairplay.co.in avoids overt partisan takes and reports the news fairly straight. Entertainment content is fully apolitical.

How does Fairplay.co.in make money?

Like most digital publications, the site generates revenue from display, banner and video advertising placements.

Is there a Fairplay.co.in mobile app?

Yes, native mobile apps for both Android and iOS exist to easily access Fairplay.co.in on the go.