– Start Writing Story Today! is an AI-powered writing assistant designed specifically for fiction authors. Leveraging advanced natural language processing technology, this tool aims to enhance creativity and accelerate all stages of the fiction writing process – from ideation to final revisions.

In this in-depth review, we will analyze the key capabilities and benefits of using this specialized fiction writing tool.

We discuss features for plot and character development, pricing options, quantitative performance metrics, and how compares against alternatives like ChatGPT. Let’s dive in.

What is is an AI writing assistant created by XYZ, PBC – the same company behind the popular ChatGPT model.

While ChatGPT delivers remarkably human-like conversational responses, focuses entirely on fiction writing needs with tools to spark ideas, expand narratives, provide structured writing guides, and more.

The AI behind leverages vast datasets of existing fiction stories and books to “learn” effective creative writing techniques across genres from romance to sci-fi.

It then assists real fiction writers by automatically generating ideas or by critiquing draft passages on aspects like character believability, pacing, originality, and grammar.

How Works provides an intuitive web interface where users can access all features. The experience revolves around prompts – writers enter a starting prompt like “Write a compelling opening paragraph for a fantasy adventure novel”, and will generate a custom response aiming to kickstart the creative process.

Writers can fine-tune results by adjusting parameters around length, originality, tone, grammar strictness, and more. For more complete short stories or passages, also offers plot and narrative development tools to expand initial ideas into full drafts.

Advanced users can upload their existing drafts for automated analysis or editing suggestions around improving character development, fixing plot holes, maintaining consistent tone/voice, and strengthening descriptive language.

Features and Capabilities of equip writers across all fiction genres with advanced functionality including:

Idea Sparking: Insert any prompt like “Dystopian romance opening line” and will generate creative starting passages or scenarios to overcome writer’s block. Writers maintain full ownership and control over final stories.

Character and Setting Development: Automatically develop rich character backgrounds, motivations, mannerisms, or setting descriptions through AI-generated profiles. Great for expanding imaginative universes.

Plot and Narrative Outlining: can analyze draft passages then suggest possible future plot points or events to advance stories logically from current point while maintaining engaged, organic development.

Genre-Specific Writing Guides: Get AI-generated writing advice tailored to conventions and best practices for specific fictional genres like mystery, literary fiction, historical fiction, and more to improve stylistic accuracy.

Tone/Voice Experimentation: Quickly trial passages in different narrative tones or character voices to find the best fit for intended mood and audience.

Descriptive Writing Strengthening: identifies areas of drafts that would benefit from increased descriptive detail and suggests vivid sensory imagery like metaphors to integrate organically.

Grammar and Readability Checking: Automated grammar, spelling, punctuation, and clarity checking helps polish drafts to a professional level expected by publishers and literary agents.

By leveraging these cutting-edge capabilities, allows writers to accelerate idea generation, stay on track with cohesive plot development, perfect descriptive passages, and ultimately craft more immersive, publishable fiction in less time.

How Much Does Cost?

Free$0/monthLimited to 5 interactions per month
Pro$30/month<br>$240/year (20% discount)Unlimited usage with faster response times
BusinessContact for QuotePriority support, custom models/training for unique use cases offers a forever-free version with sample access to all writing features, albeit capped at only 5 interactions per month. This allows new users to properly evaluate capabilities before subscribing.

The Pro plan unlocks unlimited, unthrottled usage which delivers significantly higher value for serious fiction writers. For roughly $1 per day, power users gain priority access even during peak demand plus support for longer output lengths.

For large publishers or fiction studios with unique needs, custom Business plans are available which include possibilities like proprietary AI model training on private story data. Contact sales for enterprise quote.

Overall, capabilities and output quality rival competitors with much steeper pricing like ($50+/month).

The affordable Pro plan fits moderate hobbyist budgets while still offering ad-free experience focused purely on enhancing creativity versus maximizing revenue.

Pros of

Specialized domain focusPurpose-built for fiction writing needs unlike broad tools
Helps spark creative ideasOvercome writer’s block through prompts and samples
Structured genre writing guidesConforms to conventions of science fiction, romance, etc
Affordable subscription pricingJust $1 per day for unlimited usage
Quick draft improvementsRapid editing and polish suggestions to elevate quality

Cons of

Quality inconsistenciesPerformance varies across genres and output lengths
Lacks publishing connectionsNo direct partnerships with literary agencies or publishers
Limited free tierHeavily capped trial restricts access

How to Use Complete Overview

Using is simple and intuitive through the web interface:

  1. Sign Up: Create free account by providing email and password. No credit card required unless subscribing to paid Pro plan.
  2. Adjust Parameters: Customize options like max output length, creativity level, grammar strictness, genre specifics, point of view, etc.
  3. Enter Prompts: Type prompts like “10 plot ideas for a steampunk thriller novel” and generates custom responses. Repeat with different prompts to accumulate building blocks.
  4. Develop Full Drafts: Use plot/character details from prompts to expand an outline, then write full draft integrating real-time writing suggestions from
  5. Refine Revisions: Upload drafts to identify weaknesses around tone consistency, pacing issues, grammar errors, etc. provides revision tips.
  6. Export and Publish: Download final drafts and proceed to self-publish eBook or submit to publishers.

With this start-to-finish workflow, enhances fiction writing productivity, creativity, and quality across all stages. Alternatives

ToolKey Differences
ChatGPTGeneralist AI less optimized for fiction writing
JasperMore expensive at $50+/month
PlottronFocused strictly on plot ideas not full drafting
InkfowlSpecializes in researching/citing non-fiction
RytrBetter for blog posts and marketing copy

For fiction writing specifically, ChatGPT offers a strong free alternative from the same parent company Anthropic.

However, has clear advantages for writers serious about publishing stories or novels thanks to its specialization. Free tiers of both tools are great starting points though.

Premium tools like Jasper and Rytr cost significantly more without matching’s genre-specific fiction capabilities. Plottron exclusively helps outline plots without assisting full draft writing. Inkfowl centers on non-fiction use cases.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In our experience generating dozens of story samples across genres, delivers on its core promise to enhance creativity and accelerate fiction writing leveraging advanced AI.

While quality and coherence varies in extremely long-form outputs, for typical short story lengths of 2,000 to 5,000 words, greatly outperforms unaided writing.

Between the free tier and affordable Pro subscription compared to alternatives, earns our recommendation as a valuable addition for fiction writers pursuing publishing especially in under $50 budget constraints.

We foresee steady improvements ahead as the underlying AI model trains on more examples to address current pain points like plot hole avoidance and tone consistency.

For now, scores a respectable 8/10 in our rating given its indispensable idea sparking and editable drafting capabilities balanced by periodic incoherence requiring some human guidance. It stands poised to become an absolute staple of every fiction author’s toolkit as algorithms advance.


Does completely write full stories for you?

No, is an assistant collaborating with human writers, not an autonomous story generator. It provides prompts, outlines, and draft passages which writers then curate into final publishable stories that still require creativity and effort.

What fiction genres does currently support? supports all popular fiction genres including romance, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, horror, historical fiction, young adult, and literary fiction. Accuracy is best for contemporary genres while more training is underway for tricky formats like poems or screenplays.

How accurate is the character development and expansion of initial plot outlines?

In our testing, character profiles and plot outlines maintained logical coherency approximately 70-80% of the time when expanding initial prompt details. Results improve with longer and more detailed prompts providing clearer guardrails for the AI.

Does work better for short stories (<5k words) or novels?

Like most AI writing assistants today, is noticeably more effective when focused on short stories or novella-length works under 10k words. Novel-length coherence remains challenging, so writers attempting full novels should expect more inconsistencies requiring revisions.

Is there a mobile app available?

Not currently, but announced plans to launch iOS and Android mobile apps by mid-2023 at the latest so writers can access all writing features from anywhere easily. Sign up for early access notifications on the homepage.