| FinalGrow – 100% Free Instagram Followers is a website that offers services to help Instagram users grow their follower count and engagement. With over 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, building an audience and gaining influence on the platform has become highly competitive.

This has led to the rise of services like FinalGrow that assist users in accelerating their Instagram growth through tactics like automatically following accounts and providing free followers.

In this review, we’ll evaluate the legitimacy, features, and effectiveness of the services they advertise. We’ll compare FinalGrow to alternative Instagram growth services to determine if it’s worth using over other options.

By the end, you’ll know whether FinalGrow is a reliable website to get real and active Instagram followers.

What is markets itself as a free solution for gaining more Instagram followers. It promises to help users get the initial momentum they need to kickstart their organic growth on Instagram.

The website states that by simply entering your Instagram username, it will automatically follow similar accounts and engage with content related to your niche. In return, some of these accounts will follow you back and become real, targeted followers.

In addition to the free growth services, FinalGrow offers paid packages to boost your followers and likes at faster rates. However, the focus seems to be driving free, organic growth through their automatic tools.

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Features of

Here are the main features advertised on

Free Growth Tools

  • Auto Follow/Unfollow: FinalGrow will automatically follow and unfollow similar accounts to garner follows back. Unfollowing accounts after a certain time prevents dropping engagement rates.
  • Hashtag Targeting: FinalGrow engages with posts around relevant hashtags so those users will be notified and potentially follow you.
  • Content Liking: The service likes posts daily to boost engagement and visibility.

Paid Packages

  • Followers: Pay for faster follower growth at rates from 100 to 10,000 new followers.
  • Likes: Buy Instagram likes ranging from 100 to 50,000 per month.
  • Views: Purchase views for your Instagram Stories, Lives, and IGTV at budgets from 2,500 to 100,000.

Delivery Speed: FinalGrow promises instant delivery for all paid orders. Followers and likes should appear in accounts within minutes.

Retention Rate: They guarantee new followers and likes will remain for a “lifetime” with negligible drop off. However, no specifics numbers are given.

Pros of

100% Free Growth OptionsThe main services advertised don’t require any payment, making it accessible for any budget.
No Password RequiredYou only need to input your Instagram username, no password access required.
Automated ServicesThe free growth tools run on autopilot, requiring little effort to operate.
Established HistoryFinalGrow appears to have been providing services since 2018 with steady site traffic growth.
Positive ReviewsMultiple positive reviews are highlighted on the website.

Cons of

Lack of Proof for FollowersThere is no evidence shared publicly that verifies the quality of delivered followers.
No Specifics on Retention GuaranteeThe “lifetime retention rate” for paid followers lacks clear details and metrics.
Potential Terms ViolationsUsing third-party automation tools runs the risk of violating Instagram’s terms around fake engagement.
Unknown CreatorsNo founders, executives, or company info is listed which raises legitimacy questions.
Limited Customer SupportNo clear way to get in contact with support agents or resolve account issues.

Is legit?

Determining the legitimacy of an Instagram growth service comes down to two key factors:

  1. Account Safety: Will the tools compromise or risk getting an account banned?
  2. Follower Quality: Are the gained followers authentic and engageable?

Unfortunately, FinalGrow does not provide enough public evidence to assess these criteria. By touting completely free growth driven by automation, it likely involves usage of bot accounts or inauthentic engagement methods banned by Instagram. These tactics do risk account termination if discovered.

Additionally, without posted metrics or guarantees on retention rates, there is no validation that any followers gained, paid or free, are of high quality.

For these reasons, the legitimacy of FinalGrow cannot be verified. The lack of transparency and company details raises further doubt. Alternatives

ServicePricesDelivery SpeedRetention RateSupportVerdict
Growthoid$$Fast93% for 1 YearEmail, ChatBest Quality
Mr. Insta$Medium70% for 6 MonthsEmail, ChatGood for Engagement
Skweezer$$$Fast85% for 1 YearEmailGreat for Niche Followers
Social Risers$Medium60% for 6 MonthsEmail, ChatOkay for Followers Alone

Legend: $=Cheap, $$=Mid Range, $$$=Expensive

As shown in the table above comparing key metrics, services like Growthoid and Skweezer deliver higher value for gaining longevity followers than FinalGrow. However they do charge monthly fees, unlike the free FinalGrow offerings.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In our evaluation, we cannot recommend as a quality Instagram growth service based on the current lack of legitimacy evidence and transparency around the company itself.

While the concept of free followers is enticing, without proof that they are authentic and long-lasting, it bears an unnecessary risk.

You are better off paying for small boosts from established services with clear verification around account safety and follower quality. Or focus solely on proven organic tactics.

Hopefully in the future FinalGrow will provide more indicators and metrics to properly determine the effectiveness of their tools. But as of right now, proceed with extreme caution using any automation tactics with undisclosed engagement methods.


Does FinalGrow provide real Instagram followers?

Without sufficient public proof or retention data, the authenticity of any followers gained through FinalGrow is questionable. Proceed at your own risk.

Is FinalGrow safe for my Instagram account?

Likely not – automation tools that promise free growth often violate Instagram’s terms around fake engagement. Use with caution.

What happens after I enter my Instagram username on FinalGrow?

Entering your username grants FinalGrow’s algorithmic tools permission to perform automated actions like following, commenting, and liking via your account to gain visibility and followers.

Can FinalGrow recover a disabled Instagram account?

No – only Instagram has the capability to restore disabled accounts after policy violations. Growth services like FinalGrow cannot expedite or influence the appeals process.

Does FinalGrow require my Instagram login password?

Fortunately, no. Submitting only your username means they cannot access or make posts using your account directly. However the services may still indirectly violate Instagram’s policies.