– Website, Latest Update Today is an online education platform that offers a range of courses across various subject areas. As an open education resource, Freebrightsoft aims to make quality learning opportunities accessible for students around the world.

This 2024 review covers key features and capabilities, pricing model, pros and cons compared to alternatives, and frequently asked questions to help readers understand what the platform has to offer.

What is is a free online education platform developed by Freebrightsoft Inc., launched in 2021. It offers over 500 courses across subjects like technology, business, design, language learning, personal development and more.

Courses include video lectures, readings, quizzes and community discussion forums. While informal, the courses aim to provide quality educational content for continuous learning.

Features of

The main features of Freebrightsoft’s education platform include:

Course Catalog: Freebrightsoft currently offers over 500 courses covering topics like programming, marketing, writing, photography and more. Course variety continues to expand based on user demand.

Instructors: Courses are taught by independent subject matter experts who apply to create content. Instructor profiles allow learners to evaluate their background and qualifications.

Course Formats: Most courses include 5-10 video lectures (5-20 minutes long) supplemented by readings, polls and quizzes. Some courses offer more interactive elements like discussion forums and assignments.

Community Features: The platform facilitates communication between learners through discussion boards on each course. Learners can post questions and feedback for instructors and peers taking the same course.

Certificates: Learners can download informal Certificates of Completion upon finishing all course materials. However, these certificates hold no formal credentials or accreditation.

Accessibility: Freebrightsoft’s website and mobile apps comply with WCAG accessibility standards, allowing those with disabilities to effectively use them. Closed captioning is also available for many courses.

Paid Options: While most features are free-to-use, learners can access additional course content, assessments and instructor support through paid subscription plans priced from $15-40 per month.

Pros of

Wide range of subjectsFreebrightsoft offers over 500 courses across many niche and general education topics to meet diverse learning needs
Affordable pricingThe platform allows free access to core course content without subscription fees, making learning affordable compared to paid alternatives
Quality coursesWith strict instructor vetting and course creation policies, instructional quality and expertise levels are higher than average

Cons of

Limited course formatsMany courses rely on video lectures without interactive elements to reinforce engagement and learning
No accredited certificatesWhile completion certificates are offered, they hold no formal credentials as the platform is not accredited
Small community forumsUsage of discussion forums varies widely across courses based on number of engaged enrolled learners Alternatives

AlternativeKey Differences
CourseraOffers accredited degrees and certifications at higher cost
EdXMore subjects but less affordable with subscription fee
UdemyMuch larger marketplace but inconsistent course quality

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In conclusion, Freebrightsoft is a legitimate and helpful free education resource covering diverse learning areas. With quality assurance of instructors and convenient web/mobile access, it makes informal continued learning affordable and accessible worldwide.

While expanding interactive formats and formal certification would be beneficial, core video-based courses still provide value — especially for price-conscious learners more focused on expanding competencies than credentials.

For those goals, Freebrightsoft delivers ample educational content to justify use and recommendation.


Does offer accredited certificates?

No, while users can earn informal Certificates of Completion for finishing courses, these currently carry no formal credentials or accreditation through Freebrightsoft.

How much does it cost to access

The majority of courses and core content on is available for free without any subscription. Optional paid membership plans provide supplementary materials and instructor support for $15-40 monthly.