Futbol Libre TV – Website, Latest Update

Football (or soccer) is the most popular sport globally, with billions of fans. Many enthusiasts are keen to watch live matches and tournaments of their favorite teams and players.

Futbol Libre TV caters to these passionate fans by offering a platform to live stream football matches online from leagues across the world.

In this detailed review, we will explore key aspects of Futbol Libre TV, including its features, capabilities, legitimacy, pricing, and more.

Comparing it to alternatives in the market, we provide a verdict on whether Futbol Libre TV is worthwhile for football fans seeking convenient access to live sports action.

What is Futbol Libre TV?

Futbol Libre TV is an online streaming platform focused primarily on football match coverage. It broadcasts live games and tournaments from major leagues in South America such as Argentina’s Primera División and the iconic Copa Libertadores.

Additionally, Futbol Libre TV has broadcasting rights for some European leagues like Spain’s La Liga and prestigious tournaments like the UEFA Champions League. By partnering with networks and channels across the globe, Futbol Libre TV puts together an extensive catalog of live football content.

The service delivers streams viewable on a web platform accessible across devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets, and smart TVs. Besides live match coverage, it provides football news, analysis commentary, stats, and other updates to users.


Features of Futbol Libre TV

Live Football Streaming

The core offering of Futbol Libre TV is live broadcasts of football matches and tournaments from various leagues worldwide. Some key tournaments covered include:

Argentine Leagues:

  • Primera División
  • Primera B Nacional
  • Primera B Metropolitana
  • Primera C

International Leagues and Cups:

  • Copa Libertadores
  • Copa Sudamericana
  • Recopa Sudamericana
  • UEFA Champions League
  • English Premier League
  • Spanish La Liga
  • Italian Serie A
  • German Bundesliga
  • French Ligue 1
  • FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

With national team matches also streamed occasionally, Futbol Libre TV delivers complete coverage of domestic and international football.

Streaming Quality

Futbol Libre TV offers live football streams in qualities up to 1080p Full HD. This ensures a smooth and immersive viewing experience. The higher video quality enables fans to closely follow match actions like dribbles, passes, shots on goal and even emotions of players after scoring.

The streaming is also fairly fluid and lag-free, with little buffering and disruption to the live play. This is vital considering football’s continuous run of play rather than intermittent stop-starts.


The Futbol Libre TV platform offers versatile accessibility and compatibility with devices. Fans can live stream matches on:

  • Desktop and laptops via web browser
  • Apple iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Media streaming devices like Firestick and Chromecast plugged into TVs

This omnichannel access makes catching live football action convenient whether at home or on-the-go.

Other Content

Beyond just live match coverage, Futbol Libre TV look to enhance fans’ experience with additional football content like:

  • News updates on injuries, transfers, press conferences etc.
  • Interviews of managers and players
  • Analysis, previews and reviews via studio shows
  • Mini-documentaries and other original programming

Through supplementary content, the platform engages fans beyond just the 90 minutes of live action.

Customer Support

Futbol Libre TV offers customer assistance via email and social media channels. Users can send queries and feedback or report issues directly to aid the platform’s improvement.

While lacking options like live chat and phone support, email responses are fairly prompt in addressing subscribers’ concerns.

Pros of Futbol Libre TV

Extensive Football CoverageBroadcasts matches from over 15+ international leagues as well as domestic tournaments in South America where the platform has exclusive broadcasting rights
Smooth HD StreamingStreams available in 1080p Full HD quality with minimal lag and disruptions
Multi-device AccessibilityPlatform can be accessed via desktop, mobile devices, tablets and media streaming devices like Firestick
Enhanced Viewing ExperienceBeyond just live coverage of matches, Futbol Libre TV offers news updates, analysis, interviews and other original football programming
Reasonable PricingProvides free membership option with limited access and premium monthly/yearly plans cheaper than alternatives

Cons of Futbol Libre TV

Geo-blockingPlatform imposes blackout restrictions for matches in certain regions due to broadcasting rights, requiring use of VPN to bypass blocks
Occasional BufferingDespite mostly smooth streaming, some buffering issues and lags have been reported during peak traffic
App Stability IssuesThe mobile and smart TV apps can sometimes crash or freeze abruptly
Restricted Customer SupportLack of live chat or phone support outside of email/social media assistance
Requires Stable ConnectivityBeing an online streaming service, consistent strong internet connectivity is vital for disruption-free streaming

Is Futbol Libre TV legit?

Yes, Futbol Libre TV is a legitimate streaming platform that has licenses for broadcasting various football leagues and tournaments it covers.

Unlike illegal sites, Futbol Libre TV secures all required rights to distribute copyrighted content from soccer federations and broadcast partners. The legality allows it to openly market services and charge subscription fees from users.

Futbol Libre TV’s legitimacy is clearer upon consideration of factors like:

Operates Professionally: Platform has formally registered legal business operations.

Follows Streaming Regulations: Complies with guidelines and geo-blocking rules imposed by broadcasting regulators on distributing match content online.

Partners Reputed Networks: Has partnerships and content licensing agreements with established broadcasters across regions.

Transparent Pricing: Clearly lists streaming packages and charges monthly/yearly fees upfront instead of questionable hidden costs.

By ticking these boxes, Futbol Libre TV demonstrates itself as an authentic and sanctioned streaming provider you can trust.

Futbol Libre TV Alternatives

PlatformMonthly PriceProsCons
Live Soccer TV$7.99Coverage of 10+ leagues, Multi-sport content like MLS, NHL, NFLFewer domestic leagues, Limited original programming
ESPN+$9.99Studios shows like signature ESPN FC, Inclusive bundle with Hulu, Disney+Only 5 soccer leagues covered, No PPV match orders
fuboTV$69.994K streaming available, Over 10 leagues covered, 100+ total channelsExpensive, Mostly focused on North American sports
Sling TV$40Incorporates Brazilian and Argentinian football channels, Cloud DVR featuresLimited soccer coverage (5 leagues), Infrequent streaming issues
NBC SportsFreeClean intuitive interface, Available via streaming devices like RokuRestricted football coverage (2-3 leagues), Basic video quality (720p max)

From more specialized football providers to general sports streaming platforms, fans have a few quality alternatives to choose from. However, Futbol Libre TV still leads for extensive football coverage particularly from South American leagues at reasonable pricing.

Conclusion and Verdict: Futbol Libre TV Review

In conclusion, here is a brief verdict on the key aspects that determine the overall value proposition of Futbol Libre TV:

  • Football Coverage: Offers unmatched breadth of football leagues and immersive viewing quality
  • Features: Robust core offering enhanced by news, analysis and original programming
  • Streaming Quality: Mostly smooth HD streams with infrequent lag and buffering
  • Accessibility: Convenient multi-device accessibility adds to user experience
  • Pricing: Reasonable monthly and annual plans provide affordability
  • Reliability: Legitimate operations and licensing deals ensure dependable legal streaming

Considering these well-rounded attributes, Futbol Libre TV delivers an appealing package for football fans, especially admirers of South American leagues and tournaments.

Casual viewers may be satisfied restricted access that comes with free membership. But hardcore football fans must invest in one of the paid plans to fully unlock the platform’s comprehensive live coverage capabilities and intense match viewing experience in smooth HD.

Overall, in the expanding landscape of sports streaming, Futbol Libre TV has carved a niche as a focused football-first service catering extensively to fans of nations with rich footballing legacies.