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Hindilinks4u pm is a popular news and entertainment website that offers a wide range of content for Indian audiences. With the latest news headlines, trending entertainment stories, and viral videos all in one place, Hindilinks4u has become a go-to destination for many users.

But how good is the user experience really? Can you rely on Hindilinks4u pm for accurate and up-to-date news? Is the entertainment content library extensive enough? That’s what we will explore in this in-depth Hindilinks4u review.

What is Hindilinks4u pm?

Hindilinks4u pm is a news and entertainment website catered towards Indian audiences. It covers latest breaking news stories, sports updates, technology news, celebrity gossip, movie reviews, and much more.

In addition to news coverage, Hindilinks4u also offers an on-demand entertainment experience. Users can stream and download movies, TV shows, viral videos and more. Both Hindi and regional language content is available.

Some of the key categories on Hindilinks4u pm include:

  • News: Politics, Sports, Technology, Business, Lifestyle and more
  • Entertainment: Bollywood films, Regional cinema, TV shows, Viral content
  • Community: Forums, Polls, Quizzes, Comments

The website has a simple, easy-to-use interface with news feeds, search and filtering options, and personalization features. The service is available for free, supported by advertising. There are no subscription plans or paywalls on the platform.


Features of Hindilinks4u pm

News Coverage

Hindilinks4u offers extensive news coverage across categories like politics, sports, technology, automobiles and more. Some of the types of news articles available include:

  • News stories and reporters
  • Opinion and editorial pieces
  • Interviews with prominent personalities
  • Special coverage of major events
  • Local news for different Indian regions

The website has a team of journalists and editors who create news content specifically for the platform. Hindilinks4u also aggregates news from various partner sources.

There is a good blend of text, images and videos within news articles. Related content suggestions are provided for easier discoverability.

Entertainment Library

The entertainment library on Hindilinks4u pm consists of movies, shows, comedy clips, music videos and more. Some key aspects include:

  • Bollywood and Regional Movies: Latest and old releases available
  • Indian TV Shows: Soaps, Reality shows, Comedy serials
  • Viral Content: Funny videos, Movie scenes and dialogues
  • Original Web Series

The library has over 5,000 movies and shows combined as per latest reports. New releases are quickly added, typically within a few weeks of theatrical debut. Video quality is decent overall with 720p resolution supported for most content.

Interface and Experience

Browsing through Hindilinks4u pm is a smooth experience thanks to the well organized interface:

  • Intuitive Navigation: Logically categorized content for easy discoverability
  • Personalized News Feed: Get customized latest news based on your interests and preferences
  • Search and Filters: Find relevant entertainment content using filters and search
  • Adaptive Design: Interface adjusts seamlessly across mobiles, tablets and PCs

There are also custom skins and themes available to change the look and feel as per user choice.

Community Features

Hindilinks4u allows readers to engage more deeply with news stories and entertainment content. Some ways users can participate include:

  • Comments: Voice opinions and discuss articles
  • Polls: Vote in polls related to news and entertainment
  • Quizzes & Trivia: Test knowledge and compete with other users
  • Forums: Join forum threads to engage in deeper discussions

These community features help boost overall user engagement levels on the platform.

Pros of Hindilinks4u pm

Extensive Content Library5000+ movies, shows and news articles
Personalization OptionsCustom feeds, skins and preferences
Smooth Streaming PerformanceUp to 720p, seamless playback
Community FeaturesPolls, quizzes and discussion forums
Completely FreeNo subscription plans or paywalls

Cons of Hindilinks4u pm

Clickbait HeadlinesMisleading headlines for some news articles
Frequent AdsIntrusive ads affect user experience
Limited Regional ContentFew options for niche regional languages and genres
Buggy Mobile AppTechnical glitches on app affecting usability

While Hindilinks4u offers an extensive library with compelling features, the cons around ads, stability and certain gaps in content selection bring down the overall experience.

Next, let’s evaluate the legitimacy of Hindilinks4u pm and understand legal considerations.

Is Hindilinks4u pm legit?

When it comes to the legitimacy of Hindilinks4u pm, there are a few aspects to evaluate:

  • News Authenticity: Most news articles seem well-researched and reference credible sources
  • Entertainment Licensing: Unclear licensing status for all movies and shows
  • Privacy & Piracy: No confirmed user data leaks reported so far
  • Legality: Operates in gray area of copyright laws in India

While Hindilinks4u scores decently on news reliability and privacy, the biggest area of concern is around licensing of entertainment content.

Most streaming platforms legally license movies & shows before making them available. Hindilinks4u’s exact licensing agreements are ambiguous based on disclaimers.

However, given there haven’t been major legal escalations so far, the site continues operations without disruptions. But users should be cautious of potential changes in the future.

Hindilinks4u pm Alternatives

WebsiteKey Differences
InshortsPurely focused on news delivery in 60-word briefs
HotstarLeading legal streaming platform from Disney
DailyhuntOffers more localized regional content
PopXoFemale-focused entertainment and lifestyle content

Other top alternatives like Inshorts, Hotstar, PopXo and Dailyhunt cater to similar audiences as Hindilinks4u – but with differences in content types, experience and legal considerations.

Conclusion and Verdict: Hindilinks4u pm Review

After extensive usage and analysis, here is our final verdict on using Hindilinks4u pm:

Hindilinks4u delivers a media-rich news and entertainment website for Indian users, available entirely for free and supported by ads.

There is appreciable depth in news categories along with popular movies and shows. Interface navigation and streaming also works well.

However, while news appears credible overall, there is ambiguity around entertainment licensing agreements – bringing up piracy concerns. Intrusive ads also disrupt enjoyment frequently. There are occasional bugs affecting stability.

So in summary – Hindilinks4u pm provides a decent experience if you manage expectations around potential legitimacy issues and stability gaps.

Casual users who want free access to everyday news and viral entertainment will find it reasonably useful. But faithful legality and flawless interfaces are better found on paid alternatives like Hotstar or Sony Liv.

FAQs: Hindilinks4u pm

Does Hindilinks4u pm have a mobile app?

Yes, Hindilinks4u offers apps for both Android and iOS. But the apps have technical issues leading to substandard performance compared to the mobile site.

Can I watch new movie releases on Hindilinks4u?

Most new Bollywood and regional cinema titles get added to Hindilinks4u within 2-3 weeks of theatrical release. However, the availability timeline is not completely guaranteed or consistent.

Is membership required to access content?

No membership or registration is mandatory. All content on Hindilinks4u pm can be accessed by visitors directly without creating any account.

How frequently is news content updated?

Hindilinks4u refreshes news content multiple times per day with latest developments across categories. Time-sensitive news coverage is provided consistently.

Does Hindilinks4u work outside India?

Yes, Hindilinks4u is accessible globally by default. However, certain licensing restrictions can limit full access outside India. Using a good VPN resolves this.