How To Use Cactus AI? The Ultimate Guide

Cactus AI is an exciting new AI writing assistant and alternative to ChatGPT that is revolutionizing content creation. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know to get started with Cactus AI.

What is Cactus AI?

Cactus AI is an artificial intelligence system designed specifically for business and education applications. It serves as a writing assistant, helping to generate high-quality blog posts, essays, emails, and more in seconds.

Some of the key benefits and capabilities of Cactus AI include:

  • Plagiarism checking on all content
  • Readability scoring and text analysis
  • Adjustable tone to fit the brand voice
  • Custom writing models for businesses
  • Sentiment analysis of text

Compared to consumer-focused tools like ChatGPT, Cactus AI excels at producing on-brand, unique content with the right tone and complexity for any industry or writing need.

How To Use Cactus AI? Step-By-Step Guide

Signing up for Cactus AI is simple and only takes a few minutes. Here is a complete walkthrough:

1. Create Your Cactus AI Account

First, go to Cactus AI and click on “Sign Up” to create your free account. Choose a username and password and enter your email address.

Confirm your email to complete the registration.

2. Select a Pricing Plan

Next, pick one of the pricing plans based on your usage needs:

PlanPriceOutputs/DayOutput LengthKey Features
Free$0/month10015,000 charsPlagiarism checker, basic writing assistant
Student$12/month20025,000 charsAdvanced writing models, citation formatting
Basic$18/month30050,000 charsSentiment analysis, readability scoring
Business$24/month400100,000 charsCustom writing models, tone adjustment
CustomContact salesUnlimitedUnlimitedFully customized system

For most basic blog writing and content needs, the Student or Basic plans are recommended.

3. Complete Billing

Depending on your selected plan, enter your payment details to enable billing. Monthly and annual pricing is available on paid plans.

Confirm your billing details and payment method to complete the purchase.

4. Start Using Cactus AI

You’re all set! With your Cactus AI account created, you can now start inputting writing tasks and generating content.

Simply describe what you need written – a blog post, product descriptions, essays, emails, and more. Cactus AI will produce a draft within seconds. You can then refine and edit the output as needed before exporting or publishing.

Explore the various settings to customize tone, complexity, sentiments, and more. The key benefit of Cactus AI over alternatives is the advanced controls for ensuring high-quality, readable content optimized for any use case.

Key Features and Tools

Cactus AI offers numerous features that set it apart from competitors and make it the best AI writing assistant for many uses:

Plagiarism Checker

Every single output from Cactus AI is run through an automated plagiarism scanner. This checks for duplicated content across the web and ensures 100% original writing. No more worrying about accidentally copying existing text.

Sentiment Analysis

Want to know whether your generated blog post has the right positive or upbeat tone? Cactus AI can analyze text and score its overall sentiments on a simple scale from very negative to very positive. Tweak some key phrases until you achieve the tone you desire.

Custom Writing Models

Businesses can work with the Cactus AI team to develop entirely custom AI models tuned specifically for their brand voice, style guidelines, tone, and more. This level of personalization ensures Excellent written communication for sales, marketing, support teams and leadership.

These are just a few of the many great features available. Read on for more details on how Cactus AI can upgrade your writing.

Comparing Cactus AI to Alternatives

How does Cactus AI stack up against other AI writing tools like ChatGPT? Here’s a quick rundown:

ComparisonCactus AIChatGPT
PurposeBusiness and education writingGeneral consumer use
Outputs15,000+ characters2,000 characters max
Plagiarism CheckingYes, on all contentNo built-in checker
Custom ModelsAvailable for businessLimited customization
PricingStarts at $12/monthCurrently free to use

As this table illustrates, Cactus AI surpasses ChatGPT in output length, plagiarism protection, and the ability to finely tune writing models. For professional use generating blog posts, articles, emails and more, Cactus AI is the superior choice.

Student writers will also appreciate Cactus AI for its depth of content and automated citing abilities when creating essays and assigned papers.

For casual or personal writing tasks, ChatGPT offers a free way to play with AI. However, the limits on output size and lack of plagiarism protection restrict the usefulness of publishing written work.

When Should You Use Cactus AI?

Cactus AI excels at producing high volumes of intelligently written content for business and academic purposes. Here are some of the top use cases:


  • Writing essays, research papers, analysis pieces – Generate thoughtful drafts complete with properly formatted citations and bibliographies in MLA, APA, and other styles
  • Improving essays and editing drafts – Correct tone, add details, refine arguments
  • Creative writing pieces and stories – Expand your creativity with unique plots, characters, and descriptive settings


  • Blog posts and articles – Well-researched drafts with excellent readability optimized for SEO rankings and engagement
  • Emails and newsletters – Save hours crafting customized messages for each subscriber segment
  • Social media captions – Ensure posts have the right sentiment and hook for each platform’s algorithm


  • Overcome writer’s block – Input a few keywords and let Cactus AI develop story ideas or article angles you may never have thought of
  • Editing and proofreading – Correct awkward phrasing, grammar issues, repetitive words

Cactus AI empowers productivity for nearly any writing task. It provides creatives and professionals a helpful partner for drafting intelligent content quickly.


I hope this complete guide has shown how Cactus AI offers immense value as a writing assistant. The cloud-based AI system makes creating blogs, essays, articles, emails and more faster and easier than ever before.

With adjustable settings for plagiarism protection, readability analysis, sentiment tuning and even custom writing models, Cactus AI is the top choice for businesses, students, and teams collaborating on published written work.

Sign up today and let Cactus AI enhance your writing and unlock productivity.

FAQs About Cactus AI

How much does Cactus AI cost?

Cactus AI pricing starts at $12 per month for students. Business and custom plans are also available, detailed earlier in this guide. Anyone can access limited functionality for free as well.

Is Cactus AI better than ChatGPT?

For business, academic, and publishing use cases, yes – Cactus AI is vastly superior to ChatGPT. The ability to fine-tune output length, plagiarism protect content, adjust tone and even develop custom writing models makes Cactus AI the top choice for generating blog posts, articles, essays and more.

ChatGPT remains an amazing feat of AI technology. But its constraints around output length, accuracy declines after 2,000 characters and lack of plagiarism protections make Cactus AI the smarter pick for creating publishable written work.

What writing help does Cactus AI provide?

As covered in this guide, Cactus AI can assist with nearly any writing task – from blog posts to essays, emails to technical documentation, fiction stories to research papers. Simply describe what you need written and Cactus AI will produce thoughtful drafts faster than you ever could manually.

Can businesses use Cactus AI?

Yes, through custom AI writing models tailored to a company’s brand voice, style rules, and communication objectives across sales, marketing, executive leadership and more. Cactus AI offers unlimited potential to improve business writing.