– Website, Latest Update is a popular entertainment and celebrity news website that covers the latest happenings in Hollywood, Bollywood and other regional entertainment industries.

Founded in 2015, Idolplus has quickly grown to become one of the top destinations for up-to-date news on movie releases, celebrity relationships, entertainment gossip, exciting trailers and viral celebrity videos.

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the key features of the site, what it does well and where there is room for improvement. Read on for our full analysis of Idolplus as an entertainment news source.

What is is an Indian entertainment and celebrity focused news website founded in 2015. It is owned by Idol Websites Pvt. Ltd. and has offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Los Angeles.

The site covers the latest updates on Indian and Hollywood celebrities, movies, viral videos, movie reviews, entertainment news, red carpet events and more. Idolplus uploads hundreds of articles and media items across these categories every day.

In addition to written articles, Idolplus also has a strong video content focus, with its own video production division creating original content.


Features of has the following key features and content formats:

News Articles – The core of is its entertainment news articles, typically 300-500 words long, covering the latest updates in the movie, music, TV and viral video space. Content is a mix of original reporting as well as news aggregation.

Media Galleries – Photo galleries are a hugely popular content format on Idolplus, typically showcasing celebrity red carpet appearances and parties.

Videos – Idolplus has their own video production team creating original short form videos on entertainment news, celebrity interviews, leaked clips, and more.

User Community – Registered users can comment on articles, submit their own celeb sightings/tips, vote in polls, enter contests etc.

Celebrity Database – Database of thousands of Indian and Hollywood celebrities with bios and filmographies.

On the technology side, Idolplus offers responsive design for seamless access across devices, infinite scroll for continuous content streams and a bookmark tool to save articles.

Overall, Idolplus provides comprehensive coverage of the global entertainment industry with a uniquely strong focus on South Asian cinema and celebrities.

Pros of

Fast-updatingIdolplus are normally one of the first to report new celeb news, trailers, leaks etc. Their team is very on top of the news cycle.
Multimedia formatsUsers get a completepackage of news, videos, photo galleries all in one place rather than scattered sources.
Strong original videoIdolplus creates very viral and engaging short-form videos thanks to their video production arm.
Active communityWith over 2M comments per month, the commenting culture fosters user loyalty.

Cons of

Clickbait contentSome headlines are exaggerated at the expense of accuracy to drive more clicks.
Over-reliance on aggregationIdolplus does not produce as much original reporting as top-tier outlets.
Inconsistent EditoriallyQuality control over freelance contributors is uneven at times leading to the occasional, low quality or incomplete story.
Poor AccessibilitySite navigation and formatting need improvement for disabled users. No alt text for images as of yet.

Is legit?

Yes, is a legitimate and fully operational website visited by over 15 million global users per month.

As with any entertainment news site, the accuracy of rumors and leaks varies across stories but when it comes to factual reports of events, movie announcements, box office data etc. Idolplus has a high degree of integrity and reliability.

As an editorial team, they abide by standard journalistic principles in issuing corrections or clarifications if erroneous reporting does occur. Advertising is clearly demarcated from editorial content as well.

Overall Idolplus provides very extensive coverage of, and access to, the entertainment world but readers should be cognizant that unofficial gossip stories in particular require more skepticism and independent verification. Alternatives

SiteKey Features
SpotboyeSpecific focus on Bollywood exclusives and rumors.
PinkvillaHeavier emphasis on female readership and fashion coverage. Includes lifestyle vertical.
KoimoiReviews more niche, independent Indian films.Caters to more serious cinephiles rather than the mainstream.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In closing, Idolplus delivers a stellar entertainment news experience specifically tailored to the needs and interests of South Asian movie fans globally.

They’ve nailed the recipe of speed, multimedia content and audience engagement that makes for a top tier industry publication today.

As the media landscape gets more fragmented, Idolplus provides a one-stop consolidated view of key developments and gossip from across major studios, celebrities and media brands.

The site strikes a great balance between the high volume output needed to cover breaking headlines as well as long-form interviews, reviews and columns for more reflective analysis.

While higher quality control processes and more priority on original journalism would make the site less reliant on aggregation, Idolplus in its current form still outperforms most peers in its niche.

For unfiltered access into the glamorous worlds of Bollywood and Hollywood, Idolplus should remain bookmarked in every entertainment junkie’s web browser.


Is Idolplus free to use?

Yes, offers all of its celebrity news and entertainment content for free to users. The site is ad-supported, with display and video advertising. Users aren’t required to register or subscribe with an email address to read content.

Does Idolplus have a mobile app?

As of January 2023, Idolplus does not have a branded mobile app available on iOS or Android. The site is optimized for mobile web access though across devices and browsers.

What languages is Idolplus available in?

Content on Idolplus is primarily published in English, though some of the user-generated comments are in regional Indian languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil etc. as well.

Can I share Idolplus stories to my social profiles?

Yes, social sharing is enabled for all articles and media on Idolplus. Share buttons for platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow you to post Idolplus content to your own profiles and spread them virally.

Is there an Idolplus TV channel?

A: As of now Idolplus does not have a TV channel or broadcast presence – it is a 100% digital entertainment news publication. The site is not affiliated with the California-based cable channel IDPL TV.