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In an age dominated by social media, building an active and engaged Instagram following is essential for establishing credibility and driving brand awareness.

However, organically growing a large Instagram audience can be an uphill battle. This is where services like IG Tools come in.

IG Tools is a platform that aims to help Instagram users increase their followers, likes, views and overall engagement.

But how well does it actually work? This detailed IG Tools review covers everything you need to know, including features, legitimacy, pricing, pros, cons, alternatives and more.

What is IG Tools.net?

IG Tools (also known as IGTools.net or IGTools) is a third-party service that offers automated solutions to grow various Instagram metrics like followers, views, likes and comments.

Using a combination of organic and advanced techniques, they deliver targetted social proof and exposure for Instagram business profiles, creators, influencers and personal accounts.

The service has been active since 2020 and has helped over 300,000 customers according to their website. They seem to focus extensively on safely increasing Instagram followers within the platform guidelines.

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Features of IG Tools.net

IGTools packs an impressive array of features to enhance different aspects of Instagram profiles. Here are some of the main services they offer:

Get Real Instagram Followers

The primary offering of IG Tools is its Instagram followers packages. By leveraging some of the methods below, they are able to deliver follower growth for regular Instagram accounts as well as creators:

Follow/Unfollow Method: They use automated systems to follow and unfollow targetted accounts that are likely to follow you back. This helps accumulate relevant followers over time.

Shoutouts: You can pay for shoutouts on large theme-based Instagram accounts to gain more profile visits. This converts to long-term followers.

Viral Hashtags: Your posts are promoted through trending and viral hashtags so they show up in front of interested audiences.

They claim to provide 100% real and active followers from real accounts. The numbers tend to increase gradually instead of huge spikes that can risk bans.

Instagram Views

Aside from followers, IG Tools also assists with getting more eyes on your Instagram Stories and posts. Options include:

Story Views: Your 24-hour stories will get automatic views from real accounts. You can choose packages up to 150k views per story or schedule bulk views.

Post Views: Similar to stories, your regular Instagram posts also get legitimate views from targetted accounts. This helps reach more users.

IGTV Views: Views are also delivered to IGTV videos which typically have lower visibility than regular posts.

Likes, Comments & Mentions

What good are followers if they don’t engage with your content? IG Tools helps by offering automated likes, comments and mentions for Instagram posts.

Post Likes: This will get more accounts to like your posts. Choose between standard, custom comments or random likes.

Post Comments: Along with likes, you can get comments on posts which look more natural than just likes.

Post Mentions: @mentions from other accounts in their comments help drive even more profile visits.

Analytics & Reporting

IG Tools also offers Instagram analytics to help track your growth and engagement metrics more closely:

Growth Analytics: See daily, weekly or monthly stats on new followers, likes, comments etc.

Competitor Benchmarking: Compare your Instagram account growth and engagement to competitors.

Real-Time Metrics: Get real-time data on followers and engagement rather than waiting for Instagram analytics.

Pros of IG Tools.net

Gradual Safe GrowthFollowers, views and likes increase steadily over weeks instead of sudden spikes
Get More ExposureReach more users via hashtags, explore page and targetted push notifications
Round-the-Clock SupportQuick customer support through live chat, email and Instagram DM
No Need to Share CredentialsLogin details are never required, only public profile urls
Increase Perceived CredibilityMore followers and engagement improves perceived authority
30-Day Money-Back GuaranteeFull refund available if not satisfied with the growth

Cons of IG Tools.net

Bot SuspicionsSome gained followers may appear fake or bot-like
Slow Follower DeliveryGradual follower growth means hitting targets takes longer
No Free Trial VersionEntry packages start at $12.99 per month
Instagram Could Temporarily Ban AccountUsing follow/unfollow too aggressively risks temporary ban
Requires Consistent BudgetStopping the subscriptions will also stop any further growth

Is IG Tools.net legit?

IG Tools seems to have an overall mixed reputation among users. While there are certainly some complaints about delivery issues, fake followers etc., a lot of the negative feedback seems exaggerated.

Our investigation into their legitimacy revealed the following signs that IG Tools is likely a valid service:

Responsive Customer Support: Users report mostly timely and useful support responses from the IG Tools team. This is rare for an outright scam service.

Refund Policy Available: They offer full refunds within 30 days if a user is not satisfied. Scam sites typically never provide refunds.

Follower Filters to Maintain Quality: You can set filters for minimum follower count, maximum follow ratio etc. to get higher quality followers.

Focus on Compliance: Their site and guides repeatedly state that they don’t violate Instagram’s terms or policies. This reduces ban risks.

No Requirement to Share Credentials: Nowhere does their site ask users to share Instagram login details, keeping the account safe.

So in summary – no, IG Tools does not seem to be a complete scam and appears to be a valid business. However, some users may still have issues with quality or support.

IG Tools.net Alternatives

ServiceFollower PackagesEngagement ServicesMoney-Back GuaranteePlans Start From
FollowersUpVerified followers, IGTV viewsMentions, saves14-30 days$12.99/month
SocialViralFollowers, photo likesComment likes, story views7-14 days$9.99/month
SocialBossOrganic & instant followersPost comments, custom captions7 days$7.99/month
SidesMediaGradual & instant followersVideo views, story impressions30 days$12.49/month

Conclusion and Verdict: IG Tools.net Review

IG Tools certainly offers an extensive collection of solutions for improving Instagram growth metrics ranging from followers to views, likes and more. Their pricing is quite competitive as well.

While results may vary depending on factors like your account niche, their focus on steady compliant growth does help reduce chances of Instagram crackdowns. Support response is also above average for the industry.

For those willing to patiently build their Numbers over weeks without cutting corners, IG Tools can prove to be a worthwhile investment.

But if you prefer more aggressive growth or have a higher risk appetite, some alternatives may suit better. Either way, be sure to track analytics closely and watch for any engagement drops.

FAQs: IG Tools.net

How fast will I get new Instagram followers?

Results can vary drastically depending on your chosen package, account size etc. As a baseline, their starter package claims 1000+ followers in 1-2 months for new accounts. More advanced accounts typically see faster growth.

Are the followers from IG Tools real accounts?

They claim to provide 100% real followers. However, some users have complained about getting bot-like or fake followers. Using their follower filters helps improve quality. Conducting follower audits is recommended.

Do I need to provide my Instagram login details?

IG Tools does not ask for your Instagram username, password or any other login credentials during signup. You only need to provide a public profile link.

Can my account get banned for using IG Tools?

While unlikely if you use their compliant growth methods, there’s always a small risk with any third-party growth service. Using moderation and avoiding excessive automated activity can prevent red flags.

What payment methods does IG Tools accept?

IG Tools works with all major credit cards and debit cards as well as online wallets like Paypal. Cryptocurrency payments are not supported currently.