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Electronic toll collection has become an integral part of transportation infrastructure across India.

With the Indian government promoting digital payments to increase transparency and efficiency, the Indian Highway Management Company Limited (IHMCL) launched the FASTag program in 2014.

The FASTag, operationalized through the website Ihmcl.co.in, has emerged as a hugely popular option for automatic and cashless toll collection on national highways.

What is Ihmcl.co.in?

Ihmcl.co.in is the official website of the Indian Highway Management Company Limited, which operates the FASTag program.

FASTag is essentially an RFID sticker affixed on a vehicle’s windshield with a linked prepaid account for seamless electronic toll payments across participating national highways in the country.

Key features offered through Ihmcl.co.in for FASTag users:

Automatic toll deductions – As the vehicle passes a toll plaza, the RFID tag is scanned wirelessly and toll amount deducted automatically without needing to stop. This saves time and fuel.

Online account recharges – Registered FASTag users can quickly recharge their linked accounts online through credit/debit cards, net banking etc. Minimum wallet balance has to be maintained.

KYC status and account management – Customers can check the status of their KYC verification and update contact information easily through the portal or mobile app.

National highway acceptance – As of 2022, nearly 180+ toll plazas across national highways have FASTag reading infrastructure for electronic collection. More continue to be added.


Features of Ihmcl.co.in

In a nutshell, the Ihmcl.co.in website equips Indian vehicle owners to easily apply and manage FASTags for seamless toll payments, improve toll collection efficiency and decongest toll booth traffic.

Detailed capabilities include:

Convenient Online Services: From new FASTag applications to account recharges and issue resolution, the portal offers easy self-service options. KYC norms mandate linking with registered mobile number and vehicle documents.

Account Overviews: Users get real-time overviews of wallet balance, transaction statements, recharge history, toll deductions, applicable incentives and more for managing their accounts.

Security: The NHAI-authorized website is fully secured supporting HTTPS protocol and data encryption standards. Registered users only can access account information.

Customer Support: Customers can reach out on the official customer support channels including email, phone and chatbot regarding any service queries.

Integration Support: APIs and technical integration support provided for third-party toll operators to integrate the central FASTag program on their corridors.

Pros of Ihmcl.co.in

ConvenienceHassle-free automatic deductions, no cash handling at toll gates
Time SavingsAvoidance of long queues and traffic jams at plazas
Online ServicesEasy online registration, account recharges and payments
Cost Savings5% cashback on usage as financial incentive
SecuritySafe and authorized platform under NHAI norms

Cons of Ihmcl.co.in

Tech FailuresSystem failures lead to denied entries at plazas
Minimum BalanceNeed to maintain sufficient balance in wallet, else penalties
LimitationsCannot switch between vehicles freely
Grievance ResolutionInadequate customer service channels

Is Ihmcl.co.in Legit?

As the official NHAI authorized website for the FASTag program, Ihmcl.co.in is fully legitimate and trustworthy.

Millions of registered users actively utilize FASTag for toll payments without concerns over fraudulence. Being a government-backed digital initiative, transparency and data security considerations are also adequately met.

Ihmcl.co.in Alternatives

Paytm FASTagTop up through Paytm wallet, seamless payments4.5/5
Amazon PayCustomers can use Amazon Pay balance for FASTag recharges4/5
MobiKwikOffers additional cashback rewards3.5/5

Conclusion and Verdict: Ihmcl.co.in Review

On the whole, Ihmcl.co.in offers an indispensable platform for vehicle owners to seamlessly access electronic toll collection services through FASTags.

Despite occasional technical glitches and customer service gaps, FASTag usage powered by the portal continues to grow popular given the huge convenience, time and cost benefits.

For digital toll payments, Ihmcl.co.in remains an essential website enabling frictionless highways transit.

FAQs: Ihmcl.co.in

How to register for a FASTag account?

Visit Ihmcl.co.in and sign up with your vehicle registration certificate, KYC documents and payment source to create a linked wallet. An RFID tag will be mailed.

Where can I buy a FASTag sticker?

FASTags can be purchased online on Ihmcl.co.in or authorized Point-of-Sale locations like select bank branches and petrol pumps.

How do I check my FASTag wallet balance?

Log into your account on Ihmcl.co.in or use the MY FASTag app. You will be able to view real-time balance status and transaction statements.

What if my vehicle does not have functional FASTag at a toll plaza?

Vehicles without linked FASTags will have to pay twice the toll amount in cash for passage, hence functional tags must be affixed.

Is FASTag mandatory for all vehicle types?

As per NHAI rules, FASTag adoption is currently mandatory for 4-wheelers. For other vehicle categories like buses, FASTag usage though not mandated is actively encouraged.