– Generate Unique Midjourney is a comprehensive Midjourney v5 prompt generator designed to help users create unique AI-generated artworks with ease.

Launched in 2022, it offers an intuitive interface for crafting customized prompts featuring various art styles, objects, colors and more to suit each user’s artistic vision.

Compatible across web, iOS and Android devices, streamlines the AI art creation process. Users simply type “/imagine” to open a prompt box, input their desired content, and receive four related images from the Midjourney engine.

Leveraging the capabilities of Midjourney’s latest model, empowers creators to fine-tune parameters like aspect ratio and overall mood. This contributes to the emerging realm of AI-driven generative art.

How Works

The platform functions by generating prompts formatted for Midjourney v5, allowing users to dictate the content and style of the resulting AI artworks.

To begin, users visit the website or open the mobile app. Typing “/imagine” summons a text box to enter a prompt describing the desired image(s).

Drawing on Midjourney’s machine learning algorithm, then suggests four images matching the prompt. Users can regenerate further variations of each image by adjusting parameters for mood, aspect ratio and more.

Once satisfied, high resolution downloads are available to share and use the AI art commercially. Batch generating multiple images from the same prompt is also possible.

This prompt engineering process grants artists greater direction over their Midjourney creations. translates text descriptions into detailed prompt syntax for the AI to interpret.

Features and Capabilities of offers a user-friendly prompt interface to craft natural language descriptions, directly manipulate prompt elements, streamline the artistic workflow from initial idea into the final image.

Creators can incorporate diverse media including illustrations, logos, landscapes, portraits in varied art styles like realism, anime, abstraction using myriad colors, objects, shapes and textures.

The platform provides multi-platform accessibility with a web version compatible across all browsers along with native iOS and Android apps to sync creations seamlessly. enables customizable image generation by letting users adjust critical parameters like mood, aspect ratio, size, style strength and re-render variations until completely satisfied before downloading optimized images up to 4K resolution.

It also allows batch queue processing to automate multi-prompt variations for efficient iteration. Notably, grants full commercial usage rights so that designers, artists and creatives can monetize AI art without requiring any attribution.

With its emphasis on usability and customization, offers an appealing prompt creation solution harnessing the Midjourney v5 engine.

Free PlanLimited capabilities only
Hobbyist$10 per month
Freelancer$30 per month
Studio$80 per month
EnterpriseCustom pricing

The above table outlines available pricing plans, ranging from free to enterprise-level options. However, official real-time pricing is not currently published. As an emerging platform, further details and subscription models are likely still under development.

Potential pricing factors could include:

  • Number of monthly generations
  • Prompt length and complexity
  • Download resolutions supported
  • Commercial usage rights

As evolves, pricing transparency will be key for crafting an accessible yet sustainable business model in the AI art space.

Pros of

Intuitive Prompt InterfaceUser-friendly prompt box with auto-complete suggestions makes crafting prompts fast and fluid
Diverse CustomizationMultiple parameters for adjusting image style, color, mood and more enable personalized fine-tuning
Multi-Platform AccessWeb, iOS and Android compatibility facilitates prompt creation and art sharing on the go
Batch ProcessingBulk generate hundreds of variations from a single prompt with batch queue
Full Commercial RightsDownload and commercially use images without attribution makes monetization straightforward

Cons of

Limited Pricing TransparencyOfficial subscription pricing and structure details not yet published
Relies on Midjourney AvailabilityPotential downtime or issues with Midjourney could disrupt image generation
Potential RepetitionAs with any AI, repeated elements between images may emerge over long sessions
Narrow Feature SetCurrently focused solely on prompt engineering rather than post-processing or illustration
No Free VersionLack of free tier restricts access for testing and casual use

While the benefits of an streamlined prompting process and customizable Midjourney integration make an appealing offering, pricing vagueness and reliance on Midjourney itself could frustrate some users. As the platform develops, addressing these limitations could further set it apart from alternatives.

How to Use Complete Overview

Using involves just three key steps:

1. Craft Your Prompt

Open the “/imagine” text box and describe the desired image(s) using natural language, including any stylistic preferences like “retro” or “cubism” and objects like “robot” or “fruit”.

2. Customize and Generate

Tweak parameters for mood, aspect ratio, size and style strength. Click “Generate new variant” to re-render the images until satisfied.

3. Download and Use

Download individual images up to 4K resolution or in batches. Thanks to full commercial rights, monetize however desired!

Adjusting parameters between generation attempts allows prompt engineering on the fly to achieve the perfect balance and realize an initial vision. Share creations directly from the app, or access cloud-synced image libraries across mobile and desktop.

While initially guiding prompts can involve some trial and error, soon empowers creators to bring imaginative concepts to life with AI efficiency. Alternatives

AlternativeKey FeaturesPrice
Generative Art ToolsTools for post-processing Midjourney images$12/month
AI Text Prompt GeneratorText-to-image generationFree version available
PromptifyPrompt library and curationSubscription from $7/month
AI Listing AppPrompt inspiration and sharingFree version available
Startup.aiTools for startups and entrepreneursCustom pricing

Competitors offer features ranging from complementary prompt libraries to accessible free plans. However’s focus on prompt engineering fine-tuned for Midjourney integration remains a key strength.

Conclusion and Verdict

In closing, provides creative minds with an efficient prompt ideation workspace to manifest AI art visions using Midjourney’s capabilities. Its multi-parameter customization grants deeper artistic direction.

For those seeking to explore generative art without managing Midjourney directly, offers welcome accessibility. However pricing decisions remain pivotal in determining just how inclusive its creative ethos ultimately proves.

Currently, rates as a leading prompt tool for Midjourney power users. Addressing any reliance and repetition issues could further widen its appeal to professional artists and curious newcomers alike.


How does differ from Midjourney itself?

While both generate images from text prompts, offers streamlined prompting with customization features tailored specifically for Midjourney. This allows adjusting aspects like mood or size to refine results.

What image styles are available on

Users can incorporate realism, anime, pixar, abstract, and various other styles by including the desired look in prompts. The Midjourney algorithm interprets these cues to adapt the output style.

Can I use on mobile?

Yes, native iOS and Android mobile apps provide full cross-device support to create, manage and share prompts on mobile, synced via cloud libraries.

Does offer a free trial?

Unfortunately currently does not appear to have a free trial option – only demo images are accessible without a paid subscription.

What is the “/imagine” function?

Typing “/imagine” into any interface summons the text prompt box to start crafting a description for Midjourney to generate images from. This allows prompt creation via natural language.