| Isaidub – Website, Latest Update is a popular entertainment and news website that has gained significant traction in India over the last few years.

This review will take an in-depth look at the platform – its purpose, key features, legitimacy, pros and cons, pricing, and more to help you determine if it’s worthwhile.

What is is an Indian entertainment and news website founded in 2012. It features articles, blogs, videos, memes, viral content, and more around movies, celebrities, technology, current affairs, and viral news.

The site aims to provide the latest entertaining and informational content for Indian users and has grown quickly since launch due to its engaging mix of news and viral entertainment reporting. While primarily focused on an Indian audience, does get some international visitors as well.


Features of

Some of the key features of include:

News Articles & Blog Posts – The site publishes dozens of articles and blog posts daily around the latest news stories, celebrity gossip, technology updates, and more. There is a “Trending News” section highlighting the most popular stories.

Entertainment Content – From streaming guides to celebrity interviews, movie reviews, memes, and viral videos – there is strong coverage of Indian cinema and pop culture.

Discussion Forums – The site has an active community and discussion forum section with thousands of topics from movies and sports to politics. Users can comment, debate, ask questions to admins and other users.

Interactive Elements – Isaidub incorporates polls, quizzes, contests, commenting, and forums to increase engagement on articles beyond just text/images.

Advertising Model – The main revenue source is display ads, sponsored posts, affiliate links, and partnerships with third-party services. There are banner ads and video ads.

Mobile Site/Apps – is mobile-friendly allowing easy access for users on the go. There are also lightweight Isaidub iOS and Android apps providing quick access to entertainment news, articles, discussions and more.

Multiple Indian Languages – While predominantly English, some Isaidub content and forums are also available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Bengali.

Pros of

Breaking entertainment newsPosts latest Indian celebrity, movie, music news faster than most sites
Viral contentPopular for memes, viral videos, surprising stories that spread online
Active forumsThousands of users debate movies, sports, politics and more
Multilingual supportSome content in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and other regional languages

Cons of

Clickbait headlinesUses exaggerated headlines to get clicks rather than accurately summarizing articles
Too many adsSite is cluttered with ads from banners, links, videos
Questionable reliabilityFact-checking and accuracy standards are mediocre at best
Limited global reachFocused heavily on Indian audiences so less appealing internationally

Is legit?

Yes, itself is a legitimate website. However, some of the content can be questionable or unreliable, given the site emphasizes speed and viral appeal over rigorous editing.

The site’s founders and revenue sources are fully legal though ethics around aggressive advertising and possibly slanderous celebrity/movie content are debatable.

Users should take news with a grain of salt rather than trusting every report as completely fact-checked.

The discussion forums tend to have more rumors and speculation as well compared to the actual articles. But the site does offer genuine user-generated discussions and entertainment content quickly for Indian audiences. Alternatives

Here are some of the top alternatives to consider versus

BollywoodLife.comEntertainmentOne of the largest Indian entertainment news sites with more focus on accuracy than
NDTV MoviesEntertainmentSection of mainstream NDTV site that offers accurate and in-depth movie news
Times of India EntertainmentNews/EntertainmentLeading newspaper with strong fact-checking standards
Reddit IndiaForums/DiscussionVery popular forum site for Indians to discuss entertainment, news and more

Conclusion and Verdict: Review provides a unique entertainment and news platform tailored specifically for Indian audiences. The engaging mix of the latest celebrity gossip, internet memes, technology news, and viral videos has driven rapid growth since its founding.

However, readers should be aware that in favoring speed and clicks over accuracy, some content proves questionable or unreliable when fact-checked. There are also intrusive ads throughout the site.

For users wanting accurate cinema analysis or technology reports, other alternatives would be a better choice. But those seeking a constantly updated source of viral Indian-focused news and entertainment will enjoy what offers.

Overall this review finds that the platform occupies a niche for fast entertainment news even if it fails higher standards of journalistic quality and ethics.


Is fully legal and safe to use?

Yes it is a legitimate site with no major safety issues but some content inaccuracies exist.

Can be accessed outside India?

Yes the site is viewable globally but focuses heavily on Indian audiences.

Does have strong fact-checking and accuracy standards?

No, stories emphasize going viral over rigorous editing. Some reports prove questionable.

Can I comment or post content on

Yes, the site has discussion forums open for users to engage.