| Kibho in – Website, Latest Update is a website that offers various cryptocurrency-related services, with a focus on their own digital token called Kibho Coin.

As a multi-level marketing (MLM) model cryptocurrency, there are inevitably questions around whether Kibho is legitimate or potentially a scam.

This comprehensive review will examine offerings, features, credentials, market performance, and more to provide a definitive verdict on if it’s worth your time and money. Read on for the full analysis.

What is serves as the main portal for the Kibho cryptocurrency platform and ecosystem. On the website, users can sign up for accounts, access wallet and exchange services for the Kibho Coin, participate in various bonus and commission structures, and more.

Some key points about Kibho and

  • Kibho Coin is the native cryptocurrency of the network, which operates on its own blockchain.
  • The company utilizes a multi-level marketing structure where members earn bonuses for recruiting others.
  • provides the registration, login, wallet, exchange, and tracking services around Kibho Coin.
  • Additional tools, platforms, and services related to the cryptocurrency are also in development.

Overall, aims to function as a central ecosystem for those participating in their blockchain-based asset and network marketing program.


Features of

As the main portal for the Kibho ecosystem, some of the core features available on include:

Account Registration

New users can register an account directly through the site, allowing access to member tools and services. The registration process only requires an email address, password, referral code, and contact number to setup an account.

Login Portal

The site provides a login area for existing members to access their account dashboards and utilize features like the wallet, exchange, and tracking systems. User accounts on include profile management options as well.

Kibho Coin Wallet

Registered members can use the built-in wallet on to store, receive, and send their Kibho Coin (KIBU) holdings to other users or connected wallets and exchanges.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

There is an integrated decentralized exchange (DEX) for seamlessly exchanging and trading between KIBU and certain other cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT right within user accounts.

Analytics Tracking

Users can view analytics related to the performance of Kibho Coin, including pricing data, market capitalization, circulating supply, trading volumes, and more. Historical charts provide insight into price trends.

In addition, account holders have access to performance metrics, commissions earned, downline team activity, and bonuses related to the multi-level marketing program.

While still a new project, Kibho is expected to launch additional platforms that integrate with its cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem over time. More features around mining, staking, lending, NFTs, metaverse participation and beyond may materialize as well.

Pros of

Free to JoinRegistering an account on is completely free. There are no upfront costs to access the wallet, exchange, and tracking services.
Generous Bonus StructureBy referring others and building a downline team, members can earn sizable recurring bonuses and commissions in Kibho Coin. More recruitment means greater potential earnings.
Ongoing DevelopmentAs a young project, Kibho is actively building out new features and services to expand utility and adoption of its cryptocurrency. There is room for the ecosystem to grow substantially.

Cons of

Unproven CredibilityAs a new company in the cryptocurrency space, Kibho does not have an extensive track record to evaluate for legitimacy or safety. There remain open questions around verification of its credentials.
High Risk InvestmentLike most altcoins, Kibho Coin is extremely volatile and investing carries significant risk of losses. The tokenomics distribution model also raises some questions that give pause.
Recruitment RequirementsTo fully participate in the MLM income structure, active and continual recruitment of new members is realistically mandatory, which may not appeal to or be feasible for all users.

Is legit?

Determining legitimacy is no easy task for a nascent project like Kibho that makes ambitious promises and claims.

While features like the wallet, trading exchange, and tracking dashboards do appear functional from a technology perspective, it is less clear whether there is substance supporting the bonuses, commissions, and future ecosystems.

Most warnings around Kibho focus on the potential risks, disadvantages, unstable nature, and lack of regulation associated with both cryptocurrency investment broadly and multi-level marketing reward structures more specifically.

Without established credibility or third-partyvalidation, users should exercise extreme caution when assessing claims made by Kibho about projections, partnerships, or future functionality.

There simply is not enough evidence yet to demonstrate definitively whether the team and technology can deliver on the proposed vision responsibly and lucratively.

So while outright fraud seems unlikely given the functioning components, Kibho certainly enters the zone of high risk speculation – caveat emptor remains prudent advice here for would-be members or coin investors. Alternatives

PlatformDetailsRisk Level
BitcoinThe most proven and valuable cryptocurrency with extensive adoption and mindshare. Lower risk but maintains high volatility.Medium
EthereumWell-established smart contract blockchain network with broad decentralized app ecosystem.Medium
ChainlinkLeading decentralized oracle network used across DeFi, NFTs, and crypto projects to enable connectivity.Medium-Low

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In closing, while not a clear scam, the unproven Kibho project carries exceedingly high uncertainty, speculation, and risk at this stage for all but the most risk tolerant cryptocurrency investors.

The multi-level marketing structure in particular means potential profits are heavily reliant both on recruitment as well as sustained token appreciation.

For most, it is advisable to avoid Kibho for now and instead favor established blockchain projects with clearer fundamentals – ultimately only time will tell if Kibho’s promises bear out with technological developments and business performance.


Is Kibho a legitimate cryptocurrency?

While the Kibho Coin cryptocurrency and associated platforms are functional, the project’s lack of track record and reliance on multi-level marketing means legitimacy concerns remain. Extreme caution is warranted.

Can the average person make money with Kibho?

Gaining meaningful income solely from Kibho’s cryptocurrency Without a major downline team is unlikely. Participating as an active recruiter carries major risk as well though.

Is a verified safe platform?’s security has not been independently audited. As with any new cryptocurrency entity, users should beware the high potential for hacking vulnerabilities at this stage.

What is a price prediction for Kibho Coin?

Given the immaturity of the asset, any price forecasting is highly speculative. Both extreme volatility and drastic crashes of Kibho’s value should be expected.

Are there better crypto investments than Kibho?

Yes – established blockchain projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum carry far more legitimacy. Kibho is firmly in the very high risk, high reward territory for those open to speculation.