– Elevate Your Real Estate Game With AI is an artificial intelligence platform built specifically for the real estate industry. It aims to give real estate professionals a strategic edge by predicting likely home sellers, enriching contact data, and providing AI-powered marketing capabilities.

In this 2024 review, we’ll take an in-depth look at features, pricing, pros and cons, top alternatives, and more to help you determine if it’s the right AI solution for your real estate business.

What is is a real estate-focused AI tool created by real estate tech veterans to solve two of the biggest pain points in the industry: outdated contacts and lack of predictive analytics.

The platform features a patented AI engine called REFRESH that combines predictive analytics, contact enrichment, monitoring technology, and AI content creation into one seamless solution.

In a nutshell, helps real estate agents, brokers, and teams:

  • Predict likely home sellers before properties hit the MLS
  • Maintain up-to-date and accurate contact records
  • Get alerts for predictive model score changes
  • Access AI-powered messaging for automated nurture campaigns

How Works ingests and enriches data from public records, MLS sources, and first-party customer data. It runs this aggregated data through multiple patented machine learning models to generate actionable insights.

Key models and scores include:

  • Likely Seller Predictions: Predicts seller intent properties likely to list in the next 90-180 days.
  • Distressed Property Scores: Ranks distressed properties helps agents connect with distressed sellers.
  • Contact Quality Scores: Rates the accuracy and completeness of contact data.

These models enable the core capabilities of accurate seller predictions, automated contact enrichment, 24/7 monitoring for changes, and contextually-relevant AI messaging.

Features of packs a robust feature set into an easy-to-use real estate platform. Key capabilities include:

Pre-Market Likely Seller Predictions

The bread and butter of is its real estate predictive models that forecast likely sellers with up to 90% accuracy before those sellers list their homes publicly.

This gives agents a 1-6 month head start to build nurture campaigns, prepare listings materials, and build rapport with potential sellers. With more prep time, agents can lock-down more listings and deals.

Automated Contact Enrichment automatically monitors and updates contacts in real-time. This prevents databases from becoming outdated, improving contact quality scores over 20-30% industry average.

Enriched contacts mean more up-to-date phone numbers and email addresses for sellers. Higher-quality contact data translates to more successful outreach campaigns.

24/7 Monitoring & Notifications

The platform watches listed properties and enriched contacts 24/7 for any changes. Users get near real-time notifications for predictive score fluctuations, distressed signals, new comps, etc.

Ongoing monitoring surfaces marketing opportunities as soon as they happen so agents waste no time in responding. This level of vigilance is impossible for individual agents to match manually.

AI Marketing Content integrates with OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model to generate emotionaly resonant messaging at scale across mediums like email, text, voice, postal. The AI ensures messaging relevance based on factors like location trends, market conditions, predictive scores, and more.

With AI taking over initial message creation, agents can craft and deliver contextually tailored, one-to-one messaging faster than ever.

How much does cost? PricingDetails
14-Day Free TrialFull-platform access.
Growth Plan$149 /mo <br> Up to 2 users <br> 5,000 property data enrichments <br> 10,000 seller predictions
Success Plan$349 /mo <br> Up to 5 users <br> 15,000 property data enrichments <br> 30,000 seller predictions
Brokerage PlanContact for Quote <br /> Enterprise pricing <br> Volume discounts <br> Custom integrations

Pricing scales based on number of users, properties monitored, and other key metrics. places emphasis on automation for long term ROI.

Pros of

Competitive EdgeSellers predictions provide a 1-6 mo advantage to build rapport before listings go public
Automated Database EnrichmentEliminates manual data management and automatically enriches, scores and updates contacts ensuring better quality data over time – ultimately improving outreach effectiveness.
Time Savings24/7 contact and predictive model monitoring enables timely notifications and reduces need to manually check for changes
Improved Messaging RelevanceAI-generated contextually relevant messaging focuses on what is most important to the contact based on predictive analytics.

Cons of

Limited Public Pricing DetailsPricing specifics like usage volumes and addons not provided. Need to contact for full details.
Potential Model BiasModels trained primarily on recent, public MLS data. Potential demographic and geographic biases may need to be addressed for different markets.
Emerging Player Brand RecognitionAs a newer, specialized solution lacks the brand clout of an established household name (but likely not for long).

How to Use Complete Overview

Using involves just a few key steps:

1. Connect data sources – Link up MLS listing data, CRMs, contact lists to ingest property and consumer information.

2. Review predictions and notifications – Check the app or email alerts to view newly scored listings, surfacing sellers pre-market. Respond quickly when receiving monitoring alerts.

3. Craft marketing campaigns – Export enriched contacts to preferred outreach tools. Use AI messaging to customize messaging adding emotional resonance.

4. Target high-value sellers – Focus nurture efforts on those contacts with high Likely Seller Predictions ensuring time and resources are optimized increasing ROI.

5. Monitor performance – Review messaging performance in app and fine-tune approaches for better results over time leveraging the data. Alternatives

Zillow Premier AgentTop real estate portal provides contact management and monitoring to help agents market to buyers and sellers more effectively.
AgentJet Lead Gen SuiteAll-in-one platform combines predictive analytics, social monitoring, automated marketing with a focus on converting leads. Less emphasis on building relationships with existing contacts
LionDeskContact management platform helps organize, segment, message contacts while monitoring for changes over time.
TopProducerCRM focused on enterprise level contact management, lead routing, custom reporting and team collaboration capabilities.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review is purpose-built to address two mission-critical challenges in real estate: outdated contact data and lack of predictive intelligence.

By focusing specifically on these issues versus being a generalist real estate software, packs an incredibly effective one-two punch.

It’s pre-market seller predictions provide a time advantage that directly translates to more secured listings. Combining this strategic edge with automated enrichment sustains better contact data quality feeding improved marketing over the long-term.

For real estate professionals frustrated by wasted effort and missed opportunities,’s accurate predictive analytics and automated database care helps optimize time and resources.

Tech-savvy agents, teams and brokerages looking to expand marketshare should absolutely consider adding to their stack.


Q: Does integrate with other real estate tools?

Yes, offers integrations with the most popular CRMs, marketing tools and MLS platforms via API. This allows linking predictive insights with active contact records and workflows.

Q: Can I upload my own data like a farm area?

Absolutely, users can upload any custom contact records, property lists or geographic farm areas to enrich and score using’s models. Expanding the data foundation strengthens predictions and contact monitoring.

Q: What about buyer contacts and leads? Does help with those?

The platform focuses specifically on building relationships with likely home sellers by predicting them early and enriching contact data. So there is less emphasis on buyer lead generation and nurturing capabilities.