| Mdisk Me – Website, Latest Update is a popular news and entertainment website that offers a wide variety of content including trending news stories, celebrity gossip, funny videos, intriguing images, and viral memes.

With a modern, visually-appealing interface, easy navigation, and engaging multimedia content, aims to be an accessible source for light-hearted infotainment.

This review will provide an in-depth evaluation of – analyzing its key features and capabilities as a news and entertainment platform.

We assess factors like website design, content quality and accuracy, pricing options, and how compares to major competitors in the space. By the end, you’ll have a clear verdict on who is ideal for and if its strengths outweigh any weaknesses.

What is is an Indian infotainment website founded in 2021 that focuses on delivering amusing and buzzworthy stories, images, videos and more to millennial and Gen Z users.

Covering pop culture, celebrity gossip, internet viral content, funny memes, and a dash of news and politics, provides entertainment and timepass content rather than hard-hitting journalism.

With a website and mobile app available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms, publishes 500+ articles and 50+ videos daily across categories like entertainment, lifestyle, technology, and more. It has a monthly visitor base of over 5 million, the majority coming from search and social media referrals.


Features of

Homepage & Navigation has an uncluttered, image-heavy homepage highlighting the most popular, shareworthy stories of the moment. There are neatly organized sections for entertainment, lifestyle and news content as well as a video carousel.

The responsive website adapts well across desktop, tablet and mobile, making browsing easy with clearly marked menus and a functional search bar. Page load times are fast too thanks to site optimization.

Multimedia Content

At the core of is its vast collection of engaging multimedia content:

Articles: From celebrity gossip and internet humor lists to technology explainers and local news, produces 500+ daily articles spanning diverse categories.

Videos: Highlighting everything from movie trailers and music videos to funny pet clips and viral memes, has a video library of over 10,000 pieces of snackable infotainment.

Images/GIFs: Amusing and shareworthy memes, celebrity photographs, artistic images and more. offers thousands of photos and GIFs.

Discussion Forums: For trending news stories and pop culture developments, has active forums with engaging user commentary.


Registered users can customize their experience via:

  • Saved preference options and notification settings
  • Bookmarking favorite articles and media items
  • Following specific categories, journalists etc.
  • Curated homepage feeds based on selections

This level of personalization helps provide each user a more tailored, enjoyable experience.

Pros of

Wider Entertainment SelectionFrom celeb gossip to internet humor – more niche non-news content than competitors
Viral Social Media ContentBuzzworthy YouTube/TikTok/Instagram videos highlighted
Intuitive Mobile AppSmooth iOS and Android apps for on-the-go access
Personalized ExperienceCustom feeds and notifications for registered users
Fast Load TimesSite speed optimization for smooth browsing

Cons of

Clickbait ArticlesSome exaggerated headlines just to drive clicks
Reposted ContentOver-reliance on non-original third party stories and media
Too Many AdsDistracting desktop and mobile ads disrupt enjoyment
Limited News SourcesEntertainment outweighs news breadth/depth
Discussion Forums Need ModerationUnmoderated comments can be uncivil

Is legit?

Yes, is a legitimate website. Launched in 2021 and based in India, is transparent about being an entertainment focused platform rather than serious news outlet.

As it has grown to 5+ million monthly visitors, leading media publishers and advertisers have partnered with demonstrating its authenticity.

While’s entertainment journalism and viral content should be taken with a grain of salt, it does attribute stories properly and issue corrections where necessary.

There are no indications of engaging in outright fake news or intentional misinformation unlike some other shady websites. It delivers exactly what it promises – amusing internet content. Alternatives

BuzzFeed.comGlobal leader in entertainment/internet content
Buzz.guruSimilar viral news/memes but smaller audience
ScoopWhoop.comLeading Indian outlet for humor/viral content
Storypick.comSpecializes in inspiring stories beyond just entertainment
TheQuint.comBroad news coverage with entertainment sprinkled in

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In summary, accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do – provide amusing snackable content and timepass infotainment around news and pop culture rather than hard journalism.

For casual browsing and entertainment,’s website and mobile app are easy-to-use with smooth navigation and a solid breadth of engaging multimedia content.

However, users looking for substantive news analysis or high quality reporting should look to full-featured news publications instead.’s clickbaity headlines, excessive ads and reposted content without much depth can detract from the experience for some. Bringing more structure to its user discussion forums would also be beneficial.

Ultimately though, delivers an enjoyable lean-back browsing experience for millennials and Gen Zers seeking their daily fix of memes, celeb gossip, laugh out loud videos and quirky stories. It may not be for those wanting serious journalism – but for light and breezy internet entertainment, hits the spot.


Is free to use?

Yes, is free to access across web and mobile without any subscription required. The site is ad-supported, with both display ads and sponsored posts. There are no premium plans currently, though registered users can access some additional customization features.

What kind of content does have? focuses on entertaining, amusing and shareworthy stories, images, GIFs and videos around categories like celebrity gossip, internet culture, humor, music, movies and more rather than hard news.

Does have a mobile app?

Yes, has mobile apps available for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. These provide a smooth interface customized for phones and tablets allowing easy browsing of’s viral content library on-the-go.

Is safe for work?

Most content on meets typical office safe-for-work guidelines, however some celebrity stories, user forum comments or embedded social media posts may occasionally have mature themes or language so discretion is advised.

Who owns and operates is owned and operated by Dracosyst Technologies, an Indian internet media startup founded in 2021 that also operates other entertainment websites like FilmyLol and VootLol focusing on movies and web series respectively.