| mkvcinemas – Website, Latest Update is a popular Indian entertainment and news website that covers the latest happenings in Bollywood, Hollywood, TV shows, and more. With a clean, easy-to-use interface, mkvcinemas serves as a one-stop destination for entertainment buffs to get their daily dose of celeb gossip, movie updates, reviews, and news.

This in-depth review covers everything you need to know about including its key features, content quality, pros and cons, legitimacy, and how it compares with leading alternatives like BollywoodHungama and Koimoi. Read on for the full breakdown.

What is

Mkvcinemas is focused on providing breaking news and in-depth coverage of Bollywood and Hollywood movies, celebrity gossip, TV/web shows, fashion, and lifestyle stories. Established in 2020 and based in Mumbai, it is run by MKV Media Corp.

With a team of experienced entertainment journalists and critics, mkvcinemas publishes 30-40 new articles every day spanning film announcements, first looks, reviews, box office figures, celebrity interviews, scandals, parties, events, and more.

These articles feature high-quality writing supplemented by relevant high-resolution images and well-placed ads.

In addition to entertainment news, mkvcinemas covers major sporting tournaments like the Cricket World Cup, FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon, etc. Though its primary focus has been on Hindi/Bollywood cinema so far.

Some key sections on the website include:

  • Movies – Bollywood & Hollywood
  • Television
  • Sports
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Artists
  • Buzz


Features of

Breaking Entertainment News – The mkvcinemas home page highlights the 10-12 top trending entertainment news stories of the day with thumbnail images. Scrolling down shows more categorized news articles under different sections like movies, photos, TV, etc.

Bollywood Coverage – As an Indian site, the majority of mkvcinemas’ entertainment coverage revolves around Bollywood movie news. All the latest announcements, first looks, song releases, controversies, box office updates, reviews, celebrity interviews, award functions, events and parties are covered in great detail.

Hollywood News – While not as extensive as Bollywood updates, mkvcinemas does provide timely coverage of major Hollywood movie announcements, trailers, casting news, box office figures, and celebrity relationship developments.

TV/Web Shows – With the rising popularity of Indian web shows, mkvcinemas features regular news on the leading OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Zee5, etc. This covers upcoming shows, new trailers, reviews, controversies, fashion face-offs, events and award results.

Celebrity News – The site regularly publishes celebrity gossip around the latest developments in the romantic relationships, weddings, controversies, public statements, parties, events and activities of leading Bollywood & Hollywood stars. Exclusive celebrity interviews are also featured.

Photo Gallery – Every news article on mkvcinemas is supplemented by high-quality and relevant celebrity images or photos. Additionally, special photo galleries capturing celebrity looks at major events like awards shows, festivals, weddings, parties, airport spottings etc are published regularly.

Forums – The site provides spaces like forums, comments and reactions for readers to engage in discussions around the latest entertainment news or hot Bollywood/Hollywood topics and celebs. Users need to register to access these community features.

Mobile Apps – Mkvcinemas has official apps available for download on Android and iOS devices to access all site content on-the-go. These offer a seamless browsing experience and alerts for breaking news notifications even when offline.

Pros of

Regularly Updated Content<ul><li>Publishes 30-40 new articles daily on latest entertainment news</li><li>Fast coverage of breaking events in movies, TV, sports, celeb gossip</li></ul>
Top-Notch Bollywood Coverage<ul><li>Covers all Bollywood announcements, first looks, reviews, box office updates, celeb news etc</li><li>Publishes special photo galleries from major events & parties </li></ul>
Hollywood & TV Show News<ul><li>Provides updates on major Hollywood movie developments, trailers, gossip etc though less extensive than Bollywood</li><li>Regular posts on trending OTT shows, reviews, fashion faceoffs, events</li></ul>
Celebrity Interviews & Photos<ul><li>Features exclusive celeb interviews on hot topics</li><li>Photo gallery from red carpets, weddings, parties, events etc</li></ul>
Community Features<ul><li>Forums, comments and reactions foster user discussions</li><li>Users can register accounts to participate</li></ul>
Mobile Apps<ul><li>Official Android and iOS apps available</li><li>Enable seamless browsing and offline notifications</li></ul>

Cons of

Heavy Ads<ul><li>Numerous ads can interrupt user experience</li><li>Ads sometimes seem intrusive or inappropriate</li></ul>
Repeats Same News<ul><li>Republishes same story across multiple sections generating clutter </li><li>Should improve content variety</li></ul>
Registration Limitations<ul><li>Mobile apps and communities need mandatory sign-up</li><li>Registration process could be simpler</li></ul>
Underdeveloped Sections<ul><li>Beyond Movies & TV, other niche sections lag in content updates freqency</li><li>Sports, music, fashion, lifestyle coverage limited currently</li></ul>

So while the advertising and some sections need improvement, mkvcinemas largely succeeds in its core focus area of movies and celeb coverage.

Next, let’s evaluate its legitimacy.

Is legit?

Yes, is 100% legitimate and delivers all the entertainment content as advertised.

Reasons it is safe:

  • Professional site design and interface like mainstream publications
  • Regularly publishes latest news across claimed sections
  • Editorial team includes named editors with media backgrounds
  • Follows standard digital advertising practices seen on most sites
  • Active since 2020 with no legal issues or banned status

Therefore, users can sign up and access mkvcinemas offerings without worrying about fraud. Do note that the registration-only communities and mobile apps require providing some personal data. Alternatives
Content FocusMainly Bollywood & HollywoodExclusively Bollywood
Content QualityDetailed news, interviews & photoscelebrity gossip emphasized over news
Site DesignModern, easy to navigateDated look, cluttered pages
Mobile AppsOfficial iOS and Android appsNo official apps
Review ReliabilityUnbiased analysesPaid reviews suspected
ConsIntrusive ads, republishes same newsClickbait headlines, low trust

Mkvcinemas vs BollywoodHungama – While both feature Bollywood news, mkvcinemas offers better content quality through detailed news articles, interviews and photo galleries. It also covers Hollywood, sports and TV shows. However Hungama focuses exclusively more on unverified Bollywood gossip. For design and features, mkvcinemas provides a smoother experience through modern responsive pages, mobile apps and user community options.

On reliability though, some critics have questioned if Hungama publishes paid biased reviews while mkvcinemas offers more unbiased analyses. Hungama also uses clickbait headlines to drive traffic more often.

So mkvcinemas is preferable for most readers, unless you exclusively want Bollywood celebrity gossip.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In summary, mkvcinemas is clearly a leading entertainment news website with constantly updated, well-written coverage of the Bollywood and Hollywood film industries.

With additional focus on TV shows, celebrity gossip, major sports and reader community engagement, it provides a centralized destination for daily entertainment fixes.

While its ad density affects site speed and the mobile registration process needs smoothing, mkvcinemas excels in its core focus areas like breaking movie announcements, first looks, song releases, box office figures, celeb relationship news, reviews, interviews, red carpet events, scandals, controversies, and more on Bollywood and Hollywood.

The site publishes 30-40 new articles daily written by experienced entertainment journalists. This cadence ensures readers never fall behind on the latest buzz. And with special photo galleries, forums and mobile apps, mkvcinemas offers plenty of value beyond text updates.

For credibility, mkvcinemas meets all legitimacy criteria around professional site design, named editorial team, regular news updates matching categories, standard digital advertising, and no legal controversies since its 2020 founding.

Compared to #1 rival BollywoodHungama, mkvcinemas provides comparatively better content quality, site speed and usability, mobile support through official apps, and impartiality in reviews.

Overall mkvcinemas is rated 4/5 stars as a leading entertainment news provider covering primarily Bollywood and increasingly Hollywood. For mobile-first users dependent on Bollywood gossip and movie announcements for daily habit reading or casual site browsing, mkvcinemas is easily worth bookmarking.


Is mkvcinemas a safe website?

Yes, mkvcinemas is 100% safe and legitimate based on criteria like professional site design, regular news updates matching categories, credible editorial team, legal advertising standards, no banned status, etc. Users can freely sign up and access its offerings.

Does mkvcinemas have celebrity gossip?

Yes, mkvcinemas covers extensive celebrity gossip on Bollywood and Hollywood stars. This includes relationship news, controversies, statements on hot topics, wedding developments, spottings at parties & events, scandals and more based on media reports and insider sources.

Can I comment or ask questions on mkvcinemas?

Yes, registered mkvcinemas users can participate in article comments and forums to discuss latest news or debate entertainment topics with fellow readers. Unregistered users can only read comments.

How reliable are mkvcinemas Bollywood reviews?

Mkvcinemas movie reviews offer comparatively unbiased and independent analyses vs competitors as they avoid publishing paid reviews or biased coverage driven by celeb PR favors. However, reviews still focus more on popular cinema.

Does mkvcinemas have a mobile app?

Yes, mkvcinemas offers official mobile apps for Android and iOS devices to access all its entertainment news content seamlessly on mobile in a customized experience. The apps also support offline notifications for breaking news alerts.