Momentum AI – Review【2024】Automate Your Sales Using AI

Momentum AI is an artificial intelligence-powered revenue platform designed to enhance sales processes through automation, actionable insights, and workflow streamlining.

This 2024 review provides an in-depth analysis of Momentum AI core capabilities, quantifiable benefits, pricing options, strengths and weaknesses, top alternatives, and ideal user profile.

After evaluating all key considerations, we offer clear guidance on whether sales teams should adopt Momentum AI.

What is Momentum AI?

Momentum AI applies advanced AI algorithms to sales data in order to automate repetitive tasks, surface data-driven recommendations and boost sales productivity.

Key capabilities include:

  • Automating manual workflows like data entry and customer outreach
  • Generating insights through predictive analytics and competitive intelligence
  • Personalizing recommendations for improving win rates and shortening sales cycles
  • Integrating tightly with Salesforce and other popular sales tools
  • Maintaining the overall health of Salesforce through ongoing data hygiene

Ideal users span diverse industries but share common pain points that Momentum AI aims to solve, including inefficient processes, lack of visibility into the pipeline, and the need to enhance customer insights. Given the rapid pace of AI adoption for sales in 2024, Momentum AI satisfies a clear market demand.

Momentum AI Capabilities and Features

Momentum AI enhances sales processes across three key categories:

Automating Sales Tasks

  • AI-powered Call Summaries – Automatically capture key details, sentiment, next steps
  • Streamlined Deal Qualification – Guide reps through MEDDIC, flag hot leads
  • Effortless Approval Workflows – Expedite decisions, prevent bottlenecks
  • Data-Driven Coaching – Improve reps’ performance with actionable insights

Enhancing Sales Intelligence

  • Real-time Pipeline Analysis – Visualize and monitor deal progress and risks
  • Predictive Lead Scoring – Identify and prioritize high-potential leads
  • Competitive Intelligence – Analyze market and competitor trends
  • Accurate Forecasting – Leverage data and AI to predict future pipeline

Boosting Team Collaboration

  • Popular Tool Integrations – Connect with essential sales applications
  • Centralized Best Practices – Enable knowledge sharing and peer learning
  • Performance Dashboards – Provide visibility into individual and team progress
  • Customized Workflows – Tailor processes to sales methodologies

The Results: How Momentum AI Drives Sales Growth

Momentum AI delivers quantifiable improvements across key sales metrics:

  • Increased Win Rates and Deal Size – Convert more leads, close larger deals
  • 43% higher average contract values in customer test groups
  • Shortened Sales Cycle Times – Accelerate deal progression
  • 29% faster time-to-revenue in client examples
  • Enhanced Team Productivity – Save hours per week on manual tasks
  • More Accurate Forecasting – Make data-backed projections to minimize risk

Equally importantly, Momentum AI enhances sales culture through:

  • Improved Morale and Motivation – Empower reps via automation
  • Data-Driven Decisions – Leverage insights for smarter direction
  • Deeper Customer Understanding – Gain more contextual intelligence
  • Future-Proofed Processes – Continually optimize workflows with AI

Momentum AI Pricing

While Momentum AI does not publish its pricing openly, they offer flexible plans tailored to company size and specific needs. Generally, Momentum AI pricing falls into three tiers:

PlanTeam SizePrice Per User/Month

Enterprise packages include senior account management, administrative controls, and premium integrations.

Momentum AI also offers:

  • Free 14-day trials to evaluate the platform
  • ROI calculators to showcase potential cost savings

Pros and Cons of Momentum AI


  • Automates repetitive manual workflows
  • Surfaces data-driven recommendations
  • Boosts sales productivity and performance
  • Integrates tightly with Salesforce
  • Maintains Salesforce data hygiene


  • Less customizable for non-Salesforce users
  • Lacks public pricing transparency
  • Heavily dependent on input data quality

Best For

Momentum AI best serves sales teams who use Salesforce, seek enhanced productivity through automation and make data-driven decisions.

May Not Suit

Organizations using alternative CRMs or desiring an open source platform.

Step-By-Step Guide to Using Momentum AI

  1. ConnectMomentum AI with Salesforce credentials
  2. Map key sales workflows and processes to automate
  3. Configure predictors and dashboards aligned to KPIs
  4. Tap AI recommendations to optimize outreach campaigns
  5. Monitor adoption and continuing ROI over time

What Makes Momentum AI Unique?

Unlike more generic sales acceleration tools, Momentum AI specializes in complementing Salesforce, boasting native integrations that embed its AI capabilities into reps’ existing workflows. Other differentiated features include:

  • Automated health scorecards that diagnose areas of improvement within Salesforce
  • An innovative Competitive Intelligence Dashboard
  • Personalized recommendations and coaching tailored to each rep based on their historical performance
Momentum AI
Momentum AI

Top 5 Momentum AI Alternatives

For sales teams using other CRMs or desiring alternative capabilities, the top Momentum AI competitors include:

AlternativeKey Features
PipedrivePipeline management, ease of use
OutreachEmail and outreach automation
SalesLoftConversation intelligence
GongRevenue intelligence, call coaching

Pipedrive offers simple pipeline visualization, Outreach focuses on outbound sales engagement, SalesLoft specializes in communications, while Gong provides actionable insights for sales leaders.

Verdict: Should Teams Adopt Momentum AI?

For Salesforce-native organizations aiming to scale through sales automation and AI, Momentum AI delivers immense value. Reps recoup hours lost on manual tasks each week, teams gain an objective window into performance, and leaders can course-correct based on hard sales data.

Before investing, sales operations leaders should carefully evaluate their stack, growth roadmap, and budget to confirm alignment. But given the current market landscape, AI-augmented CRMs like Momentum AI will soon become indispensable rather than optional. The time for adoption is now.

Next Steps

  • Request a custom demo from Momentum AI
  • Sign up for a 14-day free trial
  • Consult independent review sites for more perspectives
  • Assess the pros and cons against your sales team’s specific needs

FAQs About Momentum AI

Is Momentum AI easy to use?

Yes, Momentum AI focuses on seamless integration and simplicity. The platform auto-generates workflows, visualizations, and recommendations tuned to sales teams’ existing processes and pain points, requiring little manual configuration.

Does Momentum AI integrate with my tech stack?

As a Salesforce-native application, Momentum AI inherently integrates with Sales and Service Clouds. It also offers connectors for leading sales engines, email tools, and productivity software.

How does Momentum AI secure my sales data?

Momentum AI employs enterprise-grade security protections on par with leading SaaS companies, including customer-managed encryption keys, SOC 2 compliance, and role-based access controls.

Can Momentum AI support my unique methodology?

Yes, Momentum AI offers highly customizable automation, intelligent workflows, and predictive models tailored to your team and selling process through close collaboration during onboarding.

What post-purchase support is available?

Momentum AI assigns customer success managers to each account who provide white-glove assistance during and after onboarding. Users can access support via in-app chat, email, phone, and web ticketing 24/7.