| mp4moviez2 – Website, Latest Update is a website focused on offering streaming and download options for movies, TV shows, web series and more to users in India.

Given the rising popularity of online entertainment, sites like Mp4Moviez cater to an audience looking for on-demand content access without subscriptions.

But with concerns around privacy, quality and legitimacy – is Mp4Moviez safe to use? Does it have reasonable depth in its content catalog or fall short in certain areas? This detailed review covers all you need to know.

What is

Officially known as Dead Toons India, Mp4Moviez is run by company called Falcon Media. Its website went live in 2020, but really gained traction over 2021 and 2022 to become a top destination for many Indians to stream and download media.

The site’s mission seems to be providing easy access to a massive vault of movies without a required login or subscription fees. It offers both streaming and downloads, focused heavily on Indian cinema from Bollywood and regional producers but also catering to Hollywood and International films. Users can filter content by language, genre, year of release and quality as well.

Navigation is fairly intuitive – you pick the content category up top, apply filters on the side and results load arranged by latest added. The homepage highlights latest additions across movies/series as well as sections for top downloads and most-watched.


Features of


Mp4Moviez allows users to directly stream movies, TV series and other video content. Simply click on the title thumbnail and it loads up an embedded player without redirects. Quality options range from 360p to 1080p based on availability. Players offer basic controls like play/pause, forward/rewind etc.

An ad does load up first before content plays – this lasts 5-15 seconds typically and can be closed after a few seconds. Frequency of ads during content playback depends on length – longer videos may have ads intermittently pop up.


For downloading media instead of streaming, Mp4Moviez lets you pick file format and quality on the content pages. Movies are offered for download in formats like MP4, MKV, AVI etc. across definition levels of 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4K if available. Downloading requires dealing with lock timers, completing CPAs before getting final links and occasionally re-captcha checks.

File sizes vary heavily, from under 500MB for a 720p movie rip to 8-10GB for 1080p BluRay quality. For long media, downloads are split into multiple file parts needing to be joined. Speeds average 2-5MB/s on files hosted on Mp4Moviez servers.

Content Catalog

In terms of content catalog depth and variety, Mp4Moviez delivers quite well. It indexes movies, series and other media from top Indian production houses and channels across languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc.

Library size is not officially stated, but based on available browsing and filtering it likely exceeds 15,000 movie titles and 5,000 series from 2010 onwards. New content gets continuously added across cinema, regional exclusives and syndicated shows. However frequency of additions in Hollywood cinema lags behind – mostly consisting of older movie uploads.

Interface and Usage

Mp4Moviez has a well designed interface optimized for ease of discovering and accessing titles. Intuitive filtering, latest highlights, curated sections and prominent search make finding preferred movies or shows quite convenient. Detailed content pages provide overview, trailer, screenshots and multiple stream/download choices.

However the experience does involve dealing with invasive ads before playback or downloads. Site navigation can slow down at times likely due to heavy traffic load. Accessing some exclusive recent media requires completing survey offers which hampers seamless usage as well.

Pros of

Massive media catalogExtensive collection of Indian cinema, regional exclusives and syndicated shows across languages
Streaming and downloadingChoices for directly viewing or saving media as per convenience
Multiple quality formatsUp to 4K streaming and downloads catering to different devices and internet speeds
Free accessNo mandatory registration or subscription payment to search and access library
Curated sectionsHomepage highlights latest and popular movies/series for easier discovery

Cons of

Privacy and safety concernsSite does not clarify underlying data collection, sharing and protection standards
Invasive adsPopup, redirect and survey-style ads can heavily disrupt usage experience
Access barriersNew releases require completing CPAs before unlocking streams/downloads
Inconsistent uptimeHeavy traffic and connection issues lead to timeouts and access failures at times
Limited discovery and sortingBasic filters by genre, year etc. but lacks advanced search, custom lists capability

Is legit?

The legality question is tricky when it comes to sites offering free media consumption from possible unofficial sources. Mp4Moviez likely uses public indexes and P2P sources for parts of its content catalog. Its privacy policy and practices are non-transparent as well.

There is always an inherent risk around safety with such platforms. At the same time, Mp4Moviez meets a very real user demand in countries like India where paid OTT subscriptions are still catching up to affordability realities.

It tries offsetting costs via ads instead of subscription fees. As long as personal data protection continues lacking however, risks exist on getting targeted by legal demands or malware vulnerabilities. Tread carefully. Alternatives

UWatchFreeAd-supported platform for streaming movies and TV shows focused heavily on Hollywood and International content.
VuduWalmart-owned app allowing rental or purchase of new release movies and shows a-la-carte.
TubiUS-based completely free streaming service with a vast media catalog supported by ads.
CrackleSony-owned ad-supported app offering free movies, classic shows and exclusives to registered users.
IMDb TVAmazon’s foray into free, ad-supported premium streaming focused on popular movies and syndicated series.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

Mp4Moviez manages to stand out amongst Indian entertainment sites focused on offering free VOD access. Its strengths lie in having a genuinely expansive catalog spanning movies and shows across languages and years – especially regional content libraries. Streaming and downloads across definition levels work reliably too.

However multiple aspects demonstrate room for improvement as well. Ad and access disruption problems affect site usability at times, especially for newer releases. Safety and privacy standards are questionable for any personal data shared or exposure to potentially malicious ads/links.

Our verdict is that Mp4Moviez makes for a reasonably useful add-on destination in your media consumption toolkit – albeit one to use with moderation.

Rely on it purely for discovery and harder-to-find regional exclusives rather than the latest Bollywood or Hollywood. For these, trust paid services like Netflix or Amazon Prime to deliver better safety, streamlined usage and premium quality minus disruptions.


Is a registration mandatory for accessing

No sign up is required currently to search, stream or download content from Mp4Moviez. You can directly access the site as an anonymous visitor and use its features without login.

Can I stream movies/series on my smart TV via Mp4Moviez?

Yes, the embedded players on Mp4Moviez are compatible with casting to bigger screens. Options like screen mirroring from your laptop or mobile device should enable you to stream media on smart TVs, projectors etc.

What kind of ads and frequency should I expect on Mp4Moviez?

Popup text/display ads, autoplay video commercials, click/engagement ads are common. Frequency averages 1-2 ads needing manual closing/skip per 5 minutes of streaming session, but can feel more invasive at times.

Will I incur data charges for streaming movies or downloading from Mp4Moviez?

Yes – streaming and downloading both consume mobile/broadband data based on video resolution, length and quality. Roughly plan 500MB-1GB expense for a 90 minute 1080p movie stream and 4-8GB for downloading in high definition BluRay quality.

Can I share my Mp4Moviez account across devices simultaneously?

The site does not require registration currently, so there is no accounts system for now. Streaming is possible on multiple devices concurrently from same IP address though – downloads would need repeating on each device.