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In an age dominated by social media, having an impressive Instagram profile has become crucial for establishing credibility and visibility online. However, organic growth can be difficult and slow.

This is where services like come in – offering a quick and affordable way to boost your Instagram followers, likes, views and engagement.

But are these services legit or just scams looking to make quick money? Do the additional followers and likes even help or potentially get your account banned by Instagram? This detailed review covers everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

What is

Nakrutka is an Instagram growth service that provides followers, likes, views and comments to enhance the visibility of your Instagram profile.

Founded in 2020, it caters not just to individual users but also resellers looking to offer social media marketing services.

Some key facts about the platform:

  • Claims to deliver followers and engagement from real, active accounts to make growth look natural.
  • Options start from 100 free Instagram followers, going up to 50k likes and followers available for purchase.
  • Tailored reseller packages available with monthly subscriptions starting from $199 per month.
  • Guarantees full refund if not satisfied with order delivery and services.

The service aims to help users rapidly grow their followers and engagement on Instagram to establish credibility and ultimately drive traffic and sales. But are the promised services as effective as claimed by Nakrutka? Let’s analyze further.


Features of

Nakrutka offers an array of services targeted at inflating key Instagram metrics like followers and likes which act as social proof signals.

Here is an overview of the main capabilities:


  • Purchase packages ranging from 100 to 50k followers
  • Gradual, natural looking delivery over days
  • Refill guarantee in case of drop-offs
  • Followers claimed to be 100% real accounts


  • Buy Instagram likes (50 to 50k available)
  • Photo and video options available
  • Speed and quality optimization support


  • 100 to 100M views packages
  • Live video views or story views


  • Random comments by natural looking accounts
  • Custom comments using a mix of manual and automated sources


  • White label options to rebrand and resell services
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Commissions starting at $2 per sale

On paper, Nakrutka appears to offer an extensive range of capabilities for inflating Instagram metrics ranging from followers and comments to likes.

But advanced Instagram analytics tools can detect artificial looking growth patterns. So the key questions are – are all these interactions from real accounts? And do they ultimately get your account in trouble with Instagram?

Pros of

Quick GrowthPackages allow you to gain thousands of followers within days, accelerating growth
AffordableWith 100 followers costing $2.99, options for all budgets available
Gradual DeliveryFollowers, likes and views are dripped incrementally to mimic natural growth patterns
Real Accounts (Claimed)All activity stated to come from real Instagram account holders
Safety NetGuaranteed refills or refunds if followers drop off suddenly
Dedicated SupportQuick responses from customer service team

Cons of

Inauthentic Activity RisksUsing automation and bots risks breaching Instagram’s terms of service if detected
Impacts Brand AuthenticityHaving an audience that has not organically engaged with your brand dilutes credibility
Adverse Instagram AlgorithmsSudden spikes in growth triggers Instagram’s spam detection, leading to reach and visibility drops
Banned HashtagsRepetitive comments from bots can result in banning of key product or branded hashtags
Social Proof Still WeakDespite inflated metrics, having low engagement rates still indicates weak content

The main trade off is clear – you can accelerate vanity metrics like followers rapidly, but may compromise authenticity and credibility in the process.

Instagram continues to crack down on these practices as well. But does that mean services like Nakrutka should be avoided altogether? Let’s dig deeper.

Is legit?

Nakrutka does deliver on its promise of increasing followers, engagement rates and other metrics – at least temporarily. However, while the company claims these are all from real accounts, often bot networks, click farms and temporary accounts are used among the mix.

The gray area is around the legitimacy of these practices with regards to Instagram’s terms of service. Technically, inflating metrics via inauthentic means violates guidelines and risks account bans if detected.

But Nakrutka leverages a mix of manual and automated sources to try and fly under the radar. Hundreds of positive customer testimonials also reinforce that the heightened visibility lasts temporarily at least.

However, for long term, sustainable growth REAL audience engagement should be the priority over vanity metrics. Nakrutka gets you social proof but without strong content quality, retention remains weak.

So in summary – there is an initial spike and benefits, but also longer term threats to consider. As an alternative, let’s compare other safer growth services next. Alternatives

GrowthoidGradual growth from genuine accountsCostlier for faster growth8.5/10
Mr PopularityManual outreach and profilingSlower initial growth8/10
FamoidCheap followers optionsFollower quality questionable7/10
Social SenseiTailored engagement strategiesMinimum 4 week contracts9/10

Tools like Growthoid focus on helping brands attract aligned, targeted followers through strategic content and outreach. More manual effort but geared for organic, long term credibility. Mr Popularity also leverages manual community building and ambassador networks.

Famoid occupies a similar low budget, high velocity niche – easy to use and affordable but risks associated with artificial looking activity as well.

Social Sensei takes a broader approach with tailored game plans incorporating influencer partnerships, compelling visual media campaigns, strategic hashtag usage as well as audience targeting. The minimum one month engagement makes it pricier but with more holistic, sustainable growth.

Verdict: Go for Nakrutka only if you want temporary vanity metrics, without concern for long term credibility. For genuine, aligned followers and community building focused on quality over quantity, alternatives like Social Sensei recommended instead.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

Nakrutka undoubtedly offers an easy way to inflate Instagram followers and engagement in the short run. However, sustainability is questionable given the usage of automation and bot networks under the hood despite claims around real profiles.

While the initial growth delivers a vanity boost, cracking Instagram’s algorithm and avoiding shadow bans requires more authentic engagement cultivated over the long term.

Verdict: Nakutka is reasonably legit in delivering promised metrics but violates Instagram guidelines around artificial growth which hurts credibility and visibility over the longer term. Approach with caution and focus on content and community for sustainable gains.


Is Nakrutka completely safe to use?

Not completely since artificially inflating metrics risks Instagram countermeasures if detected. However, tons of users haven’t faced bans.

Does the initial growth in followers drop off suddenly?

They have refill guarantees to maintain numbers month over month. But retention still depends on your content quality.

Where are all the extra likes and comments coming from?

A mix of bot networks, click farms and manual teams. The balance across these sources helps evade filters.

Are there any payment or privacy risks?

They use standard payment gateways so financial information is secured. Accounts are at risk only regarding Instagram compliance.

Can services like this get my account banned?

Over aggressive volume or bot-like patterns risks detection. Playing it slow and steady avoids most red flags. But no guarantees.