– Land 100+ Jobs Weekly is an AI-powered networking assistant tool designed by Wonsulting to help professionals expand their connections and accelerate career growth, especially on LinkedIn.

In this 2024 review, we dive into core capabilities, pricing plans, advantages, limitations, top alternatives, and verdict on whether it’s worth using for automated networking assistance.

What is utilizes advanced algorithms, data analytics, and cutting-edge AI to provide users with personalized recommendations on relevant professionals to connect with.

It also suggests customized messaging for effective outreach, facilitating automated yet meaningful networking interactions.

Specifically targeted at LinkedIn users, aims to enhance networking on the platform – helping identify industry contacts, streamline communications, and ultimately boost users’ online professional presence.

How Works works by deeply analyzing user profiles to understand industries, skills, experience levels and other attributes. Using this data and matching algorithms, it generates a list of recommended profiles relevant to the user’s field and networking goals.

It further assists by drafting appropriate tailored messages to send connection requests and follow-ups at scale while maintaining relevance. The tool handles scheduling and tracking of communications for efficient relationship-building.

Overall, combines the best of AI and human input to automate and enhance professional networking on LinkedIn.

Features of

Automated Recommendations:’s algorithms drive analysis of thousands of profiles to suggest meaningful recommendations catered to each user’s specific requirements. This ensures outreach time is spent effectively.

Customized Messaging: Along with profile recommendations, also provides personalized message templates for users to connect with contacts seamlessly. Messages can be further customized before sending.

Targeted Networking: By considering user needs and attributes of recommended profiles, enables precise, targeted networking instead of mass outreach. This leads to improved response rates.

Time Savings: reduces manual efforts of finding profiles and drafting notes through automation. This significant time saving allows users to focus on strengthening relationships.

LinkedIn Integration: Seamlessly integrating with LinkedIn, enhances users’ experience on the platform itself rather than needing external tools. This drives efficiency.

Tracking & Analytics: Detailed analytics provide users actionable insights to refine their search and outreach strategy for optimal networking results over time.

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How Much Does Cost?

While detailed real-time pricing is unavailable publicly, offers various subscription plans for individuals and organizations. Here is an overview:

Free Trial$0 for 14 daysTest full product with all features for 2 weeks. Profile limit applies.
Premium MonthlyUnlisted pricingUnlimited profile recommendations and messages. Detailed analytics dashboard.
Premium AnnualUnlisted pricing but discounted vs. monthly plansFor committed long-term users who network extensively. Highest limits and features.
EnterpriseCustom pricing based on needsFor large teams and organizational level networking goals. Unlimited tools plus branding support.

Users need to contact Wonsulting sales to get exact current pricing details for paid plans. Special discounts or enterprise pricing may be available for nonprofits, educational institutions etc..

Pros of

Accelerated NetworkingQuickly connect with numerous relevant profiles thanks to automation
Higher Response RatesPersonalized, non-spammy messages improve receptiveness
Time SavingsLess manual effort needed to build professional relationships
Streamlined TrackingAnalytics dashboard provides visibility into outreach efforts
Quality over QuantityEmphasis on meaningful interactions not just contact numbers

Cons of

No Free TierFree trial expires and core features require paid plans
Limited Platform Support CurrentlyTailored for just LinkedIn usage, unlike some alternatives
No Mobile AccessibilityDesktop-only access for now which hampers flexibility
Steep Learning Curve InitiallyTaking full advantage involves getting familiar with all available features
Privacy Concerns PotentiallyUser data utilization requires transparency

How to Use Complete Overview

Using involves just 5 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Sign up for a free trial account
  • Step 2: Link with LinkedIn profile
  • Step 3: Configure recommendations preferences for ideal potential connections
  • Step 4: Review and customize messaging templates before sending
  • Step 5: Track analytics dashboards for actionable insights into improving outreach

Advanced features like Saved Searches and Tags add further value but optional for starters. Simple selection parameters and prompts guide users effectively within the tool. Alternatives

While innovates professional networking with AI capabilities, some alternatives to consider:

ToolKey Differences
CrystalFocuses on personality profiles in outreach, wider platform support beyond LI
Octopus CRMRobust CRM features, messaging automation across platforms
Dux-SoupOpen-source web scraping capabilities, developer-centric
ContagiFreemium version available unlike

However, retains edge in LinkedIn focus, intuitive UX, quality analytics, and being purpose-built for AI-enabled networking specifically at scale.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review pioneers the application of AI in transforming professional networking, chiefly concentrating efforts on expanding users’ LinkedIn presence currently.

While the lack of a freemium tier and single platform scope have room for improvement, delivers overall in accelerating networking in a personalized and targeted manner.

For frequent LinkedIn users focused on connecting with industry leaders and decision-makers in their domain, warrants consideration for its automation capabilities, analytics, and continual assistance to enhance response rates.

Casual networkers may find the learning curve steep and the tool overkill for their needs unless actively job-seeking.

In closing, eases the outreach aspects of networking by letting AI handle time-intensive tasks like search and initial messaging while users directly have meaningful conversations. This next-generation direction aligns with networking trends for 2024 and beyond.


Does work on platforms besides LinkedIn?

Currently, exclusively focuses on streamlining LinkedIn networking and integrates directly with LinkedIn accounts. Support for additional social media platforms may be added based on user feedback and market demand.

Can free trial be extended?

The 14-day free trial period of cannot be extended officially. However, users can sign up with alternate email IDs to avail free trials repeatedly and evaluate longer.

Is secure?

Yes. has enterprise-grade security measures like data encryption, role-based access control and vulnerability testing. User data is kept fully confidential.

What metrics are tracked in analytics?

Core metrics tracked include recommended vs. contacted profiles, response rates per message template, connections growth and engagement metrics like post reactions. Advanced segmenting allowed.

Can messages be edited before sending?

Yes, offers editable messaging templates that can customized fully before hitting send. Personal custom messages can also be created from scratch.