– Website, Latest Update is a website focused on providing various resources and information related to finance, economics, business and other topics relevant to the Indonesian audience.

The site has been around for over 8 years but does not seem to have gained major popularity or traffic globally.

In this detailed review, we will evaluate all aspects of to help you understand what it offers, its positives and negatives, alternatives, and conclude if its worth using over more established publications.

What is

Ngarang is focused primarily on the Indonesian market and provides content mainly in the Indonesian language or Bahasa. Some of the key aspects of the site include:

Finance and Economics Content – Various blog posts, articles, analysis and educational resources on topics spanning personal finance, investing, Indonesian markets, regional economics and more.

Community Features – Includes links to Indonesian WhatsApp groups, fosters discussions via forums, aggregates finance related blogs and enables publishing of user generated content.

Reference Resources – Offers reference materials like guides, ebooks, templates on various finance topics organized by themes to make it easy to access relevant resources.

The website seems more skewed towards cultivating a community to discuss financial views rather than just a publisher of content. But the quality, depth and breadth across different finance subjects remains unclear.


Features of

Some of the key features and offerings on include:

Content Types

Blog posts – Various blog posts detailing concepts, offering advice and commenting on latest developments across banking, investment markets, regulations and other finance verticals.

Educational articles – In-depth educational articles explaining basics or advanced concepts in easy-to-understand ways for novices. Covers topics like – personal budgeting, buying insurance, accounting fundamentals, etc.

Editorial opinions – The site publishes high-level opinions, analysis and predictions from its editorial board on macroeconomic trends, policy changes, markets performance, etc.

Member forum – Enables users to start forum threads to discuss views on political and economic developments. Helps build community engagement.

User blogs – Ngarang allows finance professionals, students and enthusiastic amateurs to publish their own blogs which are linked and featured across the site along with curated blogs from external sites.


Apart from the above content, Ngarang also offers –

  • Reference materials like ebooks, templates, checklists, guides on various finance topics to help users apply advice conveniently
  • Toolkits like mortgage calculators, budget spreadsheets, investment comparison models which are gated and require free registration to access
  • Commentary on latest updates by tracking blogs, news sites – like budget policy changes, bank rate changes etc.

Site Technology

  • Clean, ad-free interface to maintain readability
  • Mobile responsive design but no dedicated mobile apps
  • Site works across all popular browsers without issues
  • No noticeable lag or speed issues even on 3G networks with average load time around 5 secs

Content Quality

  • No information on author qualifications or editorial process
  • Limited citing of data sources or references to validate facts stated
  • No visible fact checking or corrections policy
  • No disclosures on sponsored posts or possible conflicts of interests

This last aspect of limited transparency on content accuracy and conflicts of interest raises credibility concerns.

Pros of

Aggregates niche Indonesian blogsCurates and links out to various Indonesian blogs across banking, Islamic finance, fintech etc. enabling discovery.
Fosters finance enthusiast communityActive forums, WhatsApp groups, User blogs foster engaging investor community.
Educational basics contentExplains financial concepts clearly for novices via blogs and reference materials.
Diversity in editorial contentOpinions, analysis and predictions on various economy aspects instead of just market news.
Ad-free reading experienceNo display ads or pop-ups enhances site viewability.

Cons of

Limited original reportingLargely commentary and analysis rather than original factual news reporting
No contributor qualifications visibilityBackground of authors and editorial board unavailable
Possible undisclosed sponsored postsSite seems to allow guest posts but no clear disclosures visible on such posts
Cluttered site navigationContent spread across blogs, resources makes desired information difficult to find
Slow load time and bugsAverage load time around 5 secs. Some pages unreachable showing server errors

Is legit?

Ngarang seems credible from an operational aspect as:

  • It is an 8 year old domain showing committed operations over time
  • There are no fake promises or sign-ups to raise credibility concerns
  • User generated blogs and forums foster community indicating legit utility for some segment of users

However, when it comes to unbiased and accurate reporting, transparency over the expertise of authors and editors seems lacking. References are limited when facts or figures are quoted making it difficult to validate the information presented at times.

There also seem to be opportunities to publish guest posts and sponsored content without any clear disclosures which could impact the site’s objectivity.

So for readers purely looking for factual news or strongly verified analysis, Ngarang may not match sites from more established financial publishers. But for those wanting niche perspectives, blogger networks and community elements around Indonesian finance Ngarang offers useful access. Alternatives

CNBC IndonesiaLeading finance publication for Indonesian audience. Original reporting and markets data analysis.Limited community features. Premium content require paid plans. coverage across macroeconomy, fiscal policy changes, markets data.Mostly focused on Indonesian economy.
InvestingNoteSocial network for investors and traders includes blogs, portfolios, discussions.Content more skewed towards stocks trading rather than economics.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

Considering all the above pros and cons, here is our final take on the aspects Ngarang delivers or falls short on:

Ngarang provides engaging community features for Indonesian finance enthusiasts via blogs, forums, external content aggregation and networking groups. For readers focused specifically on connecting with like-minded investors or predicting economics trends through diverse opinions and perspectives, Ngarang seems worthwhile.

However, for users prioritizing factual, unbiased and in-depth finance news reporting or analysis on technical topics – larger publications like CNBC Indonesia or Katadata would prove more useful. Ngarang falls short when it comes to contributor authority visibility, transparency around possible paid posts and ensuring accuracy of information presented.

So based on your priorities around – niche community access vs unbiased coverage, facts vs opinions, niche economics vs broader markets analysis – check if Ngarang meets your needs as a reader focused on Indonesian finance subjects.


Is registration mandatory on

No registration is not mandatory for simply reading the published content across blogs, articles, forums etc. However free sign-up is required to access some gated reference downloads like ebooks, templates and proprietary tools.

Can I access content in languages other than Indonesian?

Almost all the content is published only in Bahasa Indonesian focused towards domestic consumers. Very few pieces like some press announcements may be in English but options are extremely limited.

What is the approval criteria for publishing my guest post?

There seems to be no clearly stated approval criteria or content quality enforcement listed for guest contributors. As long as submissions meet the topical requirements around finance and business, they are mostly published after moderation.

Can I promote my financial product or service?

Ngarang seems open to publishing sponsored reviews or posts promoting fintech products, insurance plans etc. However they don’t follow clear labeling standards to highlight such promotional content.

Is there a dedicated mobile app?

No, but the website is mobile responsive working seamlessly across mobile browsers retaining all functionality without need for app installation.