Review 2024: Automatically Send Beautiful Release Notes

In today’s fast-paced development environment, keeping track of changes and crafting clear, informative release notes can be a significant hurdle. Here’s where steps in.

This AI-powered tool automates the process of generating release notes, freeing developers and project managers from tedious manual work.

This comprehensive review dives deep into, exploring its functionalities, features, and how it can streamline your release note creation process.

We’ll analyze its pricing structure, compare it to leading alternatives, and answer frequently asked questions to empower you to decide if NotelyAI.

What is is an AI-powered solution designed to automate the generation and distribution of release notes. It seamlessly integrates with popular project management platforms like Jira and Linear.

By leveraging powerful natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, scans your project activity data and intelligently translates it into clear and concise release notes.

How Works

Here’s a breakdown of how simplifies the release note creation process:

Integration: Connect with your existing project management tool (e.g., Jira, Linear).

Automatic Data Collection: continuously monitors your project management platform, gathering information on relevant activities such as code commits, issue tickets, and pull requests.

AI-powered Analysis: The NLP engine analyzes the collected data, identifying significant changes and updates.

Release Note Generation: Based on the identified changes, automatically generates a draft release note, summarizing key updates in a clear and organized manner.

Customization and Approval: You can customize the generated draft to fit your team’s specific formatting preferences and communication style before finalizing and distributing the release notes.

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Features of

Seamless Integrations: Effortlessly connect with your existing project management tools, eliminating the need to switch between platforms and duplicate data entry.

Automated Data Collection: Say goodbye to manual data gathering. automatically collects relevant information on project activity, ensuring your release notes are comprehensive and up-to-date.

AI-powered Analysis: Leveraging cutting-edge NLP, intelligently analyzes project data to identify important changes and translate them into human-readable release notes.

Customizable Release Note Templates: Tailor your release notes to your team’s specific needs and communication style with customizable templates.

Improved Collaboration: Promote transparency and team alignment by providing a centralized location for release note history, accessible to all stakeholders.

Version Control: Track changes and revisions to your release notes over time, ensuring a clear audit trail for future reference.

Distribution Options: Effortlessly share your finalized release notes with team members and stakeholders through various channels.

Improved Efficiency: Free up valuable development time by automating the repetitive task of release note generation.

Enhanced Consistency: Maintain consistent formatting and style across all your release notes, ensuring a professional and polished look.

How much does cost?

Free Trial (Optional)Explore’s features and functionalities for a limited time.Free
StarterIdeal for small teams or individual developers. Limited features and integrations.Not publicly available
BusinessDesigned for growing teams. More features and integrations compared to the Starter plan.Not publicly available
EnterpriseCaters to large teams and organizations. Comprehensive features, integrations, and potentially customizability options.

Pros of

Improved EfficiencyAutomates release note generation, saving development teams significant time and resources.
Enhanced Clarity and ConsistencyEnsures clear and consistent communication through standardized release note formatting.

Cons of

Limited Free Trial Availability (Unconfirmed)It’s unclear if offers a free trial, and if so, what its limitations might be.
Potentially Limited Customization (Unconfirmed)While customizable templates are a feature, the extent of customization for release note formatting might be limited.
Pricing Not Publicly AvailableThe lack of transparent pricing on their website can make it difficult to budget for this tool.
Integration Limitations (Potential)Currently, integrates with Jira and Linear. Broader integration with other project management tools would be beneficial.
New TechnologyAs a relatively new AI solution, might lack the established track record of some competitors.

How to Use Complete Overview

Here’s a step-by-step guide on using to streamline your release note generation:

Sign Up and Account Creation: Visit and create a free account (if available) or contact sales to discuss paid plans.

Project Management Tool Integration: Connect with your preferred project management tool (e.g., Jira, Linear) by following the provided instructions.

Configuration (Optional): If offered, customize release note templates to match your team’s formatting preferences and branding.

Automatic Data Collection: will automatically monitor your project management tool, gathering relevant data on project activity.

Release Note Generation: Based on the collected data, will generate draft release notes summarizing key updates.

Review and Customization: Review the generated drafts and customize them as needed to ensure clarity, accuracy, and adherence to your team’s communication style.

Approval and Distribution: Once finalized, approve and distribute the release notes through your preferred channels to keep stakeholders informed. Alternatives

VersionistA cloud-based platform for managing changelogs and release notes.
Release Notes Generator (by Github)A command-line tool for automating release note generation based on Git commits.
Document automation tools (e.g., Docupace, PandaDoc)General-purpose document automation tools that can be adapted for release note generation with templates.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review offers a compelling solution for development teams seeking to automate release note generation and streamline their development workflow.

By leveraging AI and NLP, can significantly improve efficiency, ensure clear communication, and free up valuable time for developers to focus on core development tasks.

However, the lack of publicly available pricing information and limited confirmed integrations are factors to consider.

If you value a user-friendly interface, out-of-the-box integrations, and AI-powered automation, is a strong contender, especially for teams heavily reliant on clear and consistent release notes.

We recommend evaluating your specific needs, budget, and project management tool preferences before making a decision. Consider exploring the free trial (if available) or contacting sales for a custom quote to determine if it aligns with your requirements.