OilJoin – Earn Money Online 2024

Earning money online has become increasingly popular, with more people looking for flexible ways to supplement or even replace a traditional job.

OilJoin is one such platform that promises users can earn by testing websites and mobile apps or performing microtasks.

But is OilJoin a worthwhile way to earn money in 2024? This detailed review will examine everything potential users need to know.

What is OilJoin?

OilJoin is an online money-making platform that connects users with tasks like:

  • Testing mobile apps and websites
  • Completing microtasks such as following social media pages and watching videos

Users earn money for providing feedback and completing these simple internet-based jobs.

Key Features:

  • Flexible working structure
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Steady stream of earning opportunities
  • Secure payment processing

OilJoin opened its doors in 2020 and has focused specifically on the Pakistani market so far.

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Features of OilJoin

OilJoin offers users two main ways to earn: by testing apps/websites or completing microtasks. Let’s look at what each entails.

Website and App Testing

This involves providing feedback on the user experience and functionality of mobile and web-based applications. Typical activities include:

  • Downloading apps and evaluating ease of navigation, speed, features etc.
  • Visiting websites and assessing design, layout, responsiveness on different devices
  • Identifying bugs and issues impacting performance

Testing lengths can range from 5 minutes for providing quick feedback up to 30-45 minutes for more in-depth evaluations.

Micro Tasks

This covers simple internet-based jobs that can be completed in just a few minutes. Examples include:

  • Watching a video or ad
  • Liking or following a social media page
  • Filling out a short survey
  • Checking website content

Microtasks pay less per task but are fast and usually abundant. They provide nice filler earnings between testing activities.

Other Key Features

  • Secure Payment System: OilJoin uses a trusted 3rd party payment system to securely process earnings. Payments are made promptly when requested.
  • Feedback System: A two-way feedback system allows testers to leave feedback on their experience with a task or client. Clients can also rate the tester’s work.
  • Task Availability Tracking: Users can view available tasks currently open for work directly in their OilJoin dashboard. The platform aims to provide a steady stream of work.
  • Testing Access: Testers get temporary access to any software or account required to test apps/websites. Everything is provided through the platform.
  • Customer Support: OilJoin provides customer service to address questions or issues related to payments, tasks, clients or use of the platform.

Pros of OilJoin

Steady Earning OpportunitiesOilJoin focuses on providing a stable flow of testing and microtasks to registered users. Work is typically abundant.
Payment ReliabilityThe integrated 3rd party payment system facilitates reliable and timely payment for completed work.
Flexible Work ArrangementUsers can complete tasks at their own pace and schedule. No set hours or availability requirements.
Global AccessibilityOilJoin can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing true location flexibility.
Task VarietyFrom in-depth software testing to simple internet microtasks, varied work is available. Helps keep things interesting.
Reputable PlatformAs of 2024, OilJoin has accumulated mostly positive user reviews since its 2020 launch. Its reputation remains strong.

Cons of OilJoin

Tedious MicrotasksWhile fast and simple, microtasks can become repetitive and boring over time.
Strict Review ProcessAll work is closely reviewed and strictly screened for quality control. Subpar work is rejected.
Limited Testing AccessTesters can only access apps/websites temporarily during the scheduled test window provided.
Customer Support DeficienciesSome users have reported long response times for support tickets and inquiries.
Minimum Payment ThresholdsVarious minimum earning thresholds must be met before payment requests can be made. This delays payments.
Qualification RequirementsOilJoin sets specific qualification criteria that must be met before users can access higher paying testing tasks.

Is OilJoin real or fake?

Based on user reports and first-hand usage, OilJoin is absolutely a legitimate platform for earning money online.

Since its inception, the site has delivered on providing access to testing and microtasks as well as facilitating payments reliably. While the work can have some downsides, OilJoin overall offers a genuine service that many individuals have used to supplement their income.

The platform does have qualification requirements and quality control checks that some could misconstrue as “scammy”. However, these measures ensure only high quality work is being performed, protecting both clients and testers.

As OilJoin expands its availability outside Pakistan and acquires more clients, it’s expected the diversity and volume of tasks will increase benefiting workers. Long-term viability looks positive.

For those wondering “is OilJoin fake?” – the answer is no. It’s a real opportunity.

Oil gas life online earning in pakistan

Oil gas life is an online platform founded in Pakistan that works in a very similar fashion to OilJoin. It connects individuals to money making opportunities by having them test websites, mobile apps, and complete microtasks.

Workers receive payment for each task or set of tasks completed, with oil gas life handling payment processing. Earnings thresholds must be reached before payments are disbursed via bank transfer or JazzCash/EasyPaisa mobile accounts.

Overall, oil gas life operates nearly identical to OilJoin – offering genuine earning opportunities to those looking to make money online in Pakistan and willing to provide user feedback or handle microtasks.

One differentiator is oil gas life has focused exclusively on the Pakistan market since its inception while OilJoin has begun expanding outside the country.

Oil gas life earning app

Oil gas life does offer a free earning app for Android devices that gives workers access to tasks, the ability to track payments and more right from their mobile device.

Key features inside the oil gas life earnings app include:

  • Task Feeds Showing Available Work
  • Access Testing Links
  • Work Timer
  • Payment Tracking
  • In-App Support Features
  • Announcements and Notifications

The app provides a handy way for testers and microtask workers to access oil gas life opportunities on-the-go without being tied to a desktop. It includes most of functionality present on the full oil gas life website.

Between the app and site access, workers have dual options to connect with tasks. Both options are free to use after meeting oil gas life’s enrollment requirements.

OilJoin Alternatives

PlatformKey Details
UserTestingPopular website testing platform paying testers $10-$60 USD per test. Well-known name with steady work available globally.
TryMyUISpecializes in usability testing for websites and mobile apps. Competitive pay starting at $8 USD per 20 minute test.
TestbirdA Germany-based software testing site supporting apps, sites and hardware with remote testing jobs. Good for European testers.
BetaTestingIndia testing platform offering website, app, game and software testing opportunities. Well-suited for Indian testers.
Working SolPakistan-focused website testing site with an emphasis on eCommerce sites. Decent testing volume specifically for Pakistani testers.

While these alternatives are somewhat similar, none offer the exact same focus as OilJoin. They each cater to slightly different specializations and geographic regions.

For Pakistan residents seeking local earning options online, OilJoin and oil gas life tend to have more relevant work opportunities versus the global platforms listed. All platforms are worth considering for earning seekers open to testing and microtasks.

Conclusion and Verdict: OilJoin Review

In closing, OilJoin offers a legitimate money making opportunity in 2024 for those willing to exchange small amounts of time and effort for compensation. While boring at times, the platform provides accessible, global earning options.

OilJoin’s strengths include:

✔️ Abundant testing and microtask opportunities
✔️ Flexible work arrangement without location restrictions
✔️ Secure and reliable payment system

Downsides to factor in:

✖️ Tedious microtasks
✖️ Strict quality control
✖️ Delayed payment thresholds

For Pakistan residents, OilJoin should be strongly considered alongside its local competitior oil gas life.

FAQs: OilJoin

What are the requirements to join OilJoin?

OilJoin has fairly minimal requirements. Users must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a computer or mobile device and internet access
  • Provide valid ID and payment information
  • Accurately complete their user profile

Users outside Pakistan may have to join a waitlist before accessing the platform.

What qualifications do I need to complete tests?

For basic testing and microtasks, no specific skills or experience is required. However, to access specialized, high-paying software QA testing opportunities, advanced qualifications are recommended such as:

  • Software testing certifications like ISTQB
  • Programming language knowledge
  • App debugging experience
  • Multi-device testing capability

Meeting these qualifications unlocks additional earning potential.

How much money can I make with OilJoin?

Income potential varies significantly based on the time commitment and tasks selected. Microtasks may pay a few cents up to 25 cents each. Testing compensation ranges from $1 to $2 for quick 5 minute tests up to $25+ for advanced hour-long app/website evaluations.

Top performers claim to earn $300+ monthly while working part-time in their spare hours. Full-time testers can potentially earn higher figures.

When can I withdraw my earnings?

OilJoin payments must meet two thresholds before withdrawal:

  1. Minimum Account Balance: Varies based on payment method selected but is typically ~$5 USD equivalent
  2. Minimum Withdrawal Amount: The minimum amount that can be cashed out, also dependent on payment type chosen.

Once both thresholds are reached, payments are processed within 48 hours.

What types of tests are available?

OilJoin offers a wide range of testing opportunities, including:

  • Website UI/UX testing
  • Mobile app functional testing
  • Browser compatibility checks
  • Benchmark performance testing
  • Localization and translation testing
  • Accessibility evaluations
  • Business logic validation
  • API integration testing

And more. Task variety helps keep work interesting for testers.