Opus.pro – Create Videos 10x Faster

Video content creation is more crucial than ever in our digital-first world. However, producing captivating videos tailored for every major platform can be an immense challenge. This is where Opus.pro comes in – the innovative AI-powered tool that is revolutionizing video repurposing.

This in-depth Opus.pro review covers everything creators, marketers, and agencies need to know: key capabilities, pricing, pros and cons, step-by-step usage guidance, top alternatives, and more. Read on for the complete analysis.

What is Opus.pro?

Opus.pro is an AI-based SaaS platform built specifically for repurposing lengthy videos into short, platform-optimized clips ready for primetime distribution.

The proprietary technology behind OpusClip, the core video editing tool, employs advanced artificial intelligence to resize, crop, rearrange, and enhance raw footage.

This groundbreaking functionality transforms monotonous video clipping tasks into a simple 3-step workflow:

  1. Upload a long-form video
  2. AI analyzes and generates previews
  3. Download social media-ready edits

Opus.pro was founded in 2021 by entrepreneurs Alex Dudynsky and Vladyslav Usovich. With backgrounds in online marketing and software engineering, the pair sought to create an automated solution to the video content creation pain points they experienced firsthand.

Powered by a world-class team of AI experts and engineers, Opus.pro has cemented itself as an indispensable force in the future of digital media.


How Opus.pro Works

On a technical level, Opus.pro leverages state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to deconstruct source videos and rebuild shorter versions designed for virality.

The AI accounts for factors like ideal aspect ratios, platform trends, shot sequencing, transitions, and more based on vast datasets.

For users, the process is simple:

  1. Upload the video file you want to repurpose. Supported formats include MP4, MOV, AVI up to 1 GB.
  2. Configure your settings. Choose the target platform (YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram Reels, etc.), aspect ratio, and optional effects.
  3. Generate clips. OpusClip’s AI goes to work analyzing the video and creating shareable previews almost instantly.
  4. Preview and Download the automated edits. Pick your favorites, tweak if desired, and export!

The tool handles everything from clipping timing to color correction, freeing creators to focus on big-picture strategy.

With support for subtitles and transcripts in 19 languages, OpusClip removes language barriers too. The simplicity powering such sophistication is what cements it as an essential asset for any marketer’s stack.

Features of Opus.pro


Opus.pro differentiates itself from traditional video editing software with AI-exclusive capabilities and forward-thinking feature sets.

AI-Powered Video Repurposing

The bread and butter. OpusClip scans submitted video footage to identify areas of interest. It breaks up longer videos into a series of viral shorts optimized for today’s platforms.

Creators can further tailor aspects like text overlays, subtitles, filters, and music. The AI handles the heavy lifting while allowing ample creative freedom.

Pro Plan Perks

The Pro plan unlocks premium power user features:

  • Team Workspaces – Collaborate with multiple team members
  • Multi-User Accounts – Add client and employee logins
  • Social Media Scheduling – Plan and automate posting
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Export – Enhanced professional editing
  • 50% More Monthly Credits – Higher video output

Format and Configuration Options

Upload virtually any video format like MP4, MOV, and AVI up to 1 GB in size. Opus.pro supports configurations for top platforms:

  • YouTube Shorts – 60 sec, 9:16 ratio
  • TikTok – 60 sec, 9:16 ratio
  • Instagram Reels – 60 sec, 9:16 ratio
  • Stories – 15 sec, 9:16 ratio
  • Posts – 60 sec, 1:1 to 16:9 ratios

Additional options include filters, text, subtitles, language preferences, aspect ratios, watermarks, and more. The combinations adapt to current and emerging video consumption trends.

How Much Does Opus.pro Cost?

Opus comes in two main pricing tiers:

PlanPriceCreditsKey Features
Basic$39/mo600 creditsAI-Powered Video Repurposing <br> Subtitles and Transcripts <br> Advanced Configuration Options
Pro$89/mo900 creditsEverything in Basic <br> Team Workspaces <br> Multi-User Accounts <br> Scheduling and Automation <br> Adobe Premiere Pro Export
  • Opus.pro bills month-to-month based on “credits”
  • Each 1 minute of generated video = 10 credits
  • Unused credits roll over month-to-month
  • 15-20% discount for annual subscriptions
  • Free trial includes 200 credits

At roughly 4 cents per credit on the highest Pro plan tier, Opus presents immense value. For context, hiring a professional video editor costs $50+ per hour. The AI-based automation saves teams thousands in overhead yearly.

Bulk and enterprise quotes are available for large organizations with significant monthly video output.

Pros & Cons of Opus.pro

Saves hours of tedious editing work <br> AI does the heavy liftingLimitations to customizations <br> Less control vs manual editing
Streamlines and scales content production <br> Create 100s of clips from 1 videoLearning curve with advanced features <br> Some complexity with templates, workflows
Growth hack for creators <br> Viral clips bring followers and viewsMonthly subscription model <br> Recurring cost factor
Adapts clips to multiple platforms <br> Optimized editing for leading sitesImport only up to 1 GB videos <br> Large original files require prep
Cost and time saver <br> Far cheaper than video editors or agenciesEnglish transcripts only <br> Translation needs improvement

The bottom line – Opus.pro delivers immense value, saving creators hours of work while enhancing distribution and reach. For under $100 a month, the Pro plan unlocks enterprise-grade capabilities.

Minor limitations around fully customizable editing and non-English transcripts leave room for improvement. However, the core functionality aimed at supercharging video repurposing sets the standard.

How to Use Opus.pro: Complete Overview

Ready to start harnessing the power of AI video creation? Here is a step-by-step guide to using Opus.pro:

Step 1: Create an Account

Sign up for a free trial or paid monthly subscription at Opus.pro. Provide basics like name, email, password to configure your account.

Step 2: Install Browser Extension (Optional)

The OpusClip browser extension allows seamless 1-click video uploads from YouTube or social platforms into the editor. Skip this step for manual uploads.

Step 3: Upload a Video

Click the import button and select your MP4, MOV, or AVI video file up to 1 GB in size. Videos with transcripts or subtitles see best results.

💡 Pro Tip: Break larger files into segments under 10 minutes using editing software first.

Step 4: Configure Settings

Choose your target platform or aspect ratio. Enter any titles, captions, filters and more. Leverage pre-built templates for common use cases.

Step 5: Generate Clips

Hit “Generate clips” to queue the video for OpusClip’s AI algorithms. Processing time varies based on length, but previews typically generate under 5 minutes.

Step 6: Preview and Download

Review the auto-generated clip previews and select your favorites. Further customizations are optional. Click download to access platform-optimized output files.

And that’s it! Opus.pro handles the intensive computations and editing automatically. Upload your AI-enhanced clips directly to TikTok, YouTube and beyond.

Opus.pro Alternatives

Opus stands at the forefront of AI video repurposing, but competitors exist across the spectrum. Below is an overview of top alternatives:

ToolKey FeaturesPriceProsCons
InVideoTemplate library <br> Collaboration tools$7+/moAffordable <br> Feature-richSteep learning curve
ClipchampOne-click templates <br> Stock media library$9+/moIntuitive editor <br> Media assetsLimited formats
KapwingMeme and gif creation <br> YouTube thumbnail makerFree – $20+/moGenerous free tier <br> Great for memes/GIFsWatermarks on free version
AnimotoVideo presentation maker <br> Marketing focused$9+/moEasy business videos <br> Brand templatesLimited effects and config
Adobe Premiere RushAdvanced professional editing <br> Adobe ecosystem integration$9+/moIndustry standard <br> Full customizationSteep learning curve

InVideo stands out as the closest all-purpose alternative thanks to its affordability and wealth of templates. For simple video editing and meme creation, Kapwing’s free version impresses too.

However, none match Opus.pro’s specialization in AI-enhanced video repurposing built for today’s social platforms. For creators aiming to maximize views and efficiency, Opus remains unmatched.

Conclusion: Opus.pro Review

Opus.pro secures its status as an essential piece of technology for modern online video strategy. The AI-exclusive features that allow single videos to be repurposed into 100s of platform-optimized cuts represent transformative value.

For creators and marketers struggling with tedious editing workflows while still needing to output Shorts, Reels and TikToks, Opus automates the tiresome tasks. The $39-$89 monthly subscription is pennies compared to the human hours required otherwise.

While Adobe Premiere Pro retains advanced professional customization capabilities, Opus prioritizes simplifying video repurposing at scale.

The tech won’t replace video editors entirely, but rather empower individuals to become one-person video production powerhouses.

For solopreneurs, growth hackers, agencies, and video marketers, Opus belongs on your roadmap. Lean into AI as the present and future of creative content tooling.

Opus.pro sets the new standard for automated video creation. Its remarkable capability to reshape a single long-form video into an optimized, multi-platform clip series positions it at the frontier redefining possibilities.

FAQs: Opus.pro

How does OpusClip work?

OpusClip utilizes advanced AI that’s fed vast datasets of high-performing video content. It breaks down the elements that make clips go viral – timing, sequences, transitions, text, effects, and more. By applying predictive algorithms to newly uploaded videos, OpusClip automatically generates edits optimized for sharing.

What types of videos can I upload?

Nearly any common consumer video format including MP4, MOV, and AVI files under 1 GB in size. For best results, provide raw footage focused on a single subject with little editing. Adding transcripts helps the AI scan scenes.

Which languages does OpusClip support?

19 languages for subtitles and transcripts including English, Spanish, French, and Chinese. This allows the AI to detect speech and action sequences accurately across languages to repurpose international content.

Is OpusClip free to use?

Opus offers a free trial including 200 credits to experience core features. Paid plans start at $39/month for the Basic package which includes 600 credits. Credits convert at a rate of 10 per 1 minute of generated clips. Bulk options available for high-volume users.

How can OpusClip help increase watch time?

By transforming one video into multiple shorts custom-fitted for platforms like YouTube and TikTok, OpusClip allows creators to publish more content optimized for algorithmic reach. More uploads result in more views, driving exponential growth.