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In an age where many health and wellness companies focus solely on profits over quality, Ourelite Health aims to take a more holistic approach.

Founded on principles of using natural, high-quality ingredients to promote vitality and wellbeing, Ourelite Health offers a range of health products and business coaching services.

But with so many options on the market, how does Ourelite Health really compare? This in-depth Ourelite Health review will explore who they are, their product range, business services, sourcing standards, reviews, pricing, and more to help you decide if they are the right fit for your needs.

What is Ourelite Health.com?

Ourelite Health is an online platform for holistic health and wellness products, founded by Umair Younas. With a focus on natural ingredients and effectiveness, they offer items like hair oils, skin creams, whitening serums, supplements, and more.

Additionally, Ourelite Health provides business coaching for those looking to turn a wellness idea into a thriving company. Their services aim to guide clients through key steps like identifying target markets, branding, product development, and scaling.

At its core, Ourelite Health strives to provide natural, high-performing health solutions while empowering entrepreneurs to create purpose-driven wellness businesses.

Their products cater to various needs, from hair growth to skin brightening, while services help coach clients to success.


Features of Ourelite Health.com


Ourelite Health offers a wide selection of natural health and wellness products, including:

  • Hair Oils – Formulas containing herbs and oils to improve hair thickness, growth, and shine.
  • Skin Creams – Creams using plant extracts, vitamins, and oils to improve complexion, reduce acne, boost collagen, and refine skin texture.
  • Whitening Serums – Serums with ingredients like kojic acid, licorice extract, niacinamide, and vitamin C to lighten skin pigmentation and even tone.
  • Supplements – Oral capsules with antioxidant-rich plant ingredients to improve immunity, digestion, heart health, weight management, and wellness.
  • Teas – Detox, weight loss, digestion, and complexion enhancing tea blends using traditional herbs and botanicals.
  • Essential Oils – 100% pure essential oils for diffusion, topical use, and bathing, targeting cosmetic properties and specific health benefits.

In addition to the above, Ourelite Health also offers related self-care items, superfoods, intimate washes, and beauty tools. Products are developed in-house, clearly listing all natural ingredients used.


For those seeking to create their own wellness brand, Ourelite Health provides tailored coaching on:

  • Identifying target consumer needs through market research
  • Crafting a unique brand identity and voice
  • Formulating Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to validate the concept
  • Packaging design essentials
  • Building marketing assets like photos, graphics, and copy
  • Optimizing digital presence and sales funnels
  • Managing cash flow and scaling sustainably

Coaching is delivered through virtual calls and proprietary business growth tools. Support is hands-on, taking new ventures through a customized step-by-step launch process.

Pros of Ourelite Health.com

Natural, Plant-Based IngredientsProducts use well-researched botanicals oils and extracts for effective and holistic self-care.
Cruelty-FreeNo animal testing ensures products adhere to ethical standards.
Reasonably PricedConsidering their organic and high quality ingredients, most products offer good value.
Effective ResultsMany positive reviews praise brand for genuine, noticeable improvements to hair, skin, etc.
Business Coaching ExpertiseStrong wellness business knowledge helps new brands launch successfully.

Cons of Ourelite Health.com

No Return Policy ListedOfficial policy on returns or unsatisfied customers absent from site.
Limited Product RangeCatalog could expand into more health categories like supplements, foods/drinks.
Coaching Pricing Not ListedInterested clients can’t view costs before requesting a call.
Skin Product Photos InconsistentSome before/after skin product photos appear visibly edited/enhanced.
Newer CompanyFounded in 2020, benefits from more customer reviews over time.

Is Ourelite Health.com legit?

Based on the brand history, transparent business details, formulation ethos focusing on quality ingredients, overwhelmingly 5 star reviews, and A rating on Trustpilot – yes, Ourelite Health does appear to be a legitimate company.

They are not certified organic, but do claim to use high-grade, natural components free from parabens, sulfates and other harsh chemicals.

The combination of botanicals in their skin and hair formulas follow established herbal remedy principles that suggest they should work effectively.

While more customer reviews over an extended period will further reinforce quality, currently all signs point to a valid, trustworthy wellness brand.

Those unhappy for any reason should be able to get support or refunds based on standard ecommerce policies.

Ourelite Health.com Alternatives

WebsiteKey Differences
KamaAyurveda.comBroader range including cleansers, masks, treatments beyond just oils and creams. Ayurvedic formulations.
Mamaearth.inMore skin/hair care products, baby/kids line. Indian brand, lower pricing.
TheBodyShop.comGlobal mass brand. Not focused specifically on natural ingredients, some synthetics. More mature company since 1976.
Biolage.comHair-focused brand owned by large corporation. Not positioned as natural/organic. More mainstream formulas.
HimalayaWellness.comSimilar use of herbal ingredients, Ayurvedic influence. Less ecommerce focus currently, mostly wholesale.

Conclusion and Verdict: Ourelite Health.com Review

In summary, Ourelite Health lives up to its goal of being a purpose-driven, natural wellness company. The brand curates quality formulations focused primarily on hair and skin improvement, though has room to expand into more health categories.

Their coaching also fills a key gap, guiding aspiring founders on bringing holistic wellness visions to life.

While not certified organic, ingredient selections avoid harsh chemicals in favor of beneficial botanicals.

For those seeking effective, ethical beauty enhancement through alternative medicine approaches, Ourelite Health is worth exploring further.

FAQs: Ourelite Health.com

How quickly are orders shipped from Ourelite Health?

According to the website, orders are usually processed for shipment within 48 business hours. Delivery times vary based on product availability, quantity ordered, and destination.

What is the return policy?

Ourelite Health does not currently list an official return policy. As a standard ecommerce store, they should allow returns/refunds on unopened items within a given timeframe, such as 30 days. Contact customer service regarding any returns needed.

Which products are best to improve acne and acne scarring?

The Papaya Skin Clearing Serum and Turmeric Facial Cream contain ingredients like papain, turmeric, tea tree oil and aloe vera that can regulate oil production, reduce inflammation, heal scarring and clear acne over time with regular application.

What is the qualification process to work with the business coaching team?

Clients must first fill out an application detailing their professional and business background, interests and goals. The Ourelite Health team vets each applicant to ensure they have the resources and commitment to realistically work towards launching a successful wellness brand with guidance.

Does Ourelite Health ship internationally?

At this time international shipping does not appear to be available. The site caters primarily to customers within India. Expansion of shipping regions can be expected as the company continues growing.