-【2024】Privacy-First AI Collaboration Tool is an innovative AI-powered platform that aims to enhance productivity and creativity in two distinct ways: through AI-generated meeting transcriptions and actionable insights for teams, and through a text-to-speech app that mimics celebrity voices.

In this hands-on review, we’ll dig into everything these dual products have to offer including features, use cases, pricing, competitors, pros and cons, and more.

Read on for the complete lowdown on and how it can boost your team’s efficiency or spice up your content.

What is consists of two complementary products united under one brand:

  1. AI Knowledge Space: Transforms meetings into searchable, actionable knowledge via automatic speech-to-text, summaries, task tracking and more. Designed for business teams.
  2. Celebrity Voice Mimicry: Text-to-speech app that clones voices of famous people. Created for entertainment and content creation.

While distinctly different in purpose, both tools demonstrate the expanding capabilities of AI technology in revolutionizing workflows and creativity.

How Works

The two products function on the back of advanced artificial intelligence, albeit to very different ends:

AI Knowledge Space: This application works by using automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing (NLP) to ingest meeting recordings, identify speakers, transcribe conversations, then extract key discussion points, decisions and action items.

It connects with video conferencing solutions like Zoom to capture audio, then structures information into a searchable, shareable database for on-demand access. Users can playback clips, read transcripts, assign tasks and more.

The knowledge space integrates with productivity apps like Slack, Google Workspace and Notion to seamlessly manage follow-ups. It’s optimized for both real-time meetings and asynchronous knowledge sharing among distributed teams.

Celebrity Voice Mimicry App: This text-to-speech entertainment tool allows users to type any phrase or sentence they want a celebrity icon like Barack Obama, Adele or Morgan Freeman to say.

Using advanced AI voice generation and modulation technology, it accurately clones the unique vocal characteristics of each famous voice option. Users can further fine tune pitch and cadence.

The mimicked audio can then be shared online or turned into video clips using the app’s integrated tools. From meme culture to vlogs, content creators are embracing this new AI capability to inject humor and novelty into their content.

Now that we’ve covered the core functionality powering Parrot’s offerings, let’s explore some of their key features.

Key Features of

The AI Knowledge Space and Celebrity Voice Mimicry app share a backend of advanced AI, but their features differ significantly according to use case.

AI Knowledge SpaceCelebrity Voice Mimicry
Automatic Transcription of MeetingsLibrary of Recognizable Celebrity Voices
AI-Powered SummarizationText-to-Speech Interface
Searchable Knowledge BaseVoice Pitch/Speed Controls
Trackable Tasks and RemindersDownloadable Audio & Video
Slack, Google, Notion IntegrationsMeme & Video Creation Tools
Customizable Teams and PermissionsCelebrity Voice Updates
Secured EncryptionPersonalized Voice Options (Planned)

As shown in the table above, The AI Knowledge Space offers a robust set of features to record, structure and share spoken meeting insights for teams. The Celebrity Voice Mimicry app provides entertaining voice customization capabilities.

How Much Does Cost? leverages a freemium pricing model for both its products, with premium add-ons available via subscription:

AI Knowledge SpaceCelebrity Voice Mimicry
Free VersionLimit of 5 users<br>10 hours/month meeting time10 celebrity voice options<br>Basic editing features
Paid Subscription$12 per user/month billed annually<br>Support >5 users<br>Unlimited meeting duration and storage$4.99 month-to-month<br>$47.99 annually<br>100+ voice options<br>Advanced controls

Team pricing is available upon request for larger organizations. Overall is competitively priced compared to alternatives, with reasonable unlimited plans.

Pros & Cons of

Accurate automated transcriptsLimited language support (English only)
Actionable insights and task trackingSteeper learning curve for extensive features
Improved productivity and communicationLarge storage needs for video recordings
User-friendly search and playbackPrimarily optimized for verbal information
Celebrity voice cloning can be entertainingEthical issues around impersonation risks

Key Takeaways: hits the mark on core productivity and entertainment capabilities powered by AI voice technology, overcoming accuracy issues often seen in competitors. Adoption may be hindered for some by the English-only language limitation.

Storing large video files can also rack up costs over time. Overall the pros appear to outweigh the cons for the right use cases.

Next let’s walk through how to start using for optimal results.

How to Use Complete Overview

Key Steps to Using the AI Knowledge Space:

  1. Connect your meeting application like Zoom or recording device.
  2. Set up teams, permissions and notifications.
  3. Hold meetings as normal while transcribes conversations.
  4. Review automated transcripts, summaries and action items after meetings.
  5. Search historical meeting data to uncover key insights.
  6. Integrate with productivity apps to manage tasks and share knowledge.

Key Steps to Using Celebrity Voice Mimicry:

  1. Select the desired celebrity voice from the available options.
  2. Type out the text you want them to say in the speech box.
  3. Tweak pitch, speed and other vocal parameters as needed.
  4. Download the generated voiceover file.
  5. Upload to social media or integrate into a video project.
  6. Share your creation!

The interfaces are designed to be user-friendly while allowing for customization and expansion over time as users skill up. Alternatives

As shown in the comparisons above, holds its own against competitors, offering a balanced package with AI knowledge and voice mimicry combined under one roof.

For those focused purely on converting meetings to shareable insights, alternative transcribing apps like, Descript, Sonix and Google’s Speech to Text offer solid options often at lower price points.

Meanwhile for voice cloning specifically, other tools like Resemble.AI, VocaliD and allow mimicking anyone’s voice, although with smaller celebrity voice libraries compared to Parrot.

Conclusion: Review

In closing, earns top marks for its human-quality AI meeting transcription capabilities and ever-expanding celebrity voice cloning options that blow past competitors in accuracy. The unified knowledge space and voice mimicry under one roof provide a uniquely robust package.

While the English-only language limitation leaves room for expansion to capture international audiences, undoubtedly innovates in leveraging AI to enhance either productivity or creativity goals.

Overall rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

For fast-moving teams and viral content creators alike, gives users an intelligent edge over the competition to stand out from the crowd. Consider taking their free version for a test run today.


Is secure?

Yes, prioritizes security featuring end-to-end encryption, user authentication protections, and data privacy compliance frameworks like ISO and GDPR.

Does offer a free trial?

Yes, both the AI Knowledge Space and Celebrity Voice Mimicry come with free versions allowing limited users, meeting times, voices and features.

Can I replay the meeting recordings?

Yes, the knowledge base stores full video meeting recordings for on-demand playback along with searchable transcripts.

How accurate is the voice mimicry?

The celebrity voice cloning quality is best-in-class, with continual AI model updates improving accuracy over time. Expect believable imitations.

What integrations does offer?

Popular productivity app integrations include Slack, Google Workspace, Dropbox, OneDrive, Notion, ClickUp, Asana, GitHub, GitLab, and more.