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In the competitive music industry, getting placement on popular streaming playlists can be make-or-break for new artists trying to find fans.

PlaylistPush aims to help artists pitch their music to key Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming curators who control influential playlists.

But does PlaylistPush actually help artists get the coveted placements they covet? Can PlaylistPush make your music career or will playlists remain out of reach?

In this PlaylistPush review, we’ll analyze if this music pitching platform is worth it or just hype. By covering PlaylistPush’s features, pricing, legitimacy, pros/cons and top alternatives, you’ll know if PlaylistPush is the shortcut you need or another dead-end.

What is

Founded in 2018, PlaylistPush is an online platform for artists, labels, and managers to pitch unreleased music to major playlist curators at Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Pandora and Deezer.

The core service is a proprietary submission system and curator contact database that aims to optimize an artist’s chances of getting placed on New Music Friday, A-List Pop, Fresh Finds, Pop Up Next and other big playlists.

In addition to submissions, PlaylistPush provides:

  • Streaming analytics to assess which playlists best fit each song
  • Marketing tools to promote placements
  • Reporting to track streams and playlist follower growth

Pricing starts at $9 per song pitched. Higher tiers unlock more submissions, curator contacts, and promotional tools.

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Features of

PlaylistPush provides artists, labels and managers with the following core features:

Song Submission Portal

  • Submit songs for consideration by major playlist curators
  • Pitch tracks to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Pandora + Deezer playlists
  • Upload MP3s, album art, artist bios + social profiles
  • Input song genre, mood, replay value to optimize matching

Curator Contact Database

  • Contact info for editors of top playlists like New Music Friday and Today’s Top Hits
  • Optimize submissions by targeting appropriate curators
  • Feature allows personalized song pitches

Streaming Playlist Analysis

  • Identify trending streaming playlists tailored to your music
  • Discover playlists where your songs best fit
  • Evaluate monthly listeners, current tracks and playlist turnover

Marketing & Promotional Tools

  • Share new playlist additions with fans
  • Automated email campaigns to drive streams & saves
  • Social media support and asset creation
  • Get alerted when your song is added or removed

Reporting & Analytics

  • Track number of placements, stream counts & playlist follower growth
  • Monitor song performance across multiple playlists
  • Identify fan demographics by playlist
  • Data visualization for easy streaming analysis

In summary, PlaylistPush combines a submission portal, curator contact access, analytics, marketing tools and reporting to help artists maximize placements and make the most of landing on coveted playlists.

Pros of

Increased chance of playlist placementsBy directly pitching curators, higher likelihood of getting placements vs DIY
Persistence pays offPlaylistPush repeatedly pitches songs, most see placements within 2 months
Hands-off convenienceArtists avoid manually emailing curators themselves
Proven track recordOver 8,000 artists placed, including majors like Universal
Cost effectiveCheaper than hiring a promo plugger, starts at $9 per pitch

Cons of

No guaranteed placementsPlaylistPush can pitch but cannot force curators to add songs
Slow processAverage time to playlist is 6-8 weeks
Limited free trialOnly 2 free playlist pitches to start
Pay per pitchCosts add up quickly, no monthly all-access fee
Requires promotion effortBeing added is just step one, artists must promote songs

Is Legit?

Yes, PlaylistPush is a legitimate company used by over 50,000 artists to pitch new music. Founded in 2018 by Alex John and Jackson Grubb, PlaylistPush signs official agreements with rightsholders before pitching.

The company has placed over 8,000 artists on major Spotify playlists alone, including breaking major label acts signed to Sony, Warner and Universal.

PlaylistPush is an officially registered LLC based in Los Angeles, CA. Their business practices follow industry pitching guidelines. User testimonials as well as documented playlist placements further verify PlaylistPush’s authenticity.

In summary, PlaylistPush is a fully legitimate platform for pitching songs to streaming playlists. From its business registration to proven results record, PlaylistPush delivers on its core promise to help artists land spots on leading playlists. Alternatives

SiteMonthly PriceKey Differences
Submithub$6 – $20 per songMore EDM/hip-hop focused
Groover$12 per songLonger turnaround times
Soundplate$20 per songMore personalized outreach
Playlist Push$16 per songManual submissions
Hit The Button$50+ per songSubmissions + marketing

While sites like Submithub and Groover offer lower pricing, PlaylistPush stands out through its proprietary matching technology, curator contacts and included promotion tools. Playlist Push is cheaper but requires manual submissions vs PlaylistPush’s tech-assisted process.

Other sites may go deeper on certain genres but none match PlaylistPush’s blend of effective technology, curator access and results record across multiple streaming platforms.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

PlaylistPush lives up to its promise of helping artists strategically pitch songs to leading playlist curators for a reasonable monthly fee.

With over 50,000 users and 8,000 placements, PlaylistPush is the safest bet for getting your best shot at making coveted Spotify, Apple and Amazon playlists.

The combination of PlaylistPush’s submission portal, curator access, analytics tools and hands-off convenience provide streaming promotion power at an accessible price. While playlist additions aren’t guaranteed, no other platform improves your odds better than PlaylistPush.

Ultimately, PlaylistPush earns a 5 out 5 star rating and our highest recommendation. In an era where playlists make or break new artists, PlaylistPush levels the playing field so you can focus on honing your craft instead of pitching alone in the dark.


Does PlaylistPush guarantee I’ll get added to playlists?

No — placements are never guaranteed since curators make the final calls. But PlaylistPush gives artists their best shot through optimized pitching. Most see success within 6-8 weeks.

Can unsigned DIY artists use PlaylistPush?

Yes, you don’t need to be on a label. PlaylistPush works directly with artists and rights-holders. Over 80% of customers are independents.

What is the average time to get on a playlist after submitting?

Average time varies based on genre demand but most customers see the first placements in 6-8 weeks with repeated pitches. The key is persistence.

How many playlists can I pitch each song to?

PlaylistPush will strategically recommend relevant playlists for each track. The number of monthly pitches depends on your subscription tier, typically 5 to 20.

Does PlaylistPush ever share inaccurate or outdated curator contacts?

No — PlaylistPush stays on top of any contact changes and verifies emails quarterly since curation teams change frequently. Accuracy is key.