Remodeled AI – AI Home Design

Remodeled AI is an emerging interior design application leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to suggest home renovation ideas.

This Remodeled AI review provides an in-depth look at its capabilities, pricing, pros and cons, and top alternatives to help you determine if it’s the right virtual remodeling assistant for your needs.

What is Remodeled AI?

Remodeled AI is a user-friendly web and mobile application that utilizes AI to generate interior design concepts, color schemes, furniture arrangements, and decorative themes to help homeowners and renters visualize and plan remodeling projects.

It aims to make interior design more accessible and efficient by providing customized suggestions based on visual data analysis.

While it cannot fully replace professional designers, Remodeled AI offers a practical, budget-friendly alternative for experimenting with renovations.

How Remodeled AI Works

Remodeled AI
Remodeled AI

Remodeled AI asks users to upload photos or floor plans of their current space. Its AI then studies these visuals to understand the fundamentals of the room.

Next, users can select a theme or style they wish to emulate. Remodeled AI analyses decorators’ portfolios and trending interior design aesthetics to produce suggestions adhering to the desired theme.

Users can view 2D renderings of the AI-generated layouts, color schemes, and furniture arrangements. They can further fine-tune these concepts by adjusting colors, patterns, materials, lighting, accessories, and more.

Finally, users can save images and videos showcasing the visualized redesign to share or review later when undertaking the actual renovation.

Features of Remodeled AI

Remodeled AI offers user-friendly tools and intuitive features for visualizing remodeling concepts:

AI-Powered Design Engine: Analyzes visual data and detected styles to offer tailored remodeling suggestions.

Customizable Themes: Choose from categories like modern, coastal, industrial, and more.

Drag-and-Drop Editor: Easily customize furniture, layouts, colors, and materials.

Realistic Renderings: View high-resolution 2D images of suggestions.

Magic Eraser: Remove unwanted elements from uploaded photos.

Collaboration Tools: Save project files to collect feedback.

Additionally, the paid version unlocks more advanced features like priority customer support, storage for unlimited projects, commercial licenses, offline access, and team member seats.

How Much Does Remodeled AI Cost?

Remodeled AI operates on a freemium model, offering limited features for free. Upgrading to paid plans unlocks additional capabilities, storage, and services.

BasicFree2 project storage, 2 renders/month
Pro$9.99/month10 project storage, 50 renders/month, priority support
Team$19.99/month20 project storage, 200 renders/month, 3 team seats, branded proposals

Pros of Remodeled AI

Cost-EffectiveProvides an affordable alternative to hiring a professional designer
Easy to UseIntuitive drag-and-drop editor and presets make it accessible for all skill levels
AI-Powered SuggestionsOffers data-based, tailored recommendations for remodeling themes and layouts
Realistic RendersGenerates high-resolution, realistic 2D images of suggestions to better visualize spaces
CustomizationAbundant editing options for colors, patterns, accessories, materials, and arrangements

Cons of Remodeled AI

Limited PersonalizationCannot tailor suggestions at an intricate level or perfectly match personal tastes
No Guaranteed AccuracyAI is still prone to delivering irrelevant or inaccurate suggestions
2D Renders OnlyLacks the realism, lighting, textures of 3D interior modeling
Freemium LimitationsFree version has restricted project storage and renders
Steep Learning CurveFull capabilities require an intense initial ramp-up process

How to Use Remodeled AI: Complete Overview

Follow this step-by-step guide to start leveraging Remodeled AI for your home renovation project:

  1. Sign Up: Create a free account by providing your name, email, and password on the Remodeled AI website or mobile app.
  2. Define Your Project: Select the room you are remodeling, upload floor plans or dimensions, and fill in current amenities.
  3. Pick Your Style: Browse remodeling theme presets like modern glam, industrial loft, or coastal cottage based on your target aesthetic.
  4. Review AI Suggestions: Scroll through Remodeled AI’s layout, color scheme, and furnishing recommendations. Like concepts you wish to revisit.
  5. Refine Your Design: Use the drag-and-drop editor to further customize the AI-generated designs by tweaking furnishings, paint colors, lighting, materials, accessories, and more.
  6. Visualize Concepts: View and download realistic 2D renderings of your refined layouts and ideas to share for feedback or use while renovating.

And voila! With these steps, you can leverage Remodeled AI to conceptualize, plan, and bring your dream home renovation to life.

Remodeled AI Alternatives

Here are the top alternatives to Remodeled AI for AI-powered interior design services:

ServiceKey FeaturesPricing
HomeByMe3D renders, AR visualization, easy drag-and-dropFreemium
Planner 5D3D modeling, walkthroughs, realistic materialsFree plan available
HomestylerOnline & mobile apps, intuitive editor, realistic rendersLimited free version
RoomSketcherFloor plan creation, 3D modeling, accuracy toolsFree trial, paid subscriptions
Sweet Home 3DOpen-source, customizable furniture models, YouTube tutorials100% free

Conclusion and Verdict: Remodeled AI Review

In conclusion, Remodeled AI is an intriguing option in leveraging AI for remodeling visualization and planning.

Its straightforward process, customizable engine, and realistic renders make it accessible for everyday homeowners seeking to reimagine their living spaces without professional help.

However, the limited personalization and accuracy issues mean Remodeled AI works best as a supplementary idea generator rather than sole design tool.

We suggest using it in tandem with floor plan dimensions and desired materials while consulting professional contractors before undertaking full-scale renovations.

Overall though, as an early-stage AI modeling tool for basic home remodeling projects, we believe Remodeled AI shows significant promise.

It earns our recommendation as an affordable, user-friendly option for homeowners that ticks numerous usability boxes and boasts noteworthy AI capabilities. We’re eager to see how its suggestions and features evolve over time.