| rewardff 2024 – Claim Free Diamonds has recently gained attention in the Free Fire community as a website that promises free diamonds, skins, bundles and other in-game items.

With the allure of obtaining premium content without spending money, it’s no surprise players are tempted to try their luck on sites like this.

However, as is often the case with such rewards platforms, doubts have emerged regarding the legitimacy and safety of

In this in-depth review, we’ll examine exactly what the site is, how it works, key features, legitimacy, alternatives, and ultimately deliver a verdict on whether is worth your time.

What is is essentially a Free Fire rewards platform that allows users to spin wheels, enter giveaways, complete app install/survey offers and participate in other activities in attempt to win Free Fire diamonds, skins, bundles and more – without spending any real money.

Upon visiting the site, users are greeted with a visually appealing interface showcasing the available rewards and ways to potentially obtain them for free. Methods range from playing childrens games to watching ads and submitting email addresses for dubious marketing purposes.

The site also provides alluring glimpses of happy winners holding gift cards and screenshots of successful redemptions. This gives the impression that numerous players have indeed successfully earned and claimed rewards.


Features of

The main features and activities currently available on include:

Spin to Win Wheels

  • Prize options include 60/100/150 diamonds, legendary weapon skins, outfits and more
  • Simply press button to spin
  • Requires email and password to claim prize

Giveaways & Contests

  • Follow social media and refer friends for entries
  • Prizes like elite passes, signed t-shirts offered
  • Questionable odds – winners may be fake

Complete App Offers

  • Download suggested apps to earn points
  • Points can be exchanged for FF rewards
  • Apps may charge hidden fees

Complete Surveys

  • Answer survey questions to earn points
  • Hundreds of options covering all topics
  • Time consuming, may sell data

Daily Check-In

  • Visit site daily to claim small rewards
  • Consistent visitors more likely targeted
  • Easy diamonds to lure players in

Promo Codes

  • Special codes published for major events
  • Redeem codes for exclusive in-game items
  • Codes often expire quickly or don’t work

As evident from these features, the common theme across all activities is the promise of earning Free Fire loot easily. However, beneath this promise lies many concerning signals regarding the actual legitimacy.

Pros of

Chance to earn valuable itemsIf truly legitimate, users could obtain expensive diamonds, skins, bundles, etc without spending real money
Enhances gaming experienceThe rewards can improve a player’s performance and enjoyment in Free Fire matches
Easy to navigate interfaceClean, visually appealing site design makes navigation straightforward

Cons of

High scam riskDubious claims of easy FF rewards often indicate scam site
Misleading practicesFake winner screenshots, pressure tactics used to attract users
Spam and advertisingConstant emails and app offers amount toexcessive advertising
Security risksPersonal info may be stolen; devices could be infected with malware

Is legit?

Determining the legitimacy of any Free Fire rewards site offering easy diamonds, skins and bundles is tricky. However, displays some clear red flags:

  • No verification – no visible proof site is affiliated with Garena/Free Fire
  • Dubious links and downloads – app installs could be malware; surveys collect and sell data
  • Too good to be true – the notion of free and endless FF rewards simply sounds unrealistic
  • Positive reviews seem fake – many reviews on forums and videos appear promoted

When assessing these factors, comes across as highly suspicious at best. While not definitively a scam, users are best advised to avoid the site.

The risk of having personal data stolen or devices infected with malware outweighs the slim chance of actually earning legitimate Free Fire rewards.

For context, even the official platform provides quite limited rewards and requires extensive grind. The idea of unlimited free diamonds, skins and bundles as advertised across seems unrealistic.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In summary, substantial evidence indicates is likely an illegitimate website falsely advertising easy Free Fire rewards to attract visitors.

While not conclusively proven a scam, the site displays enough suspicious signals to warrant avoiding it altogether.

The type of rewards promised seems unrealistic, the facilitation activities have concerning links and downloads, and transparency regarding the site’s affiliates is nonexistent.

When weighing potential risks against the near improbability of earning mass rewards, fails to deliver confidence or value.

Verdict: Avoid and instead rely only on official reward methods, no matter how limited, for guaranteed safety.


Q: Is safe to use?

A: No. As outlined in this review, shows multiple signals diminishing its legitimacy and safety. Users are advised to avoid the site to keep personal data and devices protected.

Q: Can I really get free FF diamonds and skins from

A: It’s highly unlikely. The notion goes against the economics of Free Fire’s model. At best, miniscule rewards may be earnable, but endless free premium content as advertised raises serious doubt.

Q: Are there any real proof of rewards being earned from the site?

A: None. Any screenshots or videos showing claimed rewards are easily misrepresented. Without transparent verification protocols, proof remains dubious.