– Website, Latest Update is an innovative cloud-based torrent client and download manager that has taken the file-sharing world by storm. With its simple web interface, secure cloud storage, and array of premium features, Seedr aims to revolutionize the way people access, download, and share content online.

This in-depth Seedr review covers everything potential users need to know, including how the service works, its standout features, pricing details, pros and cons, and how it stacks up against the competition. Read on to find out if Seedr’s cloud torrenting is right for your needs.

What is is a cloud-based torrent client that allows users to download, store, stream, and share files without the need for traditional desktop torrent software.

Here’s an overview of how Seedr works:

Browser-based interface – Access and manage torrents directly from the Seedr website or mobile apps without installing anything locally.

Cloud download manager – Add torrent files or magnet links to download directly to Seedr’s cloud servers. Downloads run in the background.

Secure online storage – Downloaded files are stored securely in your personal Seedr cloud account protected by username and password.

Streamable links – Share files as streamable links to watch videos, listen to music, or view files online. No waiting for full downloads.

Community file sharing – Tap into Seedr’s library of 18+ million community shared files to instantly stream or add torrents.

Essentially, Seedr handles all the torrenting work in the cloud automatically. It aims to make downloading, streaming, and sharing file-based content quicker and easier for the average internet user.


Features of

Seedr comes packed with features that enhance the traditional torrenting experience. Let’s take a close look at some of the key capabilities that set the service apart.

No Local Downloads Needed

As a pure cloud-based solution, Seedr removes the need to run torrent clients and maintain local file storage on your devices. Everything is handled in the cloud through an easy-to-use web interface. Simply log in and access your content from anywhere.

Auto File Conversion

One of Seedr’s prime attractions is automated file conversion. Audio, video, documents, eBooks, and images are automatically converted to streamable formats when added. This opens up flexible streaming options for content that usually requires full local downloads.

Accelerated Torrent Speeds

The distributed nature of Seedr’s global cloud platform provides excellent torrent download speeds compared to standalone clients and desktop torrenting options. By spreading resources, Seedr can maximize bandwidth allocation for fast, smooth downloads.

Enhanced Sharing and Streaming

All files added gain unique, streamable links that can be securely shared with anyone. This provides easy access and streaming without recipients needing a Seedr account or to complete the full download. Links come with optional password protection and expiration dates.

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

In addition to the standard web dashboard, Seedr offers iOS and Android mobile apps to access files and manage torrents on smartphones and tablets. Sync files for offline access across mobile devices.

No Limits on File Types

Whether it be video, audio, documents, compressed files, programs, images, or any other file type, Seedr supports them all with no restrictions. The cloud platform is format agnostic.

Community File Index

Seedr provides a searchable index of over 18 million files added by users that can be streamed or downloaded. This builds up a share economy, doing away with broken links over time. Just search for what you want and access files from the community.

Pros of

No local storage neededAll torrent activity handled in the cloud
Auto file conversionLocal playback formats automatically created
Fast download speedsDistributed torrenting resources
Easy sharingUnique streamable links generated
Mobile accessiOS and Android apps
No file type limitsFormat agnostic platform
Huge community library18 million+ files indexed

Cons of

Free tier limitations10GB limit on bandwidth and storage
No permanent seedingTorrents paused when downloads finish
No VPN or proxyIP exposed for torrenting activity
Chromium browsers onlyWeb interface doesn’t support others
Few customization optionsLacks settings of desktop clients

Is legit? comes from the reputable company Seedr Corp., which operates a number of popular cloud storage and image hosting solutions like ImgWonders and UpStash.

The company has been in business for over 15 years and Seedr itself launched back in 2013, amassing millions of regular users over a decade of reliable service.

Seedr offers fully legitimate services for downloading and streaming torrents. Like top competitors in the segment, files shared are publicly sourced rather than offering access to copyright-protected content libraries.

As with any file-sharing platform risks exist, but Seedr employs encryption protocols and has sensible use policies advising against piracy of copyrighted material. Responsible use is expected, just as with any torrent community. Alternatives

ServiceFree StorageMax File SizePrice
Real-DebridNo storageNo limit€4.99/month
Filestream50GBNo limit$3.99/month
MultCloudNo storageNo limitFree
CloudMounter5GBNo limit$3.33/month
Dropbox2GBNo limitFree – $16.58/month

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

Seedr makes torrenting and streaming content refreshingly simple by handling everything in an intuitive cloud platform. For those seeking an accessible alternative to desktop-based torrent clients, its ease of use and wealth of features are highly appealing.

While the free tier is very limited, premium plans unlock ample extra space and better speeds at reasonable prices, enhanced by great mobile apps and sharing tools. The community library also adds unique value not matched by other cloud download managers.

For well-rounded performance as a cloud torrent platform, Seedr delivers plenty of upside with minimal friction. While the lack of permanent seeding and VPN/proxy support may deter some, it ably achieves its aims for most casual torrenting demands.

Overall, this review finds it to be a top choice for effortless media access that breaks the mold of traditional P2P solutions. For those after a fast and shareable route into the world of torrents, Seedr leads the pack.


Does Seedr work with Netflix or other geo-restricted sites?

No, Seedr itself does not offer ways to bypass geographic content restrictions on sites like Netflix. It focuses more on general cloud downloading and streaming of publicly available torrent files rather than specific region-locked services. For Netflix access abroad additional tools would be required.

Can I get a custom RSS feed from Seedr search results?

Unfortunately custom RSS feeds are not currently possible based on searches or filters in Seedr. However, you can add specific searches as a tracker which will automatically keep downloading matching torrents over time as a custom feed of sorts. But manually exported RSS feeds filtered to matches is not a feature.

Is there a Seedr app for my smart TV platform?

Seedr has dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android but not for smart TVs. However, most smart TVs still enable you to access the standard web dashboard interface and stream content that way. An actual integrated Seedr TV app is not available though across platforms currently.

What is Seedr’s refund and cancellation policy?

For monthly subscriptions, Seedr offers full refunds within 3 days of the initial payment. After this no refunds are given but you can still cancel at any subsequent time and service runs until the paid period expires. For yearly plans there is a 30 day 100% money back guarantee allowing refunds within a month. These policies offer flexibility for most users.

Can I sort my Seedr search results by file size or type?

Yes, customizable search filters exist when browsing Seedr indexes and your library. You can easily sort results by file size, type, age, seed numbers and more. Additional filters exist like country of origin and trusted uploaders to refine searches. Sorting and filtering enhance searches greatly beyond just text matching.