| Solartechno – Join STA Community is a website that promotes itself as part of the “Solar Techno Alliance”, an organization focusing on decentralized finance and blockchain technology.

The site centers around the STA token, which it claims will provide more independence, choices, and opportunities to users.

In this in-depth review, we will analyze, the STA token, and the legitimacy of the Solar Techno Alliance.

What is presents itself as a platform for fueling entrepreneurship through independent affiliate marketing and network-based wealth building with cryptocurrencies.

Some key aspects of include:

  • User Registration: Visitors can sign up for an account to engage with the platform’s offerings.
  • STA Token: This token is promoted as providing various utilities like payments, staking, governance etc. within the Alliance’s ecosystem.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Users can purportedly earn income by promoting affiliate products and services.
  • Wealth Opportunities: The website emphasizes lucrative opportunities like cryptocurrency staking yields through the STA token.

Overall, positions itself as a “leadership-driven” community providing a competitive edge for wealth creation in the decentralized economy.


Features of offers the following main features:

User Account Registration

Visitors can sign up for an account by providing their name, email ID, password etc. Registration gives them access to the website’s core offerings.

Affiliate and Network Marketing

Users can purportedly earn income as independent affiliate marketers promoting’s products and blockchain offerings. The site claims to provide the necessary tools and training.

Wealth Building Opportunities

Besides affiliate commissions, the platform also emphasizes opportunities to build long term wealth through activities like STA token staking, DeFi yield harvesting etc.

STA Token Staking and Governance

The STA token aims to provide utility benefits like payments, staking rewards, governance rights within the decentralized Solar Techno Alliance ecosystem and platforms.

Cryptocurrency Educational Resources offers some educational blogs, videos and resources centred around the STA token, decentralized finance, and affiliate marketing tactics.

Pros of

Early cryptocurrency adoption incentivesPlatform offers opportunities to get familiarized with digital assets and decentralized platforms
Affiliate marketing opportunitiesUsers can purportedly supplement income through affiliate promotions and marketing’s offers
Entrepreneurship developmentWebsite emphasizes fueling financial freedom and entrepreneurship via crypto wealth building pursuits

Cons of

Suspicious legitimacyPlatform’s backers and operators lack transparency and credibility
High risk speculationIncome plans like STA token staking yields likely unsustainable and based on hype
Regulatory non-complianceLack of accountability given unregulated nature of complex crypto offerings

Is legit?

Despite emphasizing lucrative opportunities, raises multiple credibility concerns:

  • The Solar Techno Alliance appears to be controlled entirely by unknown organizers with seemingly fake profiles.
  • Very limited transparency around STA token’s development, supply distribution etc.
  • Income projections based on STA token staking seem misleading and exaggerated.
  • Alleged Ponzi scheme tactics requiring new participant buy-ins to pay existing affiliates.
  • Numerous authorities globally have issued advisories regarding the suspicious and risky nature of their offerings.

Considering these red flags, engaging with’s investment and affiliate schemes poses major legitimacy concerns and financial risks. Alternatives

CategoryBetter Alternatives
CryptocurrencyBitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano
Affiliate MarketingAmazon Associates, ShareASale, ClickBank
Entrepreneur, U.S. Small Business Administration

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In summary, while presents high income and wealth creation opportunities in decentralized finance, its legitimacy remains highly questionable.

The obscure backers, lack of transparency, legal non-compliance, and allegations of fraudulent behavior all raise too many red flags regarding the true nature of its offerings.

Until proper clarity and accountability measures are implemented, it would be best to avoid’s purported income and investment plans altogether due to the financial hazards.

Instead, there are safer regulated alternatives to participate in cryptocurrencies, affiliate marketing, and entrepreneurship development.


Q: Is a scam?

A: Based on multiple credibility concerns and fraud allegations, exhibits typical scam characteristics. Investors and users risk losing their money.

Q: Can I make money with STA token?

A: Unlikely in the long run. Token price and staking yields seem artificially pumped to lure investors. Extremely high risk speculation without sustainable fundamentals.

Q: Is the Solar Techno Alliance real?

A: It is likely just a fictitious entity invented by the scheme operators to appear legitimate. No reliable registration or operational credentials can be verified.

Q: How do I buy STA tokens?

A: STA tokens seem mainly offered through in possible pyramid scheme type plans. As the operations are suspicious, would not recommend buying STA tokens.

Q: What products does sell?

A: itself does not appear to sell any products. It promotes purported affiliate and investment schemes centered around speculative STA tokens and DeFi platforms backed by unknown entities.