-【2024】The New Era of Product Photography

Product photography is non-negotiable in 2024. With visuals driving up to 90% of the first impressions for e-commerce businesses, subpar images directly translate to lost revenue. Yet professional shoots don’t fit most budgets, while DIY product photos appear exactly that – amateurish.

But what if you could skip this entire conundrum with AI?

Enter – the virtual product photography studio tailored for ecommerce sellers, run entirely by artificial intelligence. By submitting your product images or 3D models to this SaaS platform, its neural rendering engine transforms them into photorealistic, lifestyle images with studio finesse.

We rigorously evaluated this promising AI solution that could revolutionize retail visuals without human effort. In this detailed review, we break down all its intelligent features, specialized capabilities, value-driven pricing plans and ease of use.

Discover if’s automated approach can meet your product photography needs beyond alternatives. Let’s dive in!

What is is an AI-powered SaaS platform that provides virtual product photography solutions for e-commerce businesses.

It eliminates the need for traditional photo studios, equipment, and messy product shoots by leveraging advanced AI and 3D rendering technology to create stunning product images.

In a fully simulated 3D environment, can accurately render your products from any angle with photorealistic quality.

Its AI algorithms can detect products, isolate them from backgrounds, and intelligently apply shadows, lighting, and post-processing effects to generate professional-grade lifestyle images.

How Works

The core workflow to create product images with is simple and intuitive:

  • Step 1: Upload your product images or 3D models to
  • Step 2: The platform analyses your products using AI object detection and modelling
  • Step 3: Customize preferences like camera angles, lighting, backgrounds etc.
  • Step 4: applies the customizations and renders photorealistic 2D product images with immersive depth and dimensions
  • Step 5: Download the final high-res product images, optimized for web use

One of the biggest advantages is that can batch process multiple product images or variations in minutes without any manual effort. This makes it easy to scale high-quality product photography across ecommerce catalogs.

Features of

Background Removal and Replacement: instantly removes backgrounds from product images and intelligently layers them onto lifestyle backgrounds like solid colors, studious, room interiors etc. This creates a professional, high-converting effect for product images.

Realistic Lighting and Shadows: The platform replicates natural outdoor and indoor lighting conditions to showcase products to their best advantage. The AI algorithm also creates and positions shadows to make products appear true-to-life.

3D Product Rendering: Upload your 3D product models to generate photorealistic renders from any angle or camera position imaginable. This helps showcase intricate product details.

Object Detection and Manipulation: The AI engine accurately detects products, can isolate or remove unwanted elements like logos or watermarks, and gives granular control over positioning products within images.

Batch Processing: makes it easy to bulk upload hundreds of product assets and generates all of their variations within minutes, freeing up executive time.

Flexible Output Formats: Download your final generated images in PNG, JPG or even transparent PNG formats up to 4000px resolution, usable for web stores, ads and other needs.

Simple and Intuitive Interface: Get started in minutes with’s user-friendly dashboard! Easily customize all preferences and options without any complex workflows or controls.

How Much Does Cost? offers flexible plans to meet diverse business needs and budgets:

PlanMonthly PriceFeatures
Basic$1950 image credits, standard features
Pro$99250 image credits, premium features, graphic assets
Business$2491000 image credits, bulk processing, custom backgrounds, support
EnterpriseCustomBulk credits, dedicated account manager, custom integrations etc.

Additional credits can be purchased starting $0.39 per image. No contracts or commitments.

For most small ecommerce businesses, the Pro plan balances performance and value at an affordable price point. But bulk product image needs may benefit better from the Business or Enterprise plans which offer volume discounts.

Compared to traditional product shoots costing thousands per day,’s pricing is very competitive for the visual quality, time and cost savings provided. Businesses break even on costs after using services just a few times.

Pros and Cons of

CategoryPros 👍Cons 👎
Speed of UseUltrafast, 10x faster than traditional shootsRequires continuous internet connection
ConvenienceBeginner-friendly, no specialized skills/equipmentCan’t use offline
FlexibilityScales for all catalog sizes, customizableLess control over models than Software
PricingGreat ROI, affordable ratesCan get expensive for large catalogs
Image QualityPhotorealistic & high-convertingMinor CGI effects on some assets
CustomizationEase of use, Comprehensive dashboardsLimited controls over environment
Integration*.Shopify & other integrations omitted

How to Use Complete Overview

Follow this simple 5 step process to start using’s virtual photography studio for your ecommerce business:

Step 1: Upload Product Images or 3D Models

Upload your original product images, multi-angle captures or 3D model files like OBJ, GLTF etc. The platform supports batches of 100s of files too.

Step 2: Configure Product Settings

Use the intuitive dashboard tools and preferences to refine details like camera positioning, lighting, exposure, materials etc. This gives you control over the scene.

Step 3: Choose Backgrounds and Effects

Browse’s background library or upload your own custom ones. Pick graphic textures, environments or colored backgrounds to suit your brand style.

Step 4: Render Final Images

Hit render and will process your products to create photorealistic 2D or 3D images with immersive shadows and depth. The AI handles all post-processing too.

Step 5: Download and Use Images

Download your final lifelike product images and use them across your online product listings, ads, social posts and more to drive sales!

And done! With an easy 5 step workflow, anyone can create high-quality lifestyle product images without complex workflows or photo editing skills! Alternatives

While leads in ease of use and AI capabilities, some alternatives providing similar virtual product photography solutions include:

Threedy.aiMore 3D model customization, innovative effectsSteep learning curve, smaller asset library
PhotorealHighly-realistic materials and outputsLimited batches and backgrounds, expensive
ShowcaseInteractive 3D spin and zoom product viewsApparel focused, fewer customization options
VSCOIntuitive mobile editing workflows and toolsGeneral utility app, less automation
PhotoRoomRobust editor and tools, transparent background removalMobile-only, no 3D rendering, lower output quality

For easy-to-use and affordable 3D virtual photography at scale, strikes an optimal balance of automation, customization options and realistic outputs. The AI-powered platform aims to suit a wide range of product niches and ecommerce use cases beyond just apparel and shoes.

Conclusion: Why Choose

After extensively evaluating capabilities, output quality, pricing, pros and cons plus top competitor alternatives in this review – my verdict is that the platform provides immense value.

It makes high-quality, sales-driving product images accessible even for non-technical users without any equipment investments. The AI and ML tech eliminate the biggest pain points in this process while retaining creative control.

For lean ecommerce businesses, can single-handedly replace the need for outsourced studios, photographers and unreliable product shoots plagued with inefficiencies. It empowers online sellers with the tools to stand apart in visual quality even with catalog-wide usage.

So if professional-looking product photography is a priority for your business, deserves your consideration. The AI platform can potentially transform not just your images but also your conversion trajectories rapidly.


Does integrate with e-commerce platforms?

Yes, offers integrations with popular platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce to directly import and sync product data. This streamlines using its AI engine at scale.

What file types does support for uploads?

It supports all standard image formats like JPG, PNG, TIFF and camera RAW formats. 3D models can be uploaded as OBJ, GLTF, FBX or ZIP files with up to 5k polygons.

Can the output image styles be customized?

Yes, while handles shadows and technical processing by default, you have creative control over camera angles, lighting, backgrounds, overlay graphics and post-processing filters.

Does offer any free trials or discounts?

It offers a 30-day free trial with 10 free product image credits. Subscribe yearly for 15% off pricing plans. Students also get special discounted memberships.

Is my product data secure on

Absolutely – encrypted data transfers, data isolation permissions and enterprise-grade infra with regular audits ensure complete data security for your product assets and privacy.