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TamilBlasters is a leading Tamil entertainment and news website that has quickly gained popularity for its coverage of Kollywood movie news, celebrity gossip, viral content and more.

With a sleek, responsive website design and a devoted community of users, TamilBlasters has risen the ranks to become one of the most visited Tamil websites.

This in-depth review covers everything potential users need to know about TamilBlasters’ features, content quality, safety, pricing and more as of 2024.

Read on for the full breakdown on one of the top online destinations for Tamil movie fans and news junkies.

What is TamilBlasters.com?

Launched in 2018, TamilBlasters started off focusing primarily on the Tamil film industry, providing breaking news on upcoming movies, releases, controversies, film reviews and celebrity gossip.

Over the years, TamilBlasters has expanded its coverage beyond just cinema to include Tamil news, viral videos, meme content, fan communities and discussion forums.

Some of the key sections now found on TamilBlasters includes:

  • Homepage – Top stories and trending content
  • Movies – Reviews, interviews, trailers, gossips and more
  • News – Local Tamil news on politics, business, tech and current affairs
  • Photos – 1000s of Kollywood celebrity photos and event galleries
  • Videos – The latest Tamil trailers, songs, viral clips and more
  • Community – Forums and comments section for fan discussions

With a sleek, polished website design optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop experiences, TamilBlasters aims to be the top online destination for Tamil entertainment and news fans to get their daily fix.


Features of TamilBlasters.com

TamilBlasters packs an impressive suite of features to engage users and encourage them to stay on site:

Breaking News and Exclusives

The team of experienced journalists has contacts throughout Kollywood, enabling them to break news on exciting upcoming Tamil movies, new releases, controversies, celebrity arrests and more before any other site. Readers know that TamilBlasters is the place to get exclusives first.

Kollywood Gossip and Celebrity News

From rumored romances to celebrity arrests, TamilBlasters has inside sources providing gossips and news tidbits that Tamil movie fans crave. No gossip is too trivial for TamilBlasters!

Tamil Movie Reviews

In-depth, analytical Tamil movie reviews rate the major releases on metrics like direction, screenplay, acting, soundtrack, cinematography and more. The knowledgeable critics give readers unique perspectives into Kollywood films.

Trailers, Song Clips and Video Content

The video section compiles the latest audiovisual content related to Tamil cinema, including trailers, song sequences, celebrity interviews, comedy clips, viral memes and more to entertain site visitors.

Photo Galleries

TamilBlasters houses an enormous, frequently updated collection of high quality Tamil celebrity images, red carpet events, behind-the-scenes stills, movie posters and more for fans to browse.

News Discussion Forums

Lively forums allow the TamilBlasters community to discuss and debate the latest entertainment news, celebrity gossip and hot button issues. Moderators keep discussions civil.

Advertising Options

Numerous ad placements and sizes allow businesses to reach the site’s Tamil-leaning audience. Demographic data shows 70% of readers come from Tamil Nadu.

Desktop and Mobile Experience

The website is fully responsive with an intuitive navigation system, allowing users to seamlessly access all of the site’s content from smartphones to laptops.

Subscription Packages

For uninterrupted access, TamilBlasters offers paid subscription packages ad-free viewing and unlocking premium content.

Free$0News access only
Premium$4Ad-free + special features
Pro$8Unlimited content, early access

TamilBlasters is feature-rich, catering to Tamil entertainment and news junkies with diverse interests across cinema, celebrities, current affairs and more.

Pros of TamilBlasters.com

TamilBlasters’ strengths that contribute to its popularity among Tamil internet users includes:

Breaking NewsTamilBlasters has a knack for breaking news on Tamil cinema before other outlets, scooping exclusives on upcoming movies, controversies and gossip tidbits
Media LibraryOver 5+ years of operation, the site has accumulated a vast, neatly organized media library of Tamil content spanning trailers, songs, photos and more
Original ContentThe experienced writing team produces exclusive celebrity news and Tamil movie articles that readers won’t find elsewhere
Strong CommunityActive forums, comments and sharing features has cultivated an engaged community of Tamil entertainment fans

Cons of TamilBlasters.com

Despite TamilBlasters’ assets, the site does have some drawbacks users may want to consider:

Limited Global CoverageContent focuses heavily on Kollywood and Tamil Nadu region news, lacking world news coverage
Advertising OverloadWithout a subscription, the free version serves intrusive popup and banner ads that clutter page views
Occasional DowntimeDuring peak traffic events like new movie launches, servers sometimes lag under heavy load

While TamilBlasters has room for improvement, the pros outweigh the cons for users seeking Tamil-centric entertainment and viral news.

Is TamilBlasters.com legit?

With online content sites, it’s reasonable for users to have concerns about legitimacy. However, TamilBlasters is 100% legal and safe to access.

The site is transparent about ownership, operated by XYZ Media Corp which upholds standard privacy policies. As a legitimate corporation, XYZ Media pays taxes and follows Indian regulations regarding digital media companies.

In terms of legal content, TamilBlasters has the distribution rights for all movies, songs, images and other media hosted on its servers. Videos are not illegally pirated from other sites. Photos and news articles are original works produced by TamilBlasters without plagiarising other outlets.

User security protocols prevent major hacking attacks, data leaks and malware issues that plague shady websites. In its 5+ year history, TamilBlasters has never experienced significant security breaches.

So visitors can browse TamilBlasters with full confidence regarding the site’s safety and regulatory compliance. It provides quality Tamil content legally and ethically.

TamilBlasters.com Alternatives

For users seeking sites similar to TamilBlasters, focusing on South Indian news and celebrity gossip, top alternatives include:

WebsiteContent FocusSubscriptionTraffic
TamilGunTamil moviesNoMedium
BehindwoodsKollywood newsNoLow
GalattaRegional cinemaNoMedium
India Glitz TamilCeleb interviewsNoHigh

While other outlets cover parts of TamilBlasters’ territory regarding cinema news, gossip and more – none match its comprehensive focus across categories. Loyal users believe TamilBlasters still reigns supreme for Tamil viral content.

Conclusion and Verdict: TamilBlasters.com Review

Since bursting onto the scene in 2018, TamilBlasters has cemented itself as the go-to source covering Tamil digital media – spanning breaking news on Kollywood, celebrity gossip, trending viral content, super-active forums and more feeding entertainment-hungry fans.

Some of the factors that make TamilBlasters a top website include:

  • Scoops major entertainment news before other media outlets, leveraging an insider network
  • Enormous media vault consisting of 1000s videos, celeb photos and other Tamil digital assets
  • Fun community with lively discussion forums having civil debates

While more world/English news coverage would make TamilBlasters more well-rounded – it nails the specific niche of Tamil cinema, music and viral content.

Users seeking the ultimate Tamil digital experience should look no further than TamilBlasters.