– Website, Latest Update is a popular news and entertainment website based in India. This in-depth review covers everything you need to know about including its key features, pros and cons, legitimacy, alternatives and more as of January 2023.

What is is an Indian news and entertainment website that primarily caters to native Tamil speakers. Founded in 2015, it aims to deliver the latest breaking news stories, Tamil cinema updates, celebrity gossip, sports coverage, trending videos and more to its readers free of cost supported by advertising revenue.

Over the years, has established itself as one of the most visited Tamil websites globally. As per SimilarWeb data, gets over 15 million monthly visits on average, demonstrating its popularity. It has a dedicated editorial team focused on creating vernacular content for their target demographic.

Features of

News Coverage: covers a wide array of news categories of interest to Tamil readers including politics, India news, world news, business, technology, automotive, education, travel and immigration. It sources news stories from reputed wire services and original reporting.

For trending and breaking news, ensures swift coverage with updates flowing 24×7. Readers appreciate the simple, easy-to-consume news article formatting.

Entertainment Content: Entertainment news forms a pivotal element of’s content strategy. Readers get their daily dose of Kollywood updates here with news about Tamil movie releases, celebrity gossip, interviews with film stars, movie reviews and promo videos.

During major Tamil film award seasons or audio launch events, provides live coverage and social media updates. It also has dedicated microsites for popular celebrities.

Videos: In addition to articles, houses a vast collection of Tamil videos. These include movie trailers, celebrity content, news clips, comedy sketches, devotional content, music videos and more.

Videos drive high engagement levels on the site. Most videos average over 50-100k views each.

Community Features: offers vibrant community discussion forums centered around movies, politics and various regional interests. Readers actively discuss trending issues and current affairs here in the Tamil language primarily.

It also has comment sections below articles and videos where readers post reactions. Moderation keeps overly toxic or inflammatory comments in check.

Advertising Model: Thiramala generates revenues predominantly through digital advertising. Readers have to navigate through multiple banner ads and native ads spread across articles. Video ads also play ahead of clips.

While advertisements can be intrusive, they sustain Thiramala’s operations and allow it to offer free access to news.

Site Performance: Based on Google PageSpeed Insights analysis, has medium site speed with a score of ~60/100 on mobile and ~80/100 on desktop. Load times average around 6 seconds without caching.

There is room to optimize images and enable compression for better performance especially on mobile devices with lower memory. Site uptime and reliability is generally good without frequent crashes.

Mobile Experience: is accessible across mobiles, tablets and desktops. Its responsive design and intuitive navigation adapt seamlessly to smaller screens. Readers can consume content-on-the-go.

However, as covered before, excessive ads can overwhelm the mobile interface. Also, some multimedia content doesn’t play properly on mobile browsers.

Pros of

Extensive news coverage in Tamil languageThiramala focuses on narrating news stories from a Tamil demographic and cultural lens
Swift updates on trending entertainment newsReaders get timely news and gossip about Tamil cinema happenings
Engaging video contentVideo section entertain audiences and drive user retention
Lively discussion forumsEnables reader conversations on regional topics beyond just consuming content
Completely free accessDemonetizes news to expand information access for masses

Cons of

Excessive advertisingBanner ads and pop-ups create clutter and disrupt user experience
Multimedia limitationsCertain videos and visualizations don’t render properly on mobile
Lack of personalizationNo user customization or notifications based on interests
Unmoderated commentsMinimal filtering allows spread of misinformation via comments
Privacy vulnerabilitiesOverdependence on ads leads to tracking user data exploitation

Is Legit?

Yes, is a legitimate and authentic news source in the Tamil space. Some key aspects confirming its legitimacy:

Registered Business: Thiramala Digital Media Pvt Ltd which operates is an actively registered private limited company based in Chennai, India.

Established Track Record: With a 7+ year presence and millions of loyal monthly readers, is a reputed household name.

Transparent About Ownership: Thiramala’s founder, editors and core team are clearly identified. Readers can gauge credibility and intent accordingly.

Cites Sources: News articles extensively link to sources such as news agencies, government databases, scientific journals etc. lending credibility.

Adheres to Journalistic Principles: Stories make concerted efforts to capture both sides, avoid bias or misinformation, and issue clarifications upon errors indicating responsible reporting.

So in summary – checks all markers of authenticity that readers should evaluate while assessing online information sources. Alternatives

DailyThanthi.comNews and Politics– Leading legacy Tamil newspaper <br>- Strong brand reputation <br>- Original reporting– Primarily text-based stories <br>- Dated site UX and design
TamilOneIndia.comEntertainment– Topical breadth beyond just cinema <br>- Modern web aesthetics <br> – Cross-language (Tamil + English) content– Shallow entertainment coverage quality <br>- Heavy slideshow usage
ZoomTV.inEntertainment– Slick video-first format <br>- Celebrity gossip depth using insiders <br> – Trendy web design– Limited breadth of news categories <br>- Video autoplays can be annoying

Thiramala strikes an optimal balance across news and entertainment spanning multiple formats like text, video and community content. Niche sites tend to overindex on only a single genre or content medium.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In conclusion, scores a rating of 4/5 in this website review. For Tamil language readers seeking both news and entertainment coverage, Thiramala is easily among the top choices available thanks to:

  • The breadth and quality of its vernacular content across text, video and social
  • Strong community loyalty driven by reader connectivity
  • Responsible reporting standards and transparency

Areas of improvement include reducing ad clutter, boosting site speed and adding more personalization in the user experience. However, overall Thiramala’s access to free, latest Tamil digital content offering remains unmatched.

Therefore, is rated as a recommended website for Tamil entertainment and news consumers based on this extensive evaluation against several parameters and competitive alternatives.


Is completely free to access?

Yes, users do not need any membership or subscription to freely access all of Thiramala’s content across news, entertainment, videos and forums. Monetization happens via ads.

Does have a mobile app?

No native mobile apps are available currently. But readers can easily access the Thiramala website on mobile browsers seamlessly. Mobile accounts for majority of their traffic indicating good optimization.

Can I subscribe to customized news alerts from Thiramala?

Thiramala has an alert service where readers can subscribe to breaking news SMS alerts on their phones covering the latest national and Tamil Nadu updates. But granular customization by topics is not supported as yet beyond this mass SMS system.

How is Thiramala’s credibility and accuracy?

Thiramala adheres to sound journalistic principles with multi-source verification, fair perspectives and issuing clarifications over errors. Community moderation also safeguards misinformation onsite.