– Website, Latest Update is a relatively new player in the web chat platform space that bills itself as a “simple web chat” solution. With more teams and organizations spread out geographically, the demand for easy-to-use real-time communication tools continues to grow.

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at its features, pricing, alternatives, and more to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your needs.

What is is a web-based chat platform that focuses on simplicity and ease of use for open conversations. At its core, it provides a straightforward chat interface that allows users to:

  • Join public chat channels or create private ones
  • Participate in topic-based discussions in real-time
  • Customize their usernames and avatars for personalization

Rather than packing in a wide suite of features, doubles down on offering a user-friendly environment focused purely on messaging and conversations.

It operates on a freemium model, offering limited usage in its free forever tier while more demanding users can upgrade to paid plans. We’ll cover’s pricing in more detail later in this review.


Features of

While doesn’t boast an extensive feature set compared to chat platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams, it does provide core messaging capabilities with room to grow:

Simple Chat Interface offers an intuitive browser-based chat interface that will feel instantly familiar to most users. Conversations take place in themed channels, allowing you to easily follow discussions on particular topics.

Basic features like emojis, @mentions, and markdown text formatting give users more ways to express themselves and connect.

Public & Private Channels

You can join any of’s public channels to explore different conversations with the community. For more private discussions, you can easily create invite-only channels and add members.

Channel moderation and permission settings are available to control membership and shape the intended vibe.

Customizable Profiles

Each member on gets their own profile page they can customize with a photo or avatar, bio details, and other metadata. Your display name also appears prominently alongside chat messages.

These personal profile touches help build community and identity across the otherwise anonymous platform.

Pros of

Simple and easy-to-use chat interfaceIntuitive design that most users will instantly understand
Open community with public channelsExplore different discussions and chat freely with a wide audience
Customizable usernames and avatarsAdd your personal flair to stand out
Lightweight and fast performanceInterface loads quickly for real-time conversing
Available free tierUse core features without paying anything

Cons of

Limited features compared to rivalsNo advanced capabilities like integrations/automation etc
Can be chaotic with random strangersPublic chats may have disruptive members
Free tier has strict rate limitsPay for more message volume and storage
Young platform lacking maturityPossible stability/reliability concerns

Is legit? well-known and trusted technology startup. Even though itself is still new on the scene, it has legitimate founders and funding behind it.

As far as safety, does maintain basic community guidelines and terms of service that prohibit illegal/dangerous behavior. Moderators help enforce these rules, especially in private invitation-only channels.

That said, as with any public online chat, users should be careful about sharing personal information with strangers. Conduct basic due diligence on members before connecting outside the platform.

So while may not have the polished reputation of a Slack or Discord yet, there are no glaring concerns about it being an outright scam or totally unsafe environment. As usual, exercise standard precautions in who you chat with and how much you share. Alternatives [Use Markdown Table]

SlackRobust third-party integrations, enterprise-scalePricier, has learning curve
DiscordFeature-packed, highly customizablePrimarily for gaming community
CampfireFocus on team collaborationLess consumer-oriented
Rocket.ChatOpen source, self-hosted optionRequires more technical skill

Comparison of to alternate business and team messaging platforms

Slack is likely’s biggest rival, offering a flooded feature set and integrations tailored for organizations. However, its expanded capabilities come at a steeper price and learning curve.

Discord excels with communities, albeit often centered around specific games and franchises. Adapting it as a primary business chat can be less intuitive.

Campfire and Rocket.Chat cater more directly to structured organizational teams willing to pay for premium accounts. They lack the public chat areas that make interesting.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

At the end of the day, carves out a niche as a promising new web chat chosen for:

  • Simplicity – Its pared-down interface and lack of bloat
  • Community – The open, public channels for serendipitous chatting
  • Conversations – Keeping real-time messaging the core focus

For friends, families, and smaller groups wanting an easy way to communicate without restrictions, removes friction. The baseline free tier grants plenty of conversational channels without limits, making the platform accessible.

Larger businesses may desire the deeper admin controls, enterprise security compliance, and integrations offered by the likes of Slack or Microsoft Teams. But if unencumbered real-time chat centered purely around users and groups sounds enticing, brings that experience without much overhead or learning curve.

Its lightweight public/private channel setup promotes free-flowing discussions for the taking. The name says it all – simply provides a springboard for talking.


Is really free to use?

Yes, offers a free forever tier with access to public channels and basic chat features without rate limits. Limits do apply on number of private channels and message history storage. But users can still utilize the platform extensively at no cost.

Can I access on mobile apps?

While currently does not offer a mobile app, its web interface is mobile-friendly and accessible from any modern smartphone browser. Native iOS and Android apps may be developed eventually as the platform grows.

How old is and who created it? was created in early 2023 by technology company Anthropic as an experiment in simple, community-driven web chat. Anthropic is led by former OpenAI executives and researchers well-known in the AI safety space.

Is encrypted and private? does not offer end-to-end encryption currently, however the platform does use HTTPS secure connections. Optional encryption and more granular privacy controls are on the 2023 roadmap as high priorities according to’s founders.

Can businesses and teams use for internal chat?

While lacking some advanced features tailored for businesses compared to rivals, can certainly be configured for internal team communication using private channels. Membership control and history options make it viable for small-to-medium business use cases.