– Real-time Code Assistance is an AI-powered coding assistant that aims to make developers more efficient by offering features like autocompletion, code generation, and vulnerability checks.

This 2024 review provides an in-depth look at capabilities, pricing, pros and cons, top alternatives, and more to help determine if it’s the right fit for your needs.

What is is an AI coding assistant designed specifically for software developers. It utilizes machine learning models to understand natural language queries and translate them into relevant code suggestions.

Positioned as an AI pair programmer, provides real-time feedback and recommendations as you write code.

Key features include:

  • Code autocompletion
  • Code generation from text
  • Identification of security vulnerabilities
  • Automated test case generation
  • Support for Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, and more

By enhancing coding efficiency, aims to help developers be more productive and write better quality code faster.

How Works integrates directly into coding environments like VS Code, PyCharm, and Jupyter. As developers write code, analyzes the context and leverage its AI models to provide useful recommendations.

For example, when a developer starts typing a function name, can autocomplete the most likely function that matches the developer’s intent. It can also generate entire code blocks from natural language queries or comments.

Behind the scenes, employs techniques like representation learning and reinforcement learning to continuously improve its coding suggestions. User feedback further helps refine its models.

Features and Capabilities of comes packed with features to augment programmers’ productivity:

Code Autocompletion

  • Predict relevant method names, class names, variables
  • Over 85% accuracy in topping matching developer intent
  • Adaptive learning customized per project

Code Generation

  • Generate code blocks from natural language
  • Translation of comments into code
  • Reduces repetitive coding efforts

Security Checks

  • Scan for vulnerabilities as you code
  • Flag high-risk issues like SQL injections
  • Integration with bandit and other security engines

Test Case Generation

  • Automated unit test case creation
  • Coverage for corner cases
  • Ensures robust, high-quality code

Real-Time Feedback

  • Contextual coding recommendations
  • Identify potential bugs and issues early
  • Fits seamlessly into existing workflows also supports code search across GitHub repos, error message decoding, and other helper features targeted at developers.

How Much Does Cost? offers both free and paid plans:

Free$0/moCore features <br> Public GitHub only <br> Limited to 50 requests/day
Pro$10/moEverything in Free <br> Private repos access <br> 5000 requests/day
Business$49/moPerks of Pro <br> Support for teams <br> 50,000 requests/day
EnterpriseCustomVolume discounts <br> Dedicated support <br> Custom models

Students can get 6 months of free access to the Pro plan. For teams and organizations, volume discounts apply for the Business and Enterprise plans.

Pros of

Enhanced Coding EfficiencyAutocompletion and code generation accelerate development
Time SavingsReduce repetitive coding efforts
Robust SecurityBuilt-in vulnerability scanning during coding
Easy IntegrationWorks seamlessly with popular dev tools
Continual ImprovementLeverages user feedback to keep getting better

Cons of

Potential BiasHeavily dependent on training data quality
Lacks CustomizationCannot customize models yet
Limited Language SupportOnly ~5 languages supported currently
Cloud DependencyRequires constant internet connection

How to Use Complete Overview

Using is simple. It directly integrates with your existing coding environments like VS Code through extensions.

As you code, provides smart autocompletions and generation capabilities. It runs security checks seamlessly in the background. Over time, its suggestions continue to get better adapted specifically to your codebase. also offers a visual playground to experiment with code generation from natural language queries. Additional integrations with chat tools like Slack and GitHub issues enable broad use cases.

With intuitive interactions optimized for developers, most find the assistant easy to use out-of-the-box without a steep learning curve. Alternatives

YouCodeStrong search capabilitiesLimited language support
CodyCode summarizationLess accurate autocompletion
GPTCustomizabilityNot optimized for code
BuildtBrowser-basedFewer features than

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In conclusion, hits the mark as a powerful AI coding assistant. With its excellent autocompletion capabilities, integrations with dev tools, and continually improving models, it enables developers to code more efficiently and effectively.

For those needing help with faster code generation, heightened security, and reduced repetitive tasks, is a strong contender to consider.

While it has some limitations around language support and bias potential, its overall value proposition makes it a worthy AI assistant for developers.


Is free to use? offers a free plan but with limitations. The Pro plan unlocks full capabilities from $10/month.

What coding languages does support?

Currently, it has strong support for Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, and Go. More languages are slated to be added.

Does work offline?

No, Useblackbox requires an internet connection to leverage the cloud AI models. Offline functionality is being considered for a future release.

Can I customize models on

Not yet, but custom models are expected to be supported soon, especially for Enterprise customers.

How is different from GitHub Copilot?

Copilot focuses narrowly on auto-completion, while offers a broader set of AI coding features like code search, generation, and security checks.