WcoFun.net – Watch Cartoons Online HD FREE

WcoFun.net is a popular free anime and cartoon streaming website that allows users to watch both classic and latest animated content without registration.

This WcoFun.net review covers everything you need to know about this platform – its features, content library, safety, legitimacy, alternatives and more to help you decide if it is worth using.

What is WcoFun.net?

WcoFun.net is a free streaming site specialized in hosting anime and cartoons. It features a large collection of animated titles, from older classic series to newly released episodes. Users can stream content without creating an account in qualities up to 1080p depending on the title.

In addition to desktop streaming, WcoFun is mobile-friendly. It also lets users download videos in different file formats to watch offline later. However, there is a tradeoff – the site contains intrusive popup ads, redirection links and risks of malware.

Launched: 2008

Domain Age: 15 years

Monthly Visitors: 7 million+ (SimilarWeb estimate)

Streaming Library: 1000+ anime, 500+ cartoons


Features of WcoFun.net

Streaming and Downloads

  • No registration needed to start streaming instantly
  • HTML5 and mobile supported streaming
  • Download videos as MP4s and MKVs in 480p to 1080p
  • Subtitles available but limited for few titles
  • Watch anime in Japanese with English subs

Content Library

  • Vast catalog of classic and ongoing anime franchise episodes
  • Popular cartoons like Ben 10, Adventure Time, Pokemon
  • Ongoing series updated hourly after release in Japan
  • Anime search to find titles conveniently

Site Navigation

  • Intuitive genre and A-Z listing to browse library
  • Homepage highlights newest and trending anime
  • Episode pages show related titles and recommendations


  • Funded through video ads and pop-under networks
  • No subscription plans or payments needed
  • Allows ad blockers but limits download speeds

Pros of WcoFun.net

Free streamingNo account or fees needed to watch
No country restrictionsContent available globally
New episodes fastLatest releases added quickly
Mobile supportIOS and Android compatible

Cons of WcoFun.net

Too many adsIntrusive popups and redirections
Risk of malwareReports of malware downloads
Limited subtitlesFew anime have subs besides English
Video lagStreams can buffer and play slowly

Is WcoFun.net legit?

The legality of sites like WcoFun is questionable. The site is not officially licensed to distribute the anime and cartoons hosted on it. Most of the content does likely violate copyright.

Additionally, there have been issues reported around malicious ads and redirects leading to malware. Users should exercise caution and use safe browsing practices if accessing the site. Many suggest using ad blockers as well.

While moral and ethical concerns exist regarding piracy and copyright aspects, the direct act of streaming on WcoFun does not seem to carry legal risks for users. However, downloading videos to distribute or upload to other sites may be illegal.

WcoFun.net Alternatives

SitesContentVideo QualityAdsSafety
AnimeDaoLarger anime library720p maxNon-intrusiveSafer site
AnimeFeverSpecialized in dubs1080pPopupsHit or miss
AnimeLabLegal option but paid1080pNo ads100% safe

Conclusion and Verdict: WcoFun.net Review

In summary, WcoFun.net lets you stream a huge catalog of anime and cartoons conveniently without needing an account. Video quality is decent and new episodes are uploaded rapidly after airing in Japan.

However, there are also downsides around invasive ads, malware risks, limited subtitles and occasional streaming lag.

The site exists in a legal gray area but allows free access to content many are willing to tolerate the negatives for. Using an ad blocker helps improve the experience.

Ultimately it offers a reasonable option for streaming anime but safer and paid alternatives with fewer ads exist.

FAQs: WcoFun.net

Is WcoFun actually safe to use?

There are risks around malicious ads and malware so safety cannot be guaranteed. Using an ad blocker helps but does not fully protect against shady redirects.

Can I really watch anime for free legally?

WcoFun operates in a legal gray zone. Streaming itself has little risk but the site violating copyright makes it not 100% legal.

What are the best alternatives to WcoFun?

Some top alternatives are AnimeDao, AnimeFever and AnimeLab. Each has pros and cons compared to WcoFun but offer safer options.

Why are there so many ads on WcoFun?

The ads pay for servers and content licensing costs so the site can remain free. Unfortunately they take it too far sometimes at the expense of user experience.

Is there an app I can use to watch WcoFun on my phone/tablet?

WcoFun does not have an official app. But the mobile site works well in phone and tablet browsers. Using the browser’s desktop view optimize the streaming experience.