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SmartValue is a leading direct selling company in India that offers a diverse range of over 100 high-quality and affordable products across categories like health and wellness, beauty and personal care, home care, lifestyle, agriculture, and educational materials. Founded in 2006, it has established a strong presence across 500+ cities in the country.

In this detailed review, we will provide an overview of SmartValue business model, product offering, compensation plans for direct sellers, pros and cons, pricing, and alternatives in the market. Read on to find out if SmartValue provides a worthwhile opportunity as a direct seller in 2024.

What is WWW.Smartvalue.Biz?

SmartValue Products and Services Limited is a privately held direct selling company headquartered in Mumbai, India.

It focuses on providing customers with quality and affordable products for their daily needs while offering a viable income opportunity through its multi-level marketing model.

The company has a diverse portfolio spanning health supplements, beauty and personal care, home care solutions, water purifiers, lifestyle products, agricultural inputs, and educational books and video content. As per the company website, all products are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

How WWW.Smartvalue.Biz Works

SmartValue operates via the direct selling business model wherein instead of using retail shops, it appoints individual distributors who market and sell products directly to consumers and enrol new distributors.

Distributors earn income through:

  • Retail Profit Margin: Buying products at wholesale rate from SmartValue and selling at MRP to consumers
  • Referral Bonus: Enrolling new distributors and earning bonus on their business volume
  • Level Bonus: Building a team and earning bonus over the business volume across downlines

As per industry data, direct selling is a booming sector in India with over 5 million distributors and growing at a rapid clip.

Features of WWW.Smartvalue.Biz

SmartValue offers the following capabilities and earning mechanisms for its business partners or direct sellers:

Diverse Product Range: As stated earlier, it offers over 100 products across major categories including wellness, personal care, home care, water purifiers, lifestyle items, agri inputs, and educational products.

Referral Rewards: On enrolling each direct seller, existing members can earn bonuses between 8-13%.

Team Bonuses: Building a team under gives eligibility for bonuses based on group business volume across multiple levels. Top performers can earn 35% from level 1 members.

Incentives and Promotions: Performance based incentives like international trips, car fund bonuses etc. Exclusive deals on products.

Premium Services: Provided for top leaders of the company including exclusive training, IT and marketing support.

Ease of Operations: User friendly system to place orders, track payments and payouts as well manage teams. Dedicated support team.

Overall, SmartValue aims to deliver quality products, attractive commissions, incentives and full systems support to assist distributors in growing their direct selling business.


How much does WWW.Smartvalue.Biz cost?

The cost aspects associated with SmartValue’s direct selling business opportunity are:

Cost ComponentDetails
Registration CostRs 2000
Product CostAvailable at wholesale rates, approx 10-20% discount on MRP
Business KitRs 1500 (includes brochures, presentations etc)
RenewalRs 1000 per annum

Additionally, building a team would require investments into training, business collateral and travel which depends on scale of operations.

The direct selling opportunity allows earnings from multiple streams like retail margin, referral bonus, and team commissions – making it a potentially lucrative avenue.

Pros of WWW.Smartvalue.Biz

Here are some of the major advantages of the SmartValue direct selling opportunity:

Established Brand17+ years presence across India
Value Based ProductsFocus on quality and affordable pricing
Attractive CompensationReferral bonus up to 13% plus team commissions
Multilevel EarningsIncome from direct and downline sales
IncentivesPerformance bonuses, international trips for achievers
Improving LifeFlexible business model, learning skills and leadership capabilities

Cons of WWW.Smartvalue.Biz

Some drawbacks to consider before associating with SmartValue’s direct selling business:

Market SaturationHigh competition from 100,000+ direct selling brands
OperationsManaging paperwork, inventory, collections and teams
No GuaranteesIncome depends on ability to sell products and enrol members
LegalityRestrictions in some Indian states

How to Use WWW.Smartvalue.Biz: Complete Overview

Using SmartValue’s direct selling platform involves:

  • Registration – Visit SmartValue website, submit contact and KYC details, make registration payment
  • Activate Account – Receive starter kit, set up back-office dashboard, place initial inventory order
  • Product Demos – Study product features and benefits thoroughly before demonstrating to customers
  • Lead Generation – Leverage social media, events, referrals to identify potential leads
  • Sales Conversions – Follow up leads persistently to close sales
  • Team Building – Prospect known contacts to onboard as new distributors
  • Ongoing Efforts – Stay motivated and focused on expanding reach across geography to grow team and maximize commissions

The company provides extensive training and marketing collateral to assist in the sales process. Top leaders also get IT infrastructure and exclusive support.

WWW.Smartvalue.Biz Alternatives

Here are some alternatives offering similar direct selling opportunities in India:

Direct Selling CompanyCategoriesCommission RatesStrengths
eBIZPersonal care, wellness, utilities, education15-31% referralLeader in utilities distribution
VestigeWellness, personal care, food & drinks10-25%Strong brand, innovative products
DXN IndiaHealthcare, wellness and lifestyle5-15%Specialized wellness products
ModicareWellness, skincare, food, homecare10-20%Long operating history, training support

Conclusion and Verdict: WWW.Smartvalue.Biz Review

In summary, SmartValue offers a well-established direct selling platform backed by a wide range of value for money products.

It provides market competitive commissions and interesting incentives programs that allow building a sustainable income source and growing together with the company.

Considering aspects like quality assurance, business ethics and longevity in the market, SmartValue certainly presents a promising avenue for individuals looking to tap into the burgeoning direct selling space in India.

FAQs: WWW.Smartvalue.Biz

How quickly can I start earning with SmartValue?

You can start earning immediately through retail profits and referral bonuses as soon as you begin promoting and selling SmartValue products. However, building a sustainable long term business would require consistency and patience.

What skills do I need to succeed as a SmartValue direct seller?

Key skills include effective communication, perseverance, motivation,goal setting, time management and leadership qualities to build and manage teams. Prior sales experience is useful but extensive training is provided by SmartValue as well.

How is SmartValue different from a pyramid scheme?

SmartValue focuses on selling viable products to consumers which is the core revenue driver. Income plans involve commissions on such actual product sales rather than merely enrolling distributors in multiple layers.

Can I do this as a part-time business?

Yes, SmartValue’s flexible model allows you to start part-time. But consistent efforts are vital to build a profitable and growing business in the direct selling industry.

Does SmartValue offer microbusiness opportunities?

Yes, those unable to invest for full business can partner under an existing distributor through microbusiness options and still earn income as per business policies. Minimal charges apply.