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The world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies continues to expand at a rapid pace. In this landscape, stands out as an intriguing new platform aimed at providing a swift, convenient, and secure alternative to traditional banking services.

Central to offerings is the YES WORLD token – a utility token that functions as the main vehicle for transactions and engagement within the ecosystem.

In this in-depth review, we will analyze its key capabilities as a financial services platform, benefits and drawbacks of the YES WORLD token, pricing plans, ease of use, alternatives, and ultimately determine if is positioned as a viable banking alternative for the modern era.

What is is a financial services platform founded in 2022 that aims to provide users with a more efficient alternative compared to traditional banks.

The platform has been created by prominent “Save the Earth” activist and entrepreneur Dr. Sandeep Choudhary, who serves as Yesworld’s Promoter and Co-Founder. provides an array of financial services including but not limited to:

  • Digital payments and remittance transfers
  • Access to debit/credit facilities
  • Portfolio and token performance tracking
  • Merchant and vendor payments acceptance

A defining aspect of is its native YES WORLD token. This token is positioned as a leading utility token that is designed for a variety of payments, transactions, and engagement actions across the Yesworld platform and partner merchant ecosystem.

According to materials published by the team, the YES WORLD token has already gained strong early-stage traction.

As per data tracked in late 2022, it was the largest percentage gainer out of all cryptocurrencies in a 24 hour tracking period – showcasing strong investor interest and speculation around future growth.

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How Works

As an alternative banking platform, focuses heavily on providing a convenient and streamlined fintech experience. The platform aims to provide faster and cheaper transactions compared to traditional bank wires or remittance transfers.

Some of the key steps associated with getting started and leveraging Yesworld’s offerings include:


Users are able to sign-up for Yesworld accounts quickly using just a name, email address, password and phone number confirmation.

Funding Accounts

Accounts can be funded with a variety of traditional payment methods, including bank transfers, cards, and other online wallets or currencies. Fiat is exchanged to obtain the platform’s native YES Token.


The YES Token drives all payments and transactions within the Yesworld ecosystem – including merchant purchases, remittances, debit/credit facilities, and more. Transactions leverage blockchain technology to provide transparent tracing and faster settlement.

Performance Tracking

User dashboards provide visibility into completed transactions, token performance, and can also display rankings on community leaderboards.

This combination of easy onboarding, token-based transactions, and robust tracking allows to offer a compelling banking alternative with strong Web3 elements.

Next, we will explore the platform’s key features before comparing its pricing, pros/cons, alternatives, and overall value assessment.

Features of offers a range of financially-focused features that collectively aim to provide an advanced alternative to traditional banking:

Payments and Transactions

At its core, Yesworld delivers fast, global payment functionality powered by easy access to debit/credit facilities and its native YES token.

All payments and remittances worldwide are facilitated through conversion to/from the YES token on the backend. This token layer allows for lower fees, quicker settlements, and tracing via blockchain ledger entries.

Yesworld plans to expand the capability for consumers and merchants to seamlessly utilize the YES token for purchases at 80+ million worldwide merchant touchpoints.

Token Performance Tracking

User dashboards offer dynamic visibility into settled transactions, token price changes, rankings relative to other users, and more. This wealth tracking capability helps users monitor their token-based financing activities.

Advanced charts are also available to analyze token price performance across configurable time horizons. Portfolio adjustments can be enacted based on dashboard insights.

Security Protocols

As a financial platform, security is paramount. Yesworld employs end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and standardized KYC checks to validate user identities.

Biometric login, credential recovery mechanisms, and data partitioning further strengthen security from within the application layer itself.

Merchant Ecosystem

An expansive partnership network is planned to grow merchant acceptance of the YES token to 10 million vendors before April 2024.

Current merchant partners span food and beverage, travel, luxury items, hospitality, lifestyle brands, and digital service providers. Notable partners include Burger King Brazil, Caffe Coffee Day India, and more.

Over time, enhanced benefits and rewards for merchant and consumer participation will be layered on top of the base transactional YES token capabilities.

Roadmap has an extensive technology roadmap planned over coming years.

Upcoming capabilities aim to bring advanced features like on-demand credit lines, loyalty rewards programs, real-world NFTs, branching into Web3 domains, and more ubiquitous token transaction support.

How much does cost?

As primarily a transactional service and financial ecosystem, does not charge monthly subscription fees or onboarding costs. Instead, the platform generates revenues from volume-based transaction fees:

FreeNo signup fees or monthly charges
Standard0.5%-1% transaction fees
EnterpriseCustom deployments possible

The free tier allows users to access basic Yesworld account dashboards and performance tracking tools without incurring any mandatory charges. This allows new users to trial the service without financial risk.

However, to unlock actual transactional capabilities, the Standard plan applies a per-transaction fee model. Transaction fees typically range from 0.5% to 1% of transaction amounts, but can dynamically fluctuate based on market conditions and currency conversions rates.

Volume pricing discounts may also apply for power users completing high lifetime transaction totals or holding elevated YES token balances.

For large institutions or merchants interested in deep platform integrations, custom Enterprise pricing is available via direct quotation. Enterprise plans include dedicated account management, SLAs, and bundled transaction allowances.

This transaction-based fee model allows Yesworld pricing to scale in alignment with user platform usage. Users only pay applicable fees if and when leveraging transactions, vs needing to cover mandatory recurring access charges.

Now that we have explored the platform’s pricing model and key features, we will analyze the core pros and cons of adopting for financial services needs.

Pros of

Utilizing for banking, payments, and financial transactions carries a number of advantages:

SpeedYesworld leverages blockchain and tokenization to speed up payment settlement and processing over typical bank transaction protocols. Wire transfers or remittances that could take days conventionally are collapsed into minutes or hours via automated cryptocurrency-backed transaction rails on the backend.
SecurityThe platform incorporates multiple security mechanisms including encryption, two factor authentication, biometric logins, KYC verification procedures, and partitioning data access controls to protect user funds. Cryptocurrency asset storage also enables users to maintain custody in a decentralized manner not beholden to centralized bank vulnerabilities.
Token UtilityThe YES token possesses wide ranging utility and short term upside growth potential as venture investment continues and merchant adoption rises towards the goal of 10 million vendors prior to April 2024. This could imbue the token with a strengthening valuation outlook based on demand increases in alignment with expanded real world commerce integrations for the cryptocurrency.

These advantages combine to make Yesworld a compelling value proposition relative to the complication and comparative lack of innovation from conventional banking institutions.

The blockchain/cryptocurrency foundation also offers the possibility to capture investment gains as increased platform usage translates toYES price appreciation.

Cons of

Despite the encouraging attributes of the Yesworld platform, there are also some drawbacks to evaluate before moving financial services over:

Limited is still scaling up and the YES token is not readily accessible or exchangeable across all countries currently. Fiat onramps are limited to roughly 80 countries at launch. This could restrict usage options for certain user subsets depending on geographic location.
VolatilityAs with any cryptocurrency, the YES token price remains subject to speculative volatility. Users must be comfortable with the risks of market fluctuations eroding or enhancing holdings – monitoring dashboards helps track performances.
Learning represents an alternative Web3 fintech ecosystem that could present a learning curve to grasp compared to conventional banking applications. An orientation period can be expected before users fully acclimate to the platform’s features, token mechanics, dashboard tracking capabilities, and payment/transaction flows. An intuitive user experience helps to ease this onboarding journey.

While these limitations are common among emerging blockchain ecosystems, has solutions in the roadmap to help expand availability, stabilize volatility over time, and educate users to simplify the learning curve.

How to Use Complete Overview

Using consists of a straightforward process to activate accounts, convert fiat to tokens, enact transactions, and track resulting portfolio changes:

Onboarding: Registering a account is simple – requiring just an email address, password, name and contact number to activate an account. KYC verification helps authenticate identity further.

Funding: Bank wires, cards, online wallets and approved cryptocurrency options can fund Yesworld accounts with fiat that is converted to the YES token. Over 80 fiat onramps are supported. Enterprise services allow customized integrations.

Transacting: The YES token drives all transaction activity, spanning retail purchases, bill pay, remittances, investments and more. Token economics incentivize merchant adoption and consumer usage.

Portfolio Tracking: User dashboards deliver real-time tracking of completed transactions, token valuation changes, rankings, loyalty rewards accumulation and more. Performance can be charted across flexible time horizons.

This process allows accessing a robust suite of financial services catered towards both retail and enterprise users in an easy, unified Web3 interface. Alternatives

There is a growing landscape of blockchain-centric financial platforms. Below are the leading competitors to

NexyBitNexyBit offers crypto-backed instant cross border payments, single token interoperability between different blockchain ecosystems, and loyalty rewards programs similar to the YES token model.
RadiXRadix focuses on being a high-throughput, power efficient public ledger optimized for DeFi and dApps. It aims to be infrastructure for WEB3 finance instead of a dedicated platform like Yesworld.
RequestRequest facilitates peer-to-peer payments, invoicing, auditing and cross-currency settlements. Overlaps with Yesworld’s remittances and consumer payment capabilities leveraging tokenization and blockchain rails.

These alternatives demonstrate the broader ecosystem Yesworld exists within to target decentralized finance and bank alternatives.

Yesworld’s singular focus on token-based transactions, retail/enterprise orientation and ambitious merchant acquisition growth plans help differentiate from competitors.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In closing, brings together a unique blend of blockchain functionality, token economics, Web3 infrastructure and ease of use to provide consumers with an extremely viable alternative to traditional banking services.

Early enthusiasm and usage indicators combined with the platform’s robust technical roadmap demonstrate the immense promise sitting squarely on the shoulders of Yesworld’s accessible financial experience.

Once expanded globally with further merchant integrations, the YES token possesses the capabilities to transform into an entrenched option capturing both retail and commercial transaction volumes in the same manner Bitcoin disrupted currency markets over the past decade.

For innovative consumers and merchants keen to support the pioneering ethos powering the ongoing web3 evolution, Yesworld represents an exciting new entry point into the decentralized financial landscape.


Is fully operational yet?

Yesworld is actively onboarding merchant partners and is live for select retail account creation and token staking in anticipation of broader public availability by early 2023 leading up to the April 2023 global launch.

How is the YES token valuation derived?

Token valuation will follow typical cryptocurrency dynamics, fluctuating based on community interest, speculation, global token adoption trends, and balancing of supply and demand in secondary markets as the fixed token emission schedule tapers over time.

What blockchain does the YES token operate on?

The YES token is designed as a cross-chain compatible ERC-20 standard token, built on the tried and tested Ethereum infrastructure to interoperate seamlessly with Web3 wallets and DeFi ecosystems like Uniswap.

Does token ownership give special voting rights?

As a utility token, the YES token currently does not confer direct platform voting capabilities. However, future governance participation could be enabled through staking initiatives or loyalty reward rankings.

Who provides custody solutions for YES tokens?

A combination of security mechanisms including multi-party computation, threshold signatures, and hardware-secured private keys help safeguard YES tokens without centralized custody risks.