Cornerstone AI – Review【2024】AI Data Cleaning Assistant

Cornerstone AI is an artificial intelligence-powered, self-learning data cleaning platform tailored to healthcare’s unique data challenges.

It automatically standardizes terminology, resolves errors, handles missing information and harmonizes siloed datasets – preparing heterogeneous data for seamless analytics.

This review offers a comprehensive assessment of Cornerstone AI’s capabilities, use cases, pricing, competitors and more to help healthcare organizations evaluate if it’s the right solution to optimize their data preparation workflows in order to drive more impactful insights.

What is Cornerstone AI?

Cornerstone AI is an artificial intelligence-powered data cleaning and preparation platform designed specifically for healthcare organizations.

It utilizes advanced machine learning techniques to automate the process of profiling, standardizing, and enhancing real-world healthcare data from various sources like electronic health records, medical claims, clinical trial data, and more.

The self-learning system profiles datasets to understand their characteristics, patterns, and inconsistencies and then generates custom data cleaning rules tailored to that specific data.

This allows Cornerstone AI to clean data with higher accuracy and efficiency compared to traditional platforms with predefined, static rule sets.

By seamlessly preparing heterogeneous healthcare data for analysis, Cornerstone AI saves researchers and healthcare providers significant time and effort while also enabling them to unlock more impactful insights from their data.

How Cornerstone AI Works

The Cornerstone AI platform follows a structured data preparation workflow:

Data Ingestion: Data from diverse sources and formats like EHR systems, medical claims databases, clinical trial systems is aggregated by the platform.

Profiling & Analysis: Proprietary algorithms profile the datasets to identify key parameters like value distributions, outliers, missing values.

Custom Rule Generation: The AI engine processes the data and its characteristics to create custom cleaning rules tailored to that specific data.

Data Transformation: These personalized transformation rules are applied to clean, standardize and enrich the data – handling missing values, inconsistencies, reformatting records etc.

Harmonization & Integration: The processed, high-quality data is harmonized into a uniform structure and integrated into a single dataset for simplified analysis.

Validation & Monitoring: Human-in-the-loop monitoring and automated validation checks ensure data quality is maintained.

This optimized data can then be seamlessly analyzed using Business Intelligence or Analytics tools to drive impactful health insights.

Cornerstone AI
Cornerstone AI

Key Features of Cornerstone AI

  • Automated Data Profiling – Analyzes datasets to identify characteristics, errors, inconsistencies that need resolution
  • Customizable Data Cleaning Rules – Uses AI to automatically generates data-specific cleaning rules
  • Data Harmonization – Integrates siloed data from multiple sources into a unified structure
  • Terminology Standardization – Normalizes medical terms and clinical codes for consistency
  • Data Integrity Checks – Identifies errors and issues to ensure reliable data
  • Interactive Dashboards – Enables users to monitor data preparation workflow and status
  • Compliance Tracking – Maintains detailed audit trails for data governance
  • Scalable Infrastructure – Cloud-native platform designed for large healthcare datasets

Capabilities of Cornerstone AI

Automating Manual Data Cleaning: Cornerstone AI eliminates the need for tedious and repetitive manual data cleaning work. The platform’s algorithms handle profiling datasets, detecting abnormalities, generating appropriate cleaning rules, and rectifying issues autonomously.

This enables healthcare organizations to redirect precious human resources from rote data janitor work to higher value analysis and research.

Customized Data Preparation: Unlike otrasolutionss that utilize static, predefined rule sets, Cornerstone AI creates custom data cleaning rules tailored to each customer’s specific data parameters.

This level of personalization enables more accurate, targeted data preparation resulting in better quality datasets for downstream analytics.

Support for Diverse Healthcare Data: Cornerstone AI supports and harmonizes various formats of healthcare data including electronic medical records, claims billing data, clinical trial data, genomic datasets and more.

The platform is purpose-built to handle the unique characteristics and challenges of complex real-world healthcare data.

Continuous Learning & Improvement: Leveraging the latest AI techniques like active learning and reinforcement learning, Cornerstone AI continuously trains its models to adapt to new data patterns and contexts.

As datasets grow and evolve, the platform keeps improving – ensuring durable performance over time.

Cornerstone AI
Cornerstone AI

Benefits of Cornerstone AI

Faster Clinical Research: By automating tedious data cleaning, Cornerstone AI accelerates clinical research initiatives like drug trials allowing life-saving treatments to reach patients sooner. It also surfaces more reliable insights from trial data, enabling more confident medical decisions.

Optimized Patient Care: Robust healthcare data analytics uncovers trends and patterns that inform better clinical practices and resource allocation – helping improve quality of patient care.

Proactive Public Health Planning: Population health analytics on standardized, harmonized health data allows earlier detection of adverse trends, guiding proactive health policy decisions.

Democratized Data Analytics: Expediting data preparation enables self-service analytics by business users without deep technical skills – making data insights more accessible throughout healthcare organizations.

How Much Does Cornerstone AI Cost?

Unfortunately Cornerstone AI does not publicly publish pricing information or plans on its website. As an enterprise-focused, customized platform, costs likely vary based on each client’s specific data and use case.

Interested users need to schedule a demo and private consultation with the Cornerstone AI sales team to obtain a customized price quote. Pricing is likely tied to parameters like data volume, necessary compute resources, and contracted minimum usage commitments.

However, buyers can likely expect subscription plans on an annual contract, with discounts available for longer agreements. As a benchmark, alternatives with transparent pricing start at approx. $10,000 annually.

Pros of Cornerstone AI

  • Self-learning platform continuously enhances cleaning accuracy over time
  • Automates manual data preparation work to save costs and labor
  • Supports wide array of healthcare data types like EHR records, billing codes, clinical trial data
  • Cloud-native and scalable to handle large, growing datasets
  • Customized data cleaning rules tailored to specific customer data parameters
  • User-friendly interface enables business users without needing data engineers
  • Ongoing customer support helps users optimize value from the platform

Cons of Cornerstone AI

  • No public pricing: Lack of transparent pricing requires custom quote requests
  • Compute-intensive: Large datasets require provisioning cloud compute capacity
  • AI limitations: Ultimately depends on volume and quality of training data
  • Custom development: Heavily tailored solutions limit out-of-the-box functionality
  • Longer time-to-value: Requires upfront effort for setup and configuration

How to Use Cornerstone AI: Complete Overview

Implementing Cornerstone AI involves specific steps across three phase:

1. Onboarding & Integration

  • Provision cloud infrastructure – AWS, GCP, Azure
  • Ingest source data systems – EHR, clinical trials, billing etc.
  • Map data schemas and attributes
  • Label subsets for model training

2. Configuration & Customization

  • Profile datasets to uncover parameters and issues
  • Generate data-specific cleaning rules
  • Develop terminology standardization guidelines
  • Establish data monitoring checks and SLAs

3. Ongoing Management

  • Review cleaning performance through QA checks
  • Expand datasets or amend guidelines
  • Provide additional sample datasets for retraining
  • Upgrade infrastructure to handle growth

Ongoing collaboration with Cornerstone’s support specialists streamlines this process.

Cornerstone AI Alternatives

Cornerstone AI competes against a mix of traditional data preparation vendors adapting to healthcare and dedicated medical data platforms.

Top Alternatives Include:

  • Trifacta: Leading data wrangling platform expanding into healthcare
  • Informatica CLAIRE: End-to-end AI-powered data management
  • Health Catalyst: Broad healthcare analytics and interoperability
  • Tamr: General purpose data mastering and harmonization
  • UnifyID: Identity resolution focused on patient record matching

Here is a comparison of key capabilities across the top alternatives:

PlatformHealthcare SpecializationAuto Rule GenerationCloud NativeStarting Price
Cornerstone AIYesYesYesCustom Quote
Informatica CLAIREYesYesYesCustom Quote
Health CatalystYesNoNoCustom Quote
UnifyIDNoNoYesCustom Quote

As this table highlights, Cornerstone AI is among the top options for healthcare organizations specifically needing customized, AI-powered data preparation capabilities purpose-built for medical data.

Conclusion: Cornerstone AI

In closing, Cornerstone AI undoubtedly leads in leveraging machine learning to automate healthcare data cleaning and preparation.

It saves significant costs by reducing manual effort otherwise required for data janitor work before analysis tasks can even begin.

The platform creates knowledge by unlocking insights from unstructured real-world data – informing better decisions across clinical research, patient treatment plans and public health policies.

For healthcare organizations looking to drive more value from data, Cornerstone AI delivers an easy-to-use yet powerful solution tailored to the industry’s unique needs.

FAQs About Cornerstone AI

Does Cornerstone AI require technical expertise to use?

No. Cornerstone AI prioritizes usability allowing business users without coding skills to manage the platform through intuitive web dashboards, and abstraction of the underlying ML complexity.

What healthcare data can Cornerstone AI prepare?

It supports all major formats like electronic health records, lab test data, medical imaging data, clinical trial data, genomic datasets and medical claims/billing data.

Can Cornerstone AI be used across different healthcare clouds?

Yes. Cornerstone AI is cloud-native, able to connect data from any major cloud provider including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Is my data secure with Cornerstone AI?

Absolutely. Cornerstone AI is fully HIPAA compliant ensuring data privacy and security across all stages – transit, storage and processing. Granular user access controls restrict data access.

Does Cornerstone AI provide ongoing support?

Indeed. The standard license includes expert training, customer success management and technical support to optimize the value customers realize from the platform over time as their needs evolve.