– 10X Your Creativity Using AI is an AI-powered platform that provides a suite of creative tools and services to help bring ideas to life.

With capabilities like automatic image generation from text, image editing, conversational bots, and more, DeepAI aims to enhance human creativity through artificial intelligence.

In this review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this intriguing platform:

  • How DeepAI and its various features work
  • DeepAI capabilities for image, text, and chatbot AI
  • Subscription pricing and plans
  • The main pros and cons to consider
  • How DeepAI compares to alternatives like NightCafe, StarryAI, Wombo, and others
  • Conclusion – who we recommend DeepAI for and predictions for the future

Let’s get started!

What is is an AI platform safety startup based in San Francisco. It operates as a consumer-facing marketplace for AI-generated graphics, text, avatars, and more.

The name “DeepAI” refers to deep learning, a popular modern technique in artificial intelligence using neural networks modeled after the human brain.

While DeepAI started more for research purposes, showing AI capabilities, it has evolved into a creative toolset for everyday users. The goal is to make advanced AI accessible to students, artists, entrepreneurs, developers and more to augment their work.

DeepAI continues to push boundaries on what’s possible with AI generation while aiming to develop and use the technology responsibly.

How Works

DeepAI provides access to stable diffusion machine learning models trained on vast datasets. These AI models can generate brand new images, edit existing images, produce text, hold conversations and more.

To deliver specific outputs, the models dynamically create or modify content to match text prompts and descriptions provided by the user.

For example, the AI Image Generator will create a unique image each time from a text description like “an astronaut riding a horse on Mars with Earth in the sky”. The image epochs during generation, iteratively refining itself into a final product matching that text.

DeepAI offers an intuitive web interface and APIs to tap into these generative AI models without needing coding or machine learning expertise.

Creators simply describe or upload what they want, let DeepAI work its magic behind the scenes, then download the output.

Features and Capabilities of

DeepAI packs a wide range of AI-enhanced features into one platform:

AI Image Generator

  • Text-to-image generation
  • 15 formats from 256×256 to 1024×1024
  • Upload existing images for editing/modifications
  • Control image epochs during generation

AI Image Editor

  • Add, remove or modify elements in existing images
  • Seamless object insertion
  • Apply automatic enhancement filters
  • Stylize images into different art forms

AI Search

  • Search 300 million images by keyword
  • Find reusable media for creative projects
  • Attribution tracking for all media

AI Avatars & Characters

  • Chat with personalized or famous AI avatars
  • Generate cartoon avatars from selfies
  • Animate still images and GIFs

Idea Generator

  • Style-based text idea generation
  • Sparks creative writing and brainstorming
  • Adjust length and quantity of ideas

Other Tools

  • Old photo restoration
  • Colorizing black & white images
  • Image and video tagging
  • Removing objects/watermarks from images
  • Face detection, landmarks and attributes

As you can see, DeepAI consolidates a versatile toolkit for generating, modifying and enhancing visual media powered by AI. The text and conversational interfaces unlock unique, customized outputs tailored to what you describe.

How Much Does Cost?

DeepAI offers flexible plans to meet different needs and budgets:

Free$0Limited to 3 media generations per week
Pay As You Go$5 per 100 Images<br>$0.05 per ImagePay only for what you use
DeepAI Pro$25/month <br>$240/year (-20%)500 Image Generations<br>1,750 AI Chat Messages<br>60 Genius Ideas

The Free plan is a good way to try DeepAI’s core features, but lacks volume for serious projects.

Pay As You Go offers the most flexibility if you occasionally need AI-generated media. It works out to around $0.05 per image.

DeepAI Pro removes limits for high-volume media creation, with the downside of a monthly subscription. Bulk discounts are available for annual plans.

Overall DeepAI is competitively priced compared to alternatives, which often charge by individual generation. Power users creating lots of images, videos or text every month will get the most value from the Pro plan.

Pros of

Very user-friendlyClean, simple interface and prompts guide users. No AI/tech expertise needed.
Wide range of media generationImages, video, text, avatars, conversations – all in one place.
Full control and customizationFine-tune media epochs, aspects, style transferring and more for truly customized results.
Commercial usage allowedMedia created can be used commercially with proper attribution.
Watermark-free downloadsDownload your creations immediately without watermarks or DeepAI branding obstructing them.

DeepAI makes advanced AI accessible and unintimidating for everyday users. The breadth of outputs available from one account, along with full customization power, are standout strengths.

Commercial usage is allowed within certain content guidelines – a perk those monetizing creativity will appreciate.

Of course no platform is perfect…

Cons of

Quality inconsistenciesAI-generated content varies greatly in accuracy, coherence and resolution since it’s still an emerging technology.
Limited file formatsCurrently outputs JPG, PNG and MP4 files. Lacks support for other major formats like PDF, SVG, GIF.
Account limitationsDeepAI accounts have thresholds (especially Free ones) limiting total monthly generations which cannot be increased.
Potential legal uncertaintyAI content has some untested legal standing currently if disputed over likeness rights, trademarks etc.

Like any AI platform today, DeepAI cannot guarantee perfection as outputs depend greatly on algorithms still being refined. You may need to re-generate something multiple times to get an ideal result.

Some useful file types are also unsupported. And basic accounts face frustrating monthly caps that cannot be raised simply by paying more.

As AI creation booms, there are open questions around the intellectual property protections and responsibilities of both platforms and users that need resolving over time.

Overall though, DeepAI delivers an immense bounty of creative potential if you embrace the trial-and-error process that comes with algorithmic media generation.

How to Use Complete Overview

Using DeepAI consists of just 3 key steps:

1. Describe What You Want

Use the text prompt field to describe your desired output, just as you would explain it to another person. Want an astronaut playing guitar on Saturn? Just write it out plainly and let the AI interpret that text.

2. Tweak Settings (Optional)

The advanced settings pane allows controlling aspects like image size, epochs, style concentration and more. This gives power users more control.

3. Generate & Download Your Creation

Hit “Run” and DeepAI will start creating a custom image, avatar, text idea, etc. matching what you described. Typically takes under 60 seconds, then download your unique AI creation!

Repeat those 3 steps while refining prompts and settings until you have exactly what you imagined.

The process is intuitive enough for beginners, while offering customization for experts. DeepAI also provides plenty of prompt examples and inspiration to spark ideas if you need it. Alternatives

How does DeepAI compare to other top AI digital creation platforms out there? Here’s an overview:

PlatformKey StrengthsPrice Per Image
NightCafeSpecializes in AI art generation across various styles. Web & mobile apps.$0.10 – $2.00
WomboFun, whimsical image generation focused on animation/video. Very popular.$0.30 – $2.00
StarryAIExcellent for anime/manga, conceptual and futuristic image generation.$1.00 – $5.00
Neural.LoveLeading platform for NSFW AI image generation.$0.20-$2.00
Rosebud.aiHigh-end platform focused on advertising/marketing image creation.$12.99/mo – $59.99/mo

As you can see, DeepAI is very competitively priced compared to other specialized AI creative tools. It differentiates itself by consolidated a full spectrum of media generation & editing into a single platform.

For those not needing niche focuses like anime or just wanting to experiment, DeepAI provides strong general capabilities starting at free. Power users have all the advanced control they need to tap AI’s potential while keeping costs low.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In our DeepAI review, we found this platform opens up AI-generation to everyday creators through an easy yet customizable web interface. Anyone can start playing with visually stunning image creation powered behind the scenes by machine learning algorithms.

DeepAI consolidates an impressive span of outputs too – images, text, avatars, chatbots, editing tools and more in a single account. This helps augment human creativity across multiple fronts as AI continues rapidly improving.

While AI artwork is not perfect, embracing the trial-and-error process leads to some amazing, one-of-a-kind media accessible to anyone. DeepAI offers flexibility to use that power free up to pro volumes.

We recommend DeepAI first for creators, entrepreneurs, students, and developers who want to enhance visuals for websites, advertisements, presentations, gaming, NFTs and more without high startup costs or AI expertise needed. It’s simple enough for beginners yet keeps surprising pros.

As algorithms and computing power improves, expect DeepAI to expand into audio, 3D model and VR generation over time. For now it delivers an outstanding toolkit to augment all types of digital creation goals at affordable rates compared to competitors.


Does DeepAI work on mobile?

Yes, while DeepAI was originally web-only, they now offer iOS and Android mobile apps to create AI media on the go.

Are there content guidelines or restrictions?

Yes, illegal and unethical content is prohibited. NSFW content must be marked as such. Follow general creative Commons media guidelines.

Can I sell products with DeepAI media?

Yes, commercial usage is allowed with restriction. Properly attribute AI-generated elements and do not simply resell media as-is without transformation.

What file formats does DeepAI support?

As of 2023, DeepAI outputs JPEG, PNG and MP4 files. Other major formats like PDF, SVG, GIF are not yet supported directly.

Why am I hitting account generation limits so fast?

Free accounts have very strict monthly thresholds. If you need more volume, upgrade to pay-as-you-go billing or a Pro subscription for higher thresholds.