– Free ChatGPT & Search Engine is an innovative search engine technology that seamlessly integrates the precision of Google’s search capabilities with the intelligent response features of ChatGPT, a leading conversational AI system.

Launched in 2023, aims to transform the way users find and interact with information online. This review provides an in-depth look at the tool’s features, pricing, pros, cons, and top alternatives in 2024.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about leveraging for an enhanced search experience.

What is, formerly known as GooGPT, combines Google’s unmatched search prowess with ChatGPT’s advanced natural language processing to offer users an AI-powered upgrade from traditional search engines.

Specifically, allows you to input search queries just like in Google, but instead of just getting a list of blue links, you receive intelligent summaries, conversational responses, and answers generated by ChatGPT’s AI model.

This fusion of search precision and conversational AI makes a versatile tool for everything from researching topics to getting writing assistance. The technology aims to save time and provide users with instantly helpful information.

How Works

The search engine works by sending user queries to Google’s search algorithm to identify the most relevant web pages on the internet related to the query.

It then utilizes ChatGPT to analyze those pages and generate thoughtful summaries, answers, explanations, and dialogue instead of only displaying links.

Behind the scenes, leverages a technique called “prompt programming” to get these AI-generated responses from ChatGPT.

Prompt programming involves carefully crafting the inputs (or “prompts”) sent to ChatGPT so that it understands the context of the query and provides an optimal response.

On the user end, the process looks like this simple 3 step workflow:

  1. Enter a search query into as you would in Google
  2. View an AI-generated answer or summary response
  3. Optionally, follow up with additional questions to further discuss the topic

By integrating these technologies, creates a next-generation search engine experience that is more conversational, intuitive, and intelligent.

Features and Capabilities of stands out from traditional search engines by offering users the combined capabilities of both Google’s search technology and ChatGPT’s conversational AI.

Here are some of the key features that enable an enhanced search experience:

Conversational Responses

Instead of just getting a list of search results, provides conversational replies to queries generated by ChatGPT. This allows you to have an actual discussion about search topics.

Intelligent Summaries

For more complex search queries, will summarize the key facts and information in an easy-to-digest response. No more digging through multiple pages to find answers.

Natural Language Interactions supports free-form conversational queries, allowing you to refine and expand your questions through natural dialogue.

Writing Assistance

Specifically prompt ChatGPT through to get AI-powered help with writing emails, essays, code and more.

SEO Optimization Tool

Optimize web page content for search engines by having rewrite text for better SEO performance.

Website Builder

Quickly create responsive sites powered by AI design through Leverage conversational guidance during the building process.

Enhanced Search Relevance

By first processing queries through Google, retains strong search relevance before having ChatGPT generate responsive answers.

With this robust set of features, aims to assist users in researching, learning, writing, coding and more by merging the capabilities of search engines and conversational AI.

How much does cost?

One of the major advantages of is that it is currently free to use, unlike some paid alternatives that offer AI-powered search experiences.


As an open-access tool, allows users to benefit from AI search technology at no cost. However, the site does warn it may introduce limited paid plans for additional capabilities in the future.

For now, the free offering still provides robust core features, although users wanting access to the absolute latest AI upgrades may eventually opt for premium paid plans further down the road. Still, cost will likely never fully prohibit use since a free tier appears set to remain in place.

Pros of introduces game-changing AI capabilities to the search engine experience. Some of the major advantages include:

Conversational responsesMore intuitive and helpful answers to queries
Intelligent summariesFaster access to overview of key information
Natural language interactionsAbility to refine and expand queries through dialogue
Writing assistanceAI helps generate and optimize written content
SEO optimizationImproves search visibility by rewriting text
Website builderCreates sites enhanced by AI design input

By seamlessly combining the strengths of Google search relevance with ChatGPT’s conversational prowess, manages to enhance the way we interact with and leverage search engine technology.

Cons of

However, as an emerging technology, still has areas for improvement, including:

Knowledge limitationsRelies on ChatGPT, which has gaps in knowledge
Search scaleCurrently smaller search index vs Google
Slow response timeComplex queries can take longer to process
Imperfect relevancyAI-generated text may not always match user intent
Early stage techAspects like paid plans still under development

While the AI capabilities create new possibilities, the underlying ChatGPT model powering also inherits some of that model’s flaws around knowledge gaps and processing lag. And as an early stage offering, certain aspects of the platform are still evolving.

How to Use Complete Overview

Getting started with is straightforward since the platform retains the familiar Google-style search bar known to all users. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Site – Go to and you’ll see the search bar ready for queries.
  2. Enter Keywords – Type in any search terms or full sentence questions just as you would in Google.
  3. View AI Response – Rather than a list of links, you’ll instantly receive a conversational summary or answer powered by ChatGPT.
  4. Refine Questions – Ask clarifying questions to expand on the topic and continue the dialogue.
  5. Utilize Features – Take advantage of built-in features like writing assistance by specifically prompting their use in queries.
  6. Provide Feedback – Let know if responses are helpful, accurate or need improvement so its AI can learn.

With this easy process, anyone familiar with search engines can start leveraging’s AI capabilities in just a few clicks, no learning curve required. Just dive right in to this innovative union of search precision and conversational AI. Alternatives

While itself is unique in deeply integrating Google’s technology with ChatGPT, users exploring alternative AI-powered search platforms do have a few options:

You.comSearch engine with conversational responses powered by’s own AI assistant.$8/month
AnthropicAI safety startup focused on conversational search experiences.$20/month+
DuckDuckGoPrivacy-focused search alternative with some basic AI summarization features.Free
NeevaAd-free search network with “pro” paid tier offering enhanced results.$4.95+/month
MojeekIndependent search index focused on protecting privacy.Free

Each alternative takes its own approach to enhancing the search experience, with some closer feature parity to while others differentiate in areas like privacy protections or proprietary AI capabilities.

When evaluating options, pay attention to aspects like convenience, personalization and overall functionality to see if they can match what introduces.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In the fast-moving landscape of AI-driven web experiences, stands out as an innovative integration of proven search infrastructure and cutting-edge language technology.

Backed by the search prowess and reliability of Google married with versatile conversational features via ChatGPT, this free platform aims to fundamentally transform how everyday users find – and interact with – information online. manages to expand the possibilities of search engine technology through evolutions like flexible natural language processing, intelligent summaries, and AI-powered capabilities such as writing assistance.

While areas for improvement remain as the technology matures, the tool showcases the potential for search engines enhanced by the dawn of conversational AI.

Overall, this review finds that the technology delivers on its promise to revolutionize the search experience through seamless ChatGPT integration, helping position it as leader in the emerging wave of AI-first information platforms.


Is free to use?

Yes, currently offers free access to all users. The site may introduce paid tiers with additional features in the future but plans to maintain a free offering.

Can replace Google search?

In many cases it can thanks to integrated access to Google’s index combined with AI-enhanced responses. But Google still has greater scale of indexed pages.

What happens if I ask inappropriate content?

As with ChatGPT, the platform has mitigations against inappropriate content and does filter out sensitive queries.

Are’s responses biased?

There is the potential for bias as with all AI models today. But Anthropic, the creators behind ChatGPT, focus heavily on safety and ethics to minimize issues.

Can I trust the accuracy of’s answers?

In most cases accuracy is strong, but users should double check facts given AI limitations. Providing feedback helps the model continuously improve.