– 10X Your Writing With AI is an innovative AI-powered writing assistant that leverages artificial intelligence to enhance and accelerate the writing process.

As AI copywriting tools continue to advance, stands out with its multifaceted real-time features that aim to boost productivity for writers across industries.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive into the key capabilities of this tool, analyze its benefits as well as downsides, compare pricing plans, examine valuable features, and explore some potential alternative tools to consider.

By the end, you’ll have all the information needed to determine if is the right AI writing solution for your individual or business needs. Let’s get started!

What is

Launched in 2021 by Anthropic, is an AI copywriting tool designed specifically for code writing, text generation, and coding explanations.

Powered by the latest AI language models, focuses on providing real-time suggestions and completions for written content as users type.

The goal of the tool is to reduce the time spent writing code or prose while preserving (or even boosting) overall quality. Rather than fully automating the writing process, aims to augment human writers with helpful recommendations and productivity enhancements precisely when needed.

Some of the key capabilities offered by include:

  • Complete Code: Provides intelligent line-by-line suggestions to continue code that has been started
  • Generate Code: Produces whole new code functions or files based on natural language prompts
  • Transform Code: Updates code to meet modern standards or adapts it to alternative frameworks
  • Explain Code: Analyzes codebase and generates plain language summaries of how each component works

By combining code generation and explanation, along with tools to enhance ongoing writing, targets major pain points for programmers, software engineers, and technical writers alike.

How Works

The underlying technology powering consists of cutting-edge AI language models similar to GPT-3 along with specialized training to excel at coding-related tasks.

Much like autocomplete suggestions help speed up typing simple search queries, aims to provide those same types of real-time writing recommendations but for entire paragraphs, code blocks, documentation, and more.

As the user begins typing any written content, whether prose or code, goes to work analyzing the starting sentence, phrase, or lines of code to infer context and intent.

Leveraging its deep learning capabilities, then suggests high-probability continuations that match both the style and purpose of the unfinished text.

Users can choose to accept’s suggestions with a single click, transforming the tool into essentially an AI co-pilot for extending writings seamlessly.

Alternately, Ghostwriter’s outputs can simply provide sparks of inspiration to guide the creative process for fully manual writing.

The goal is reducing strain around potentially tedious writing tasks by delivering impactful assistance in real-time when writers need it most.

Features of comes packed with a robust set of AI writing features targeted at programmers, software engineers, and technical writers including:

Real-Time Writing Suggestions and Completions

The core capability of, powered by underlying generative AI models, is providing suggested completions for any text in real-time as users are actively writing.

Recommendations appear directly in the editor interface, adaptively responding to the incomplete prose or code with likely continuations.

Rather than blocking creative flow to generate a full write-from-scratch draft, interjects writing assistance precisely when mental bandwidth starts becoming strained.

For long documentation, blogs, complex code, and other writing tasks, having an AI helper that reduces strain around wording, phrasing, and technical explanations can drive dramatic boosts in throughput.

Open-Source Code Search and Imports simplifies discovering and importing existing open-source code by providing an in-editor search option. Users can enter a descriptive query like “pagination component react” to instantly scan public code repositories for matches.

The desired code snippets can then be brought directly into the editor workspace with correctly formatted imports without leaving the writing interface.

Having instant access to vetted open-source solutions makes it simple to focus writing efforts on custom functionality instead of reinventing boilerplate code from scratch.

Code Generation, Transformation and Explanation

While real-time writing assistance represents’s core capability, it also shines when it comes to pure AI-generated code.

By prompting with natural language descriptions of desired functionality, it can autonomously generate full code blocks that precisely implement complex logic.

And for explaining and transforming existing code,’s AI models can analyze functions to summarize in plain language what each part achieves.

The tool can also refactor legacy code or transpile from one framework or language to another automatically. Managing upgrades, documentation, and expanding codebases all become much simpler with’s versatile code manipulation abilities.

Productivity and Career Advancement Tools

At its core, aims to fundamentally improve productivity and accelerate output for any writing tasks it assists with.

And over longer time periods, writers working with’s real-time suggestions can actually strengthen their own skills through transparency into AI-generated text.

Seeing firsthand how advanced language models structure complex passages teaches writers impactful lessons around precision, concision, cohesion and more.

So beyond immediate productivity gains, can elevate writing abilities in a way that benefits careers long-term.

How much does cost?

Free$0 per month
Personal$12 per month
Professional$36 per month
TeamCustom pricing

Note: Real-time pricing and plan details available on website. Offers free version for limited use. offers a few subscription plans depending on usage levels and needs:

  • Free: Provides limited access for testing capabilities
  • Personal: For solo writers working on individual projects
  • Professional: Expands features for advanced workflows
  • Team: Custom packages for larger productivity needs

Even the free version supplies enough access to experience’s AI-enhanced writing modes for smaller tasks. Then for more advanced assistance across longer documents or codebases, paid tiers add capabilities like increased token allotments and usage limits. also allows selecting only specific tools like the code transformer rather than the full real-time writing package which influences costs. And educational discounts bring access fees down for enrolled students which is helpful for skill-building early on.

Compared to alternatives, strikes a nice balance between advanced AI writing augmentation at reasonable price points for most independent writers.

Pros of

Increased Writing SpeedAI suggestions accelerate writing tasks by 5-10x or more
High-Quality OutputsHuman+AI hybrid approach results in professional grade content
Overcome Writer’s BlockReal-time prompts break through creative slowdowns
Improve Writing SkillsTransparency into AI’s writing teaches structural lessons
Always Available24/7 access to writing guidance on demand stands out for its unique balance augmenting creativity through machine learning versus fully automating writing which results in several key advantages:

Increased Writing Speed: With continuously providing intelligent next step recommendations as users write, progress accelerates rapidly cutting tasks down from hours to minutes.

High-Quality Outputs: Blending the best aspects of human ingenuity and AI optimization creates written content that meets or exceeds professional publishing standards.

Overcome Writer’s Block: Moments when creative inspiration dries up, sparks new directions through its adaptive suggestions keeping projects moving.

Improve Writing Skills: Observing firsthand how advanced language models structure suggestions provides an interactive lesson in sharpening writing abilities.

Always Available: offers an inexhaustible source of on-demand writing guidance accessible any time when motivation or ideas start to stall progress.

For creative efforts like blogging, documentation, coding tutorials and more, gives writers an AI-powered boost towards achieving their goals faster and more effectively.

Cons of

Risk of OverrelianceComplete dependency hinders writing skill development
Originality QuestionsAI generated text raises plagiarism concerns
Privacy ConsiderationsData collection for improving suggestions
Conveying Style/ToneModel preferences impact personalized expression
Limited CustomizationConstraints adjusting output qualities beyond defaults

Despite powerful writing augmentation capabilities, there are some downsides around adopting to consider as well:

Risk of Overreliance: Becoming dependent on’s suggestions could hinder advancing personal writing skills that develop through regular practice. Maintaining at least occasional manual writing avoids slipping into passive reliance.

Originality Questions: While promises unique outputs, any AI generative writing risks raising plagiarism concerns without proper human oversight. Checking suggestions against potential source similarities provides due diligence.

Privacy Considerations: likely captures typed text for training and improving its models’ recommendations over time. Clarification around any data collection, storage or sharing would assure more privacy-focused users.

Conveying Style/Tone: As an AI system, develops its own “style” guided by parameters and training objectives set by its creators. This could constrain conveying highly personalized tone and style depending on writing goals.

Limited Customization: Currently offers minimal tuning of model behaviors as it’s optimized for general utility. Lacking controls around output length, originality, concentration, etc limits adaption for narrow needs.

While these limitations don’t outweigh core benefits for more casual users, understanding shortcomings helps set expectations around responsible usage and monitors risks. Next we’ll explore actually using hands-on.

How to Use Complete Overview

Getting started with is straightforward by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Sign up for a free account at to access available features
  • Step 2: Install browser extension if utilizing real-time writing suggestions to enable editor integration
  • Step 3: Compose text or code through the web editor or external IDE with extensions enabled
  • Step 4: Observe’s suggestions appearing as writing progresses, accept useful autocompletions with a single click
  • Step 5: Optionally engage Generate and Transform capabilities through menu prompts
  • Step 6: Export completed text documents or code files directly from the editor workspace
  • Step 7: Review outputs, revisit to expand compositions over multiple sessions measuring productivity acceleration combines the creative freedom of writing naturally through the editor interface with impactful AI assistance available instantly when needed. Writers retain control over guiding content while benefiting from machine learning optimizations in the background.

The hybrid approach lowering barriers to applying generative writing models for accelerated workflows while avoiding fully automated “black box” text. Summary documentation gives clarity into why performed specific suggestions as well.

Overall hits a productive balance between human ingenuity and AI enhancement for writing success. Alternatives

ToolProsConsBest For
Replit GhostwriterStrong code focus Optimized editorLimited writing modes Pricing unclearSoftware engineers
HubSpot AI WriterSEO optimized content Straightforward UXLight code capabilities Narrow specializationDigital marketers
Upwork WritesTalent marketplace integration Multiple expert optionsNo standalone product Complex pricingBusinesses via Upwork
Neuroflash AI WriterLong form writing Specializes books/ebooksSingle specialized model Confusing onboardingLong form writing
LearnWorlds AI WriterTight integration for course creators Custom elearning focusRequires LearnWorlds subscription Limited scopeE-Learning platforms

Though competition among AI writing tools continues heating up,’s balanced approach remains compelling.

Replit’s Ghostwriter offers perhaps the closest roundup of coding and text features but seems more developer-centric whereas enables wider applications.

Solutions like HubSpot stay confined to tight specialties fine for their audiences while Upwork Write requires engaging external talent.

For general purpose AI writing augmentation combusting with developers yet approachable by non-coders, resides in a productive middle ground alternatives have yet to match.

Well-resourced competitors could reach parity over time but with Anthropic’s considerable AI expertise powering rapid iteration has an edge for the near future.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In closing, earns a full recommendation as a game changing writing productivity tool bridging the best of human creativity and machine learning pattern matching.

By focusing AI on providing real-time suggestions as writers work rather than fully automating drafting, strikes an ideal balance empowering authors versus replacing them.

The biggest benefits center on accelerating writing speeds through intelligent autocompletions, overcoming creative blocks with sparks of inspiration when needed most. works for coding and prose alike thanks to its foundation on general purpose language models advanced enough to adapt on the fly. And transparent visibility into how creative AI minds structure written passages similarly accelerates skill building with time.

Downsides exist around potential overreliance on suggestions dulling self-improvement, vague originality guarantees questions, and constraints conveying personalized style over formulaic recommendations.

Reasonable pricing plans make the capabilities accessible to most writers with productivity motivations in the driver’s seat over pure profits.

For lean technical teams, digital media groups, bootstrapped startups and solopreneurs alike, simplifies rising above the crushing weight of overflowing writer’s queues.

It won’t fully replace human creativity but instead amplifies imagination and effort through AI collaboration. That harmonious balance should resonate with writers seeking to level up their professional impact.


Does integrate with other writing programs?

Yes, offers compatibility with popular writing tools like Google Docs, WordPress, Markdown editors and code IDEs including Visual Studio Code via browser extensions. It focuses on tight editor integration for ease of use.

Can you customize’s outputs?

Currently customization options are limited for adjusting model behaviors as optimizes for general utility across contexts. Some fine tuning like length or creativity levels may be added over time but flexibility lags narrowly customized solutions.

What quality of writing does produce?

When used responsibly in combination with human oversight, generates professional grade written content on par with or exceeding outputs an average human writer could manually produce alone thanks to AI optimizations.

Is secured and private to use?

Details around data privacy, retention policies, and security precautions remain vague for now. We recommend contacting their team directly with any specific use case concerns, and avoiding sensitive content just to be safe.

How accurate is’s generated code?

For straightforward tasks,’s code outputs match target programmer intent with extreme precision – significantly more accurately than a human could manually author alone. Complex logic with ambiguities remains a challenge but accuracy constantly improves.