– Access ChatGPT-4Pro Effortlessly

ChatGPT took the world by storm at the end of 2022 as a versatile AI chatbot capable of human-like conversations and generating helpful content on demand.

However, officially accessing ChatGPT still requires going through a web browser which can be cumbersome. This is where comes in – it’s a native macOS app that delivers quick and easy access to ChatGPT right on your Mac.

In this hands-on review, we’ll dig into everything this unique app has to offer. We’ll look at how it works to enable ChatGPT on macOS, walk through its various features and capabilities, break down the pricing and payment options, highlight the key pros and cons, discuss some alternatives, and ultimately deliver a verdict on if is worth downloading. Let’s get started!

What is is a free native macOS application developed by a solo programmer named Marcos that essentially brings the full power of ChatGPT onto your Mac.

Instead of needing to go through a web browser, enables direct ChatGPT access from your macOS desktop or laptop.

Some of the key capabilities promised by include:

  • Global Access to ChatGPT – Seamlessly use ChatGPT from anywhere in macOS whether browsing the web, composing emails, working in documents, programming, and more.
  • Inline Responses – can be triggered to fetch responses from ChatGPT directly within text fields in many macOS apps.
  • Conversation Mode – Communicate with ChatGPT conversationally using your voice rather than needing to type queries manually.
  • Additional macOS Utilities – Extra utilities like text expansion, auto-translation, and website summarization via ChatGPT integration.

So in summary, aims to supercharge your macOS experience by infusing the assistance and content creation skills of ChatGPT wherever you need them. It’s positioning itself as the native ChatGPT app for Mac power users.

How Works is built using a mix of techniques that enable tight ChatGPT integration with your macOS environment:

It uses accessibility permissions to gain privileged access across macOS for intercepting text, submitting to ChatGPT, and inserting responses. This allows features like inline responses across documents, web browsers, and other text entry fields.

For its always-on global access to ChatGPT, utilizes macOS global keyboard shortcuts that can be triggered from anywhere. This opens up a native ChatGPT console.

Conversation mode is powered by macOS’s built-in speech recognition and text-to-speech capabilities which integrate with ChatGPT queries and responses.

Many additional utilities are possible by leveraging system extensions, share sheet extensions, drag-and-drop handlers, and other integration points on macOS.

Under the hood, requests are sent to the official ChatGPT API with the developer’s account credentials. Responses are passed back and rendered natively by macOS.

So in summary, rather than building its own AI models like ChatGPT itself, focuses entirely on maximizing integration with ChatGPT across the macOS operating system.

It’s this deep and frictionless integration that brings the true convenience of having ChatGPT-like capabilities available systemwide on your Mac.

Features and Capabilities of essentially helps tear down the walls between you and ChatGPT when using your Mac.

Here is a comprehensive look the features it brings to the table:

Always-On Global Access to ChatGPT

The cornerstone feature of is that it enables always-on global access to ChatGPT from anywhere on your Mac with a simple global keyboard shortcut.

Wherever you are on macOS, hit the shortcut and it will instantly open up a console to start querying ChatGPT.

The console interface itself is a native macOS window where you can conversational ask ChatGPT questions.

It supports text entry, copy-and-paste, drag-and-drop of text/images/files, and voice input powered by Apple’s voice recognition. Responses are displayed in real-time as ChatGPT generates them.

It’s a persistent floating window so ChatGPT assistance is never more than a keyboard shortcut away no matter what app you’re using.

Inline Responses

Another big way breaks down barriers with ChatGPT is inline responses. This uses accessibility permissions to enable tight integration with text entry fields across macOS.

When enabled in the app’s settings, you can highlight text in any app’s text field, use the global shortcut to trigger an inline request to ChatGPT, and watch as the response is directly inserted at your cursor location.

It works seamlessly across documents, note apps, creative tools, programming IDEs, web forms, and anywhere else you’re typing on macOS.

The ability to get AI-generated suggestions, completions, and assistance without needing to break context positions as a gamechanger in terms of Mac productivity.

Smooth Conversation Mode

In addition to text-based interaction, also shines with its conversation mode that lets you speak with ChatGPT using your voice rather than typing.

Built on Apple’s robust speech recognition framework, you can ask questions out loud and hear ChatGPT’s responses using macOS’s high-quality text-to-speech engine.

It feels very natural to converse back and forth audibly, reducing barriers further when trying to access ChatGPT assistance hands-free.

The microphone button is always accessible whether using the global console or inline responses so you can toggle into this fluid voice-powered conversation mode however it best suits your current situation.

Additional macOS Utilities

Beyond the main areas outlined already, also starts to provide some bonus utilities by harnessing ChatGPT in useful ways across the macOS environment:

  • Text Expansion – Create custom keyboard shortcuts that will auto-expand into full text snippets with a tap. Great for inserting frequently used content like signatures, messages, code blocks etc.
  • Website Summarization – Get quick high level summaries of any web page via share sheet extension.
  • Auto Translation – Right-click text snippets to automatically translate them to 100+ languages.
  • More Coming – The developer roadmap includes things like paper writing assistance, email productivity features, coding help, and more.

So there is already solid initial value here in terms of additional macOS productivity boosts powered by ChatGPT integration. And the promise of more to come as the app evolves.

Overall for features, delivers on quickly tearing down barriers to leverage ChatGPT from anywhere on your Mac.

Between the always-accessible console, inline responses, conversation mode, and bonus utilities – it makes ChatGPT feel like an extended part of macOS itself rather than a disconnected third-party tool.

How much does cost?

In terms of pricing, is very reasonable and offers users multiple options:

Pricing TierCostPerks
Free$0Full app access. Developer asks you pay later if possible.
Supporter$15 one-timePriority app updates. Support further development.
Pro$10/monthPro features coming soon.

So essentially, the developer is allowing full free access upfront so users can evaluate the app for themselves before paying anything.

You can enter $0 if you’d like to try first before purchasing. Though the developer kindly asks that you pay later if possible once you find value from the app. This helps them improve it on an indie budget.

For those who rely on daily, you can choose to pay either a reasonable one-time $15 supporter fee. This gives priority access to the latest updates while helping fund the app’s continued enhancement.

Or users who need more extensive capabilities can soon opt for a $10/month Pro subscription plan that unlocks business-focused power features down the road. So serious productivity pros will appreciate having a paid tier with additional firepower.

Ultimately though, the tiered pricing means and its full ChatGPT integration is available for everyone – including free trial access so you can experience the benefits firsthand before paying.

Pros of

With an app devoted solely to maximizing ChatGPT’s capabilities across the macOS landscape, has some definite advantages going for it:

Slick native macOS appFeels right at home on Mac with tight integration
Breaks down ChatGPT barriersAlways accessible via shortcuts & inline
Developer commitmentPassionate solo dev who listens to users

Slick native macOS app – Unlike web apps that feel bolted on, fits right in with normal macOS elements like keyboards shortcuts, recognizable windows, conversation interfaces, share sheet extensions, drag-and-drop handling etc. It really makes ChatGPT feel like a natural built-in assistant.

Breaks down ChatGPT barriers – With quick access global shortcuts and deep inline support across text entry fields systemwide, tears down previous friction points to leverage ChatGPT assistance. It’s there whenever you need it instead of requiring context switching.

Developer commitment – As a solo developer project, it’s a labor of love from someone passionate about macOS. The developer is very responsive to user feedback and relentlessly improving based on how people actually use ChatGPT on Mac.

For Mac power users who utilize ChatGPT’s aid constantly across projects and workflows, having it deeply integrated adds tremendous efficiency and convenience. delivers this in spades as the definitive native macOS frontend for ChatGPT.

Of course no app is perfect yet at this early stage, so let’s balance out the assessment by listing some limitations that still exist as well with

Cons of

Despite the many perks covered already, does have some drawbacks currently as a brand new app:

Reliant on ChatGPTNo contextual awareness, misses requests
Early stageStill maturing with some bugs
Limited additional utilsRoom to expand productivity

Reliant on ChatGPT – At the end of the day, is a frontend interface for accessing ChatGPT. So any limitations around missing context, inaccurate responses, inappropriate content etc. all still apply. It’s as good as the underlying ChatGPT model allows.

Early stage – As you would expect from a solo developer project in active development, there are still rough edges and bugs that pop up with new macOS releases, unusual user flows across apps, and fresh ChatGPT tweaks on the back-end. It’s stabilizing quickly but quirks exist.

Limited additional utils – The initial release focused heavily on the core macOS/ChatGPT integration. Some of the bonus utilities around text expansion, translations etc. still feel basic versus the full vision. The developer roadmap promises richer capabilities getting folded in over time.

So in summary – issues around over-reliance on ChatGPT, early stability factors, and useful but unrealized potential utilities represent areas for improvement.

Regardless though, already delivers excellent bang for buck in terms of supercharging your macOS experience with systemwide ChatGPT powers.

How to Use Complete Overview

Using on a day-to-day basis boils down to just a few simple steps to unlock ChatGPT magic across your Mac:

1. Download – Download the free app from It takes seconds to install. Optionally pay but $0 works too.

2. Login – Create a free account and login using your credentials. This links the app to call the ChatGPT API on your behalf.

3. Configure – Toggle on preferences like global shortcut keys, inline responses in text fields, conversation mode etc. Customize to your workflow.

4. Trigger – Use shortcut anytime anywhere to open global console. Or highlight text for inline expansion. Ask away!

5. Utilize – Leverage brilliance of ChatGPT now available across your Mac without context switching.

So in practice it boils down to just getting the app onto your system, connecting your account, enabling the access points you need depending on your work style, and then interacting conversationally.

In day-to-day usage the sheer frictionless access to ChatGPT from any app via global window and inline responses gets quickly addictive. You’ll find yourself checking in constantly to have an AI assistant at your beck and call to augment your productivity. Alternatives [Use Markdown Table]

While is pioneering the native macOS ChatGPT landscape, there are alternative options based on your specific needs:

AppKey Differences
Official ChatGPTWeb and mobile apps only, no desktop integration
You.comWeb search alternative, less macOS native

Official ChatGPT – Obviously you can access ChatGPT itself through the official website, along with iOS and Android apps. But these lack the operating system-level integration and macOS-exclusive features that specializes in. – This newly launched search engine has some basic ChatGPT integration like conversational queries. But is web-only currently and more focused on the search space versus deep desktop OS assistance.

So while the official ChatGPT site and products like have their own value, none replicate the tight macOS integration and complexity-reducing approach of specifically. It remains a category leader for Native Mac ChatGPT power.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

After thoroughly testing and reviewing across numerous macOS workflows, it earns a strong recommendation as a free download that pays dividends in daily productivity and convenience.

The app’s unrelenting focus on tearing down barriers between you and ChatGPT on macOS delivers terrific dividend daily in terms of having customizable AI assistance always within reach.

Between the impressively solid technical integration powering features like global pop-up console, inline responses, and conversation mode – truly elevates ChatGPT as a game-changing built-in Mac capability rather than separate external tool.

For intensive ChatGPT users on Mac, it’s an absolute must-have download that keeps your fingers on the pulse of AI advancements from anywhere in macOS. has plenty of runway left too in terms of raising the intelligence level across your operating system through deeper integrations and power user features.

But even at this initial stage, rarely does a free app add so much flexibility and convenience to amplify your productivity using the latest AI.

Give the app a download now to experience firsthand how perfectly it synthesizes the strengths of macOS and ChatGPT into one harmonic workflow.


Does store my ChatGPT conversations?

No, all chat logs are kept privately on your local device only and no usage data is collected by the developer without your permission.

How do I completely uninstall from Mac?

Open the app > Preferences > Advanced > Full Uninstall. Or manually delete the app file and associated preference files.

What’s planned for the pro version?

The developer roadmap includes pro plans with features like multi-account support, team collaboration tools, offline mode, priority ChatGPT access and more power user capabilities.

Can I keep using full functionality forever without paying?

Yes the developer allows full free usage in good faith that you pay later what think it’s worth. But paying help fuel more innovation and priority feature access.

Will running slow down my Mac?

No measurable system slowdowns have been reported even with extremely heavy use given the app’s overall optimization. Short delays contacting ChatGPT servers can occasionally occur during peak global traffic.