– 10X Your Video Creation With AI has taken the world of video creation and editing by storm with its AI-powered platform that makes producing high-quality, customized videos easy for anyone.

This review covers everything potential users need to know, from features to pricing to ideal use cases. Read on for the details on if’s capabilities live up to the hype.

What is is an AI video creation platform that launched in 2021 that aims to democratize complex video editing so anyone can make professional-looking videos in minutes without any technical skills.

The magic of lies in the AI Video Maker technology that auto-generates videos from text prompts. Simply describe the scenes you want, and’s AI will piece together royalty-free stock footage, backgrounds, animations, and more into a polished video in seconds.

From there, empowers users to deeply customize every aspect of their AI-generated videos to match their vision. Tweak the script, swap out visuals, adjust Clip length – over a simple drag-and-drop editor. The end product looks and sounds completely unique with a customized brand style. is the ideal AI video production platform for marketers, agencies, freelancers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, creators, and more looking for a simplified yet still robust video creation workflow.

How Works

The workflow to produce stunning videos tailored to your brand with involves just a few simple steps:

Select a template – Choose from’s library of 5000+ animated and static templates spanning categories like social media, ads, explainers, and more to start.

Customize visuals – Replace stock footage in your template with desired scenes by describing what you want in simple text prompts.’s AI will automatically source appropriate clips.

Adjust script – Keep the auto-generated script or rewrite it completely yourself. The choice is yours.

Tweak clip order/length – Use’s drag and drop timeline editor to trim down clips, rearrange scene order, split/merge clips and more with just a few clicks.

Add branding – Easily incorporate your logos, color schemes, fonts, intros/outros, lower thirds, and other branding elements to match your desired style.

Generate voiceover – Add professional voiceovers in 50+ languages and accents powered by AI text-to-speech technology.

And within minutes, you have a polished, effective video that looks like it took hours of effort when it reality it only involved writing text.

Key features of

AI Video Maker

At the core of lies its showstopping AI Video Maker technology that instantly generates custom video drafts matching text descriptions. Simply tell it what kinds of scenes you want, and it will source fitting footage, animations, text clips, logos, backgrounds and more into a polished video in seconds.

From marketing promos to tutorials to social media ads, the AI Video Maker allows producing virtually any type of video without complex editing software or design skills.

5000+ Templates eliminates the blank page intimidation factor with its massive library containing 5000+ templates covering every popular video format/style:

  • Social media videos
  • Logo reveals
  • Commercials
  • Explainer videos
  • Intros/outros
  • Presentations
  • Video courses
  • Video ads
  • Webinars
  • Testimonial videos
  • Interview videos
  • And countless more

Customizing a template by swapping out stock footage or tweaking the script takes your video from generic to a polished, differentiated piece that resonates.

Text-Based Editing

Invideo provides perhaps the most intuitive video editing interface available thanks to enabling all core edits via simple text changes rather than manual clip slicing.

Want to extend a scene or trim one down? Just update the time indicators in the script. Need different background visuals in a section? Paste in descriptions of what you want, and will auto-fit clips.

This text-based editing makes crafting the perfect video easy and frustration-free.

Stock Media Library

All users gain access to the platform stock media library with over 16 million video clips, animations, images, audio files, and more available for use copyright-free in generated videos.

The sheer breadth of this stock asset trove ensures you can secure footage and visuals fitting any concept imaginable quickly without worrying about licensing issues.

Voice Generator

Transform clunky, monotonous robotic text-to-speech into natural, human-sounding voiceovers using’s Voice Generator. With a library featuring 50+ natural accents and languages, it can narrate any video or explainer in a customized voice quickly.

1000s of Brand Assets

Design every element from logos to colors, typography, icons, shapes, and transitions to align videos with an established brand identity using the Brand Kits tool. With over 2000 professionally designed assets across 30 categories to choose from, nailing down an appealing, consistent look is turnkey.

Multi-Language Support supports generating videos in 18 major global languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and more. This flexibility makes it easy to produce video content tailored to local target audiences across multiple regions.

And much more… additional capabilities like:

  • Customizable AI avatars
  • Built-in collaboration tools
  • Animation effect presets
  • SEO optimization features
  • Contextual editing recommendations
  • Chrome extension for easy access
  • Integrations with YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive and more

With this robust feature set, provides every tool needed for maximizing efficiency and creativity in the video production workflow – especially for non-video experts and teams with limited bandwidth.

How Much Does Cost? offers a few flexible pricing plan tiers suitable for solopreneuers, small teams, agencies, enterprises and beyond depending on usage needs and scale:

PlanPriceVideo LengthVideos/MonthPremium AssetsMulti-Users
Free$0/month1 min3 videosLimitedSingle user
Plus$25/month30 minsUnlimitedAll included1-5 users
Business$49/month60 minsUnlimitedUp to 10 users
Agency/Team$99/month60 minsUnlimited11-20 users
EnterpriseCustom pricing120 minsUnlimited50+ users

The Plus plan is the best option for most small business owners, entrepreneurs, creators, and marketers to unlock full access. But for larger scale needs, the Business through Enterprise options provide the same capabilities but with expanded team accounts.

Compared to investing in professional video editing software and production services,’s pricing remains very affordable – making AI video creation highly accessible. Those needing basic videos can even stick to the forever-free tier at no cost.

Pros & Cons of has plenty to offer, but also some limitations depending on your use case and needs:

* User-friendly AI eliminates complex editing* Free tier quite restricted
* Natural, customized videos in minutes* Steep learning curve on advanced features
* 5000+ templates for inspiration* Requires internet access (no offline mode)
* Total creative control with text-based editing* Limited cloud storage for files
* Polished branding capabilities* Cannot sell Invideo-generated videos
* 16M+ stock media assets* No 360 VR video support
* Versatile exporting options* Some rendering delays during peak usage

For most casual video creators lacking time, skills and resources, delivers on its promise of simplifying high-quality production. But power users may find some functionality holes compared to more manual editors.

How to Use Complete Overview

While aims for simplicity in functionality, mastering the platform still involves a bit of a process.

Here is an overview of how to move from zero to a completed video with Invideo:

  • Step 1: Select your ideal video template from the Editor
  • Step 2: Adapt the template by describing new scenes, visuals etc. with text
  • Step 3: Tweak the auto-generated script
  • Step 4: Finalize branding elements like colors, logos, text fonts & styles
  • Step 5: Narrow down the perfect Voice AI narration option
  • Step 6: Preview and export video to your desired format
  • Step 7: Publish video across your socials, site & beyond!

With the heavy lifting of editing and producing handled by AI in the background, using Invideo is straightforward for users of all skill levels after their initial learning phase. Diving into the Advanced Editor unlocks more nuanced branding, visual, and sequencing customization for video pros. Alternatives

While stands at the forefront of AI-powered video creation today, it does face some stiff competition from a few alternatives:

ToolPricingKey FeaturesIdeal For$25+/moAI video production, easy customizing, 5000 templatesBeginners, SMBs
Wibbitz.Custom quoteBroad video types, auto transcriptionPublishers, media
Animaker$6+/mo2D animation focus, cloud storageAnimators, agencies
RenderForestFree-$39+/moLogo reveals, promo graphicsMarketers, personal use
Biteable$25+/moMinimal editing needed, templatesEducation, corporate

The main advantage holds over most competitors is the sheer breadth of video styles supported thanks to advanced AI video generation capabilities.

This flexibility along with easy customizing and affordable pricing makes it the strongest option for many use cases today.

Conclusion: Review

In conclusion of this extensive evaluation across feature capabilities, value, and more – stands as a top recommendation for anyone interested in automated AI video creation.

The platform makes it possible to turn any idea into a professional-grade video in minutes without technical skills or previous editing experience.

Between the AI Video Maker wizardry, massive template pool, text-based editing, and deep customization controls, amateurs can achieve productions rivaling dedicated video teams.

Ideal buyers for include:

  • Content creators
  • Bloggers
  • Marketers
  • Agencies
  • Small business owners
  • Enterprises
  • Media publishers
  • Advertisers
  • And much more

For video needs spanning social promotion clips to commercials to internal training modules and beyond, presents tremendous ROI.

The hours upon hours of human effort needed to piece together quality videos one frame at a time vanishes behind the AI.

For this game-changing impact across industries, earns a 5 out of 5 star rating as a revolutionary yet accessible entry point to AI video content production.


Does work for professional use cases?

Yes – Invideo is used widely not only by amateurs but also in many professional contexts like marketing agencies, media production teams, enterprises internal comms divisions and more. The videos meet client expectations thanks to full customization control.

Can I sell videos commercially?

The terms prohibit directly selling downloads/streams of unedited auto-generated videos. But users hold commercial rights to customized videos exported with the Invideo watermark removed, enabling monetization potential.

Is special computer hardware/software required to run

No – the platform runs 100% in the cloud. Users simply require an internet connection and web browser to access the Editor. There is also an iOS/Android mobile app.

Does integrate with any other software tools?

Yes – it offers integrations with platforms like YouTube, Dropbox, Slack, Discord, Google Drive, Evernote and more to expand workflows. APIs are also available.

Can I get custom pricing quote for large enterprise needs?

Absolutely – businesses with advanced needs can contact the Invideo Enterprise sales team for custom pricing accommodating their scale, features, dedicated support and more. Volume discounts available as well.