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Giving great presentations is difficult – it requires mastering skills from content flow to confident delivery. Yet balancing best practices against personal style poses challenges. This is where emerging AI tools like aim to help. provides an innovative smart assistant for presentations, leveraging real-time feedback and metrics to improve speaker abilities.

This review will assess its capabilities, pricing, pros and cons, and alternatives to determine if the technology delivers on its promises.

With presentations continuing to drive business success yet plague professionals with anxiety, solutions like seek to enhance public speaking using intelligence algorithms.

By evaluating the tool’s real performance, we can judge if AI can now revolutionize one of humanity’s oldest communication forms.

What is is an AI-powered presentation assistant designed to help users create more impactful and engaging talks.

Using advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, provides real-time feedback to presenters on various aspects like tone, body language, slide content, audience engagement, and more.

The goal of is to become a virtual presentation coach that unlocks the full potential of public speakers.

It aims to enhance presentations by offering data-driven, personalized suggestions focused on improving delivery, storytelling, and audience connection.

How Works utilizes cutting-edge AI and speech recognition technology to offer real-time analysis during presentations. Users simply connect the tool and allow it to record audio and visual feeds from talks.

The proprietary algorithms track over 50 metrics related to verbal delivery, non-verbal cues, slide content, and audience engagement. This data powers the feedback and tips delivered through the platform and mobile app.

Information supplied by users in their profile also allows to customize suggestions based on experience level, presentation goals, and more.

The AI assistant combines this understanding of the individual with aggregated benchmark data from thousands of presentations to offer tailored advice.

Features of

Real-Time Delivery Feedback

The core capability of is providing instant verbal and non-verbal delivery feedback to presenters based on 300+ data points. This includes aspects like:

  • Tone analysis – suggests modulation for optimal impact
  • Pacing guidance – flags speech pacing issues
  • Vocalic cues – identifies filler words or nervous tics
  • Body language – monitors movement and gestures
  • Crowd analysis – detects energy levels to guide engagement

Presentation Content Optimizer

Beyond a presenter’s delivery, also evaluates slide content and presentation structure. Using natural language processing and vision algorithms, it offers real-time advice on:

  • Slide quality – assesses text, visuals, and layouts
  • Content flow – suggests better sequence or transitions
  • Information clarity – identifies confusing sections needing explanation
  • Media optimization – recommends more impactful charts/graphics
  • Readability metrics – ensures content is legible and concise

Insights Analytics Dashboard

The app features a dashboard with aggregated metrics, trends, and analytics to help users continually improve. Users can review:

  • Historic presentation performance trajectories
  • Audience engagement heatmaps
  • Feedback and notes from the AI assistant
  • Recommended skills to focus training on
  • Content exporting to refine slides

The combination of real-time analytics and long-term metrics provides comprehensive insights.

Customized Feedback and Suggestions

Drawing on a deep understanding of user goals and experience levels, offers highly tailored feedback. The suggestions focus on specific, actionable recommendations for a user instead of generic advice.

Over time, the AI assistant learns user strengths, weaknesses, and preferences to tune its guidance accordingly. These personalized insights help accelerate skill development.

How Much Does Cost? offers subscription plans at the following price points:

PlanMonthly CostAnnual Cost (2 months free)

Custom enterprise pricing is also available for large teams. All plans include:

  • Real-time delivery feedback
  • Content/slide optimization
  • Audience engagement analytics
  • Access to Insights analytics dashboard

The Pro and Business accounts offer additional functionality like custom nudges, private session reviews, advanced analytics, and TI integration support.

Pros of offers unique strengths, including:

Powerful AI analyticsOffers unparalleled insights using 300+ tracked metrics and advanced algorithms
Real-time suggestionsIdentifies areas for improvements and provides guidance mid-presentation
Easy and automatedSimple setup and does not require special equipment or manual analysis
Engaging app dashboardRich performance data to inform skills development
Customized feedbackSurfaces personalized and actionable recommendations tailored to each user

Cons of

Despite the benefits, a few downsides exist:

Technical errorsSome users report bugs or glitches disrupting presentations
Steep learning curveCan take time adapt speaking style and slide approach to the AI guidance
Privacy concernsRequires access to presentations and personal data to function
ExpensiveLimits individual user access relative to alternatives due to pricing

How to Use Complete Overview

Using involves just a few simple steps:

1. Create an Account: Sign-up via the website to create an account and profile. Identify your experience level, goals, and preferences.

2. Install the App: Download the mobile application and allow necessary permissions like microphone/camera access.

3. Connect for Presentations: When ready to present, connect the app to pull in audio/visual feeds and analyze delivery.

4. Review Feedback: The app surfaces real-time feedback during the talk. Additionally, users can review aggregated metrics and historical advice to continue improving with each presentation.

For detailed instructions, offers onboarding checklists and video tutorials. Support teams are also available to field usage questions. Alternatives competes against alternatives like:

ToolKey Differences
OraiFocus on verbal analysis only. Less comprehensive features and analytics.
AudiospeakeSpecializes in improving podcasts and audio. Limited presentation capabilities.
Speech readershipTranscribes speeches but does not offer AI-generated feedback.
ToastmastersTraditional in-person coaching and peer feedback. No smart technology.

For enhancing business presentations, leads the pack in capabilities. The AI-powered real-time analytics cannot be matched by any alternative. It represents the cutting-edge in leveraging smart technology for impactful public speaking.

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In summary, offers a unique value proposition as an AI presentation assistant. The breadth of real-time analytics combined with personalized feedback contributes unparalleled insights for presenters to improve.

From building skills in vocal delivery to optimizing slide content and story narrative, the smart assistant accelerates growth. While the pricing may limit individual consumer access, delivers exponential value for enterprise usage.

For professionals, teams, and organizations seeking to elevate their presentation abilities at scale, investing in platform makes sense. This innovative tool represents the future of unlocking human potential through AI.


Does work for prerecorded presentations or webinars?

No, requires the presenter to be giving the live presentation in order to analyze delivery and provide real-time feedback. For pre-recorded videos, users can leverage the slide optimization features but not the full suite.

Can integrate with presentation builders like PowerPoint or Google Slides?

Yes, seamlessly connects with top presentation tools including PowerPoint, Keynote, Slides, Prezi, and more. Users can directly enhance existing slides using the Content Optimizer.

Does the app work for team presentations with multiple speakers? has settings to distinguish and track metrics for individual speakers in team presentations. The feedback and suggestions are customized for each presenter.

What devices and technical requirements are needed to use

Users require a smartphone or tablet/iPad device running recent iOS or Android software. For analytics, the tool also needs clear audio/visual feeds plus strong internet connectivity.

Is the underlying presentation data secure and kept private?

Yes, utilizes secure cloud infrastructure, SSH encryption, and access controls to protect user data and privacy. Only authorized team members can access presentation analytics.